Bella felt the bright light on her face before she fully recognized that her eyes were closed or the cool air washed down her back and over her bare skin.

She cracked open her eyes slightly and immediately regretted it, the brightness hurt and she squinted and blinked several times before she raised her hand to block it.

She opened her eyes the rest of the way and the shiny black material of her glove caught her by surprise, only slightly less than when she looked down and found herself sitting naked on a stood except for her gloves, boots and a thick collar around her neck.

“What the f…” she started to say as she looked around the room, that’s when she noticed her stool was on a circular wooden platform.

“No fucking way…” she said as she stood up and looked towards the door, “I’m going to kill him.”

Then she noticed Kevin standing just outside the door, a small black device in his hand pointed right hat her.  She opened her mouth to scream at him but she saw him press a button before she could and her body froze in position.

She struggled to move, but her body stayed in place as she watched him walk in to the room and over to the stool, she heard him take a seat on it followed by a slight click.

Her body turned around to face him, his robe was open and his dick hung freely between his legs.  He reached out and attached a fine chain to each of the hoops through her pierced nipples, which she hadn’t noticed before and then spoke, “Service me.”

She fought the command with every fiber of her being, but her body simply sunk to its knees, her mouth wrapped around his dick and her head started to bob up and down.

She felt him tug at the chains and her nipples cried out in pain, but her body continued it’s task, the only noise coming from the slurping as his dick slide in and out of her throat.

Soon he stiffened, grabbed the back of her head, pushed her down forcefully with one and while pulling cruelly on the chains with his other as his cum flowed in to her throat.  Once more her body betrayed her and she felt the unearthly orgasm cause spasm after spasm take hold of her body.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that she realized he’d stood up from the stool and walked back out of the room, she heard him pause for just a moment before continuing on.

Her body stood straight up, turned and sat down on the stool once more as her eyes closed and her head tilted backwards.  The darkness engulfed her once more and her body waited to be used again.