Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Captain Stevens walked in to the airport lounge and cursed her bad luck.  It was supposed to be her day off, but instead she had been called in for an emergency flight, one of the other pilot’s had called in sick and she’d drawn the short straw.

She flopped down in one of the lounge chairs and closed her eyes, the only thing worse than getting called in on your day off was having to wait for the plane to arrive late.  She’d checked in with the desk when she’d arrived and been given the bad news, at least a two hour delay, not enough to go back home or do anything useful.

She opened her eyes and looked down at her uniform, in her haste to get seated it had bunched up and so she sat up straight and smooth it out over herself and straightening the gold wings that sat on her jackets lapel.

Then she did what she always did in these situations and started to people watch.  The lounge was large but had relatively few people in it, a young family, a lone traveler or two and a few airport workers.

But there was one man, seated as far away from the counter as he could that drew her attention.  Or at least tried to as every time she tried to focus on him her gaze slide off him and on to something else.

Finally after several tries, she put her mind to it and focused hard on the mystery man.  Her gaze started to drift and she re-doubled her efforts, then, just as her eyes were going to disobey her once more, he came in to sharp focus but all she could see were the cold red embers of his glowing eyes.

She took in a short breath and gasped as she felt her body stiffen and a sudden wave of pleasure wash over her.  She tried to turn away, but her body was locked on to him and another feeling started to pass over her.

She felt her clothing started to shift and change, the boring blue jacket and pants of her uniform started to shrink, her white blouse flowed down her arms an on to her hands, her Captain’s hat pulled up and shift on her head.

At the same time she felt her body tighten, she’d been in good shape, but she could feel her waist tightening, the few extra pounds fading away.  Her normally short hair tickled down the back of her neck as what was left of her uniform became transparent.

Then, as the air conditioned air from above waifed over her shoulders, down her breasts to her stiff nipples and finally between her legs over her moistening pussy, she felt him push in to her mind and her world went dark.

Jasmine stood up from her seat and walked towards the back of the lounge, a broad smile on her face as she adjusted her hat as she approached the passenger, the red flow from his eyes still casting their light faintly.

“Hello sir, I’m Captain Stevens.” she said, pointing to the gold wings still pinned to her frilly uniform, “But you can call me Jasmine or doll or anything else you like as I’m here to make sure your flight with us is as enjoyable as possible.”

She lowered herself to her knees and leaned forward and found his zipper.  It was difficult to operate it using her gloved hands but she knew presentation was important and so managed to make due with her years of experience.

Once he was free, she slipped her lips around him and then clasped her hands behind her back so they wouldn’t cause her any more problems as she sank all the way down his shaft.  It was just like executing a landing, and as she pulled up, like takeoff.

She continued to land and take off for what seemed like hours but finally she felt his hot cum enter her mouth and she landed for the last time as hard a she could and stayed on the ground as long as she could until she had every last drop of it in her.

She finally pulled off him and gasped for air, a quick series of deep breaths brought her back from the brink and she looked up and smiled, “Thank you for flying with us today sir, it’s been my pleasure to be your Captain!” she said as an orgasm came over her.