Alicia swam through the waters of the bay as easily as if she was taking a Sunday stroll through the park.  For Aquagirl through, that’s all it was as she approached the back of Dr. Taylor’s mansion.

Her skin tight green body suit cut through the water easily and her red hair flowed out behind her, the only thing that slowed her down was the AquaBlaster strapped to her hip.

She came up silently and breached the surface of the water, here eyes hovering just above it and her night vision giving her a clear view of her target.  She slowly worked her way ashore and through the thick trees until she was at the edge and could see the mansion clearly.

It was well past midnight and as she had expected, there were no lights on inside.  Somewhere inside was her Queen, Veloma, captured weeks ago by Dr. Taylor’s flunky IceLase, the one time hero.

Alicia moved slowly towards the house, taking her time as she walked by the pool and towards the rear entrance.  She managed to get nearly half way there before the flood lights illuminated the entire yard and illuminated the form of Lady Justice.

“Shit!” escaped her lips as she jumped back and made a run for the pool, the closest body of water, it was the only chance she had of defeating LJ.  She managed to plunge in to the pool just as LJ caught up to her and she pulled her AquaBlaster from it’s holster and fired right in to the LJ’s mid-section, hurtling her over the mansion and out of sight.

Aquagirl quickly looked around but saw Dawn Lighting too late to do anything as a bolt of lightening struck the pool and energized the entire body of water.  Her body locked up as the lightening continued to hit the surface of the water until she finally lost consciousness.

Aquagirl felt the hot lamps beating down upon her before she fully awoke and when she opened her eyes she was not surprised to see the red glow of them above her.  She pulled at the bonds that held her down, but suspected the was no point.  Eventually she stopped struggling in vain and waited.

It didn’t take long for Dr. Taylor to enter the room.

“Aquagirl, so nice of you to drop by.” He said, a smirk across his face, Veloma, Queen of the Ocean, hanging off his arm with a stupid broad smile on her face.

“My Queen!  Please help me!” she called out.

“Oh my god Alicia, like I’m totally going to help.  Well, like if Dr. Taylor let’s me at least *giggle*” Velly said as she hugged Dr. Taylor’s arm tightly.

“Of course you may help Velly, you know what to do.” Dr. Taylor replied.

Velly gave out a high pitched squeal and walked around to Alicia’s head and then gently secured the programming helmet on to Alicia.

“Please, my Queen, fight it!” Alicia begged as her vision when dark.

It only lasted a moment before images and sound filled the helmet and after struggling, Alicia succumbed to the diabolical device.

Ali felt the warm lapping of the water crest on to her face and she blinked as the bright blue sky filled her vision.  The pool water was warm and she managed to right herself only to be presented with the image of Dr. Taylor standing by the pool in a bathing suit.

“Like, oh my gawd, stay right there Dr. Taylor, I’ve totally got you now!” she cried out as she pulled her AquaBlaster from it’s holster attached to the skimpy green bikini bottoms she was wearing.

She aimed the blaster right at Dr. Taylor and squeezed the trigger, a stream of water burst forth as a sudden explosion of pleasure erupted from her pussy.

She tilted her head back and ran the fingers of her free hand through her hair as a moan escaped her lips.  A moment later she recovered and squeezed the trigger again, the pleasure once more over taking her and she sunk in to the water.

This time when it faded, she brought the blaster up to her face, inspecting the bright plastic toy with a confused look on her face.  She pulled the trigger a third time and nearly dropped it in to the water as her whole body shook from the pleasure.

She felt a hand grab the blaster from her and then felt the tip of it press up against her lips, the sound of the plastic toy’s trigger being pressed, followed by the flow of water in to her mouth sent a small orgasm racing throughout her body.  Before she knew what had happened, she’d taking the barrel of the blaster in to her mouth and was sucking as hard as she could.

She didn’t noticed the blaster being lowered it to the water or the hand that was placed firmly on to her head as the blaster was extracted from her lips to be replaced by another long, hard barrel.

She simply kept sucking as hard as she could and when she felt the stream of cum enter her throat her whole body exploded in a massive orgasm.