It was obvious to her that she’d reached the number last night as she felt the tingle throughout her body.

Alice couldn’t believe it was only 18 months ago that she’d been sitting in her office as CEO, looking over the quarterly results when the man had walked in without knocking.

She still didn’t know who he was, but with the pressure she was under she’d lashed out at him, screaming at the top of her lungs, calling him a variety of ugly names and finally calling for her assistant to get security.

She might have been more concerned if she’d noticed how calm he was, or the fact she couldn’t quite make out the details of his face.  But in her tantrum she missed those things and now only in hindsight should she have been more concerned.

When her assistant didn’t respond she stomped towards the door, not noticing the man raising his finger until she stopped in her tracks, her mouth going silent at the same time.  From the corner of her eye she watch him walk towards her, slowly and methodically walking around her, his eyes wandering up and down her body like a predator sizing up it’s prey.  She tried to squirm in the power suit she was wearing but her body refused to budge.

He leaned in to the side of her head and whispered “1500” before walking in front of her.

The number had burrowed deep in to her mind by the time he stood in front of her and her body shook for just a moment before she dropped to her knees.

Alice looked in the mirror at herself as her body continued to tingle and vibrate.  She raised her hand to her lips as she recalled fishing the man’s dick from his pants and wrapping her thin lips around it, sucking it deep in to her mouth.  Her short hair flicked back and forth as she slide up and down his shaft until she felt his cum hit the back of her mouth.

She could still remember the massive orgasm the rocker her body as he stood above her.  Minutes passed, but eventually she managed to get herself back up on her knees and look up at him.  She wanted to scream, to call him a bastard, to say anything but what came from between her lips, “Please…”

He smiled a wicked little grin before his lips parted, “One.” was all he said as he put his dick back in his pants and turned to leave.

She tried to grab hat his ankles but her hands seemed to rebel and refuse to take hold and that was the last time she’d seen him.

She’d managed to get herself back together and leave her office only after almost an hour had past and what she found didn’t surprise her for some reason.  The office was filled with naked men and women going at it, she quickly left the office and headed home, taking a long hot shower when she arrived.

She slide her finger over her puffy lips and moaned a little.  The next weeks after he left had been a test of her will power.  The entire staff had quit over the next few days and she’d been feeling the same things she was sure they were.  The horniness, the need, the desire, it was overpowering and she had only held out by masturbating almost constantly.

Eventually she’d broken down, she hadn’t been out to a club in years, but on the Friday night, she’d put on a dress and headed out.  It hadn’t taken long to find a willing partner, she was in good shape and was considered cute by her friends.  She’d almost attacked them when they arrived at his car and soon enough she had her lips around his dick and his cum down her throat.

Just like with the man in her office, the orgasm had been unlike anything she’d experienced before.  She didn’t remember him driving them to his place but she managed to pump him back to life for a second round once they’d gotten to his bedroom.  To her surprise, the second load of cum, while still amazing, didn’t produce the same mind blowing orgasm.

She snuck out a few hours later and called a cab, heading home and cleaning up feeling more satisfied than she had all week.

The next week was a haze of sex interspersed with a few moments of clarity as she had her lawyer close down the company as she no longer had any staff.  Of course her lawyer had been more than willing to do the work when she’d crawled under his desk and started to blow him.

It didn’t take her long to figure out what was happening, each time she sucked or fucked a new guy (or girl, though she didn’t know it at that point) she’d have a massive orgasm.  Whatever the man had done to her, it was obvious she was going to have to do it 1500 times and then she hoped she’d be free of it.

Of course she still had to live and being pragmatic, she quickly found a job at a strip club.  It gave her an easy source of new men and most were more than happy to have her suck them off in the VIP.

She had kept a log, being careful to keep count, but by the time she was in the 300’s, the orgy had thrown off her count and it was a few weeks later that she knew she was behind after the morning she’d woken up tingling just like she was today.

The tingling had lasted several hours and at first she couldn’t figure out what it was, but by lunch she could see her lips had puffed out and by supper they were big plump pillows stuck on to her face.

But the biggest surprise was still in store for her later that night.  She’d gone in to work, found a new man to take to the VIP and gotten his pants down.  As soon as her lips touched his cock the first of a series of small orgasms shook her body.

She slide her lips up and down the side of his shaft, lost in the feeling, until he spewed his cum on to her face and lips.  It made every previous orgasm seem small and unimportant in comparison.

It was the first of many and she was soon having to find another club to dance at as the other dancers forced her out as she didn’t even both to ask for anything more than the standard dance fee.

Alice’s finger slide down from her lips to the top of her breasts.  She had stopped trying to keep exact count after 500, but she did keep an running estimate and so when she approached 1000 and woke up with the same tingle coursing through her body, she wasn’t as surprised.

This time it was her breasts that had expanded, her small A cups filling out and then inflating like balloons until they were massive round globes that seemed to defy gravity sticking out from her chest.

She moved to yet a new club after that and found that like her lips, sliding a cock between her breasts produced a massive orgasm when the cum hit her.

Now, finally she’d reached 1500, she was sure she would be free of what he’d done.  Whatever penance the man though she owed for being a strong woman must be complete.

She looked in the mirror, watching closely for any reduction in her lips and breasts, but none seemed to be happening.  Hours later, in frustration he put her hands on her hips and let out an exasperated sigh.

Her face twisted in to a question as her hands held on to hips that she had never had before.  She twisted around and looked down at her bum, which was full and round.

She slide a hand down over her skimpy thong, closed her eyes and moaned as the amazing feelings coming from her ass washed over her.  Her fingers squeezed and rubbed it for several minutes until she felt another hand squeeze her ass cheek.

She opened her eyes to see the man standing behind her, “What… but… 1500!?!” she pleaded with him.

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them around in front of her, placing them on the mirror.  The felt like they had been glued to it and he then pushed her feet apart and pulled down her thong.

His hands grabbed both sides of her ass and she called out a guttural moan, followed by a sharp intake of air in to her lungs.  He mind was filled with need and the next thing out of her mouth was “Please…”

She felt his thumb on her tight rear entrance as he rubbed it and an orgasm took her.

“Please what?” he asked.

“Please… I need it.”

“Need what?”

“I… I… please… I need you in… my… asssssSSSSSS!” she called out as she felt his cock push in to her sphincter and yet another orgasm take her.

Each time he pushed in, another orgasm washed over her.  In and out he worked her ass, each time she saw the looked of orgasmic bliss on her face in the mirror.

She felt his cum flood her ass and her whole body spasmed as her whole being seemed to explode in pure bliss.

She didn’t feel him pull out of her, but she did feel his slap his cock on her ass, the last few droplets of cum splashing against her back, each one producing another small orgasm.

Her hands, still on the mirror, continued to disobey her as she managed to raise her head once more.  Her sweet soaked hair dangled around her face and his face was beside hers.

He turned and whispered in her ear, “2000”.