Paige looked down at the various rings and studs in the case and shook her head, ‘Who would do such a thing to themselves?’ she thought.

She wrangled a wild strand of brown hair back over her ear and looked up at her friend, ‘Jessie, that’s who.’ she answered herself.

Jessie was almost the complete opposite of Paige, the bright purple hair, the heavy makeup, the leather pants and jacket, the multiple piercings and tattoos, but they’d been friends forever and this most recent phase was sure to pass.

“Come on Paige, just try one!”

“No, thanks Jessie, just get when you came for and lets go.”


Jessie walked over to the artist and sat down, sketching out what she wanted for her next tattoo as Paige continued to look around.  She looked up from the display case and saw a man standing there.

“Hi, anything I can help you with?” he said.

“No, just waiting for my friend.” she responded.

“Are you sure, maybe there’s something I can show you?”

“No, I’m good.”

“Here, take a look at this.” he said, reaching under the counter and pulling out a small box from a the storage area.

He cracked it open and in side was a small metal loop with two bright red gemstones on each end.  It sparkled in a way that caught Paige’s eye.

“That’s really nice.  What is it?”

“It’s a lip ring.” he said and held it up to the corner of her mouth.  The metal touched her bare lips and sent a shiver through her body.

“Oh! Wow, that feels… different.” she said, raising her hand up and taking it from his.

She turned it over between her fingers and felt a small wave of excitement come over her.

“It’s special, it really needs just the right person to wear it, but I think it would look great on you.”

“Oh… I…” she tried to reply, captivated by the small metal object in her fingers.

“Tell you what, why don’t I give you a free piercing while your friend there talks to Chuck.” he said reaching out and grabbing her hand before she could protest, leading her in to the back of the store.

Before she knew it, her lip was priced and the jeweled loop was wrapped around her lip.

He held up a mirror and showed her the results, “See, it looks great!”

Paige couldn’t deny it, her tongue part way out of her mouth playing with the ring as the two small jewels flashed in the light.

Paige sat at the salon, unhappy with what she saw in her reflection.  We’ll not entirely of course, the small jeweled ring on her lip sent shivers of joy through her body each time she saw it.  No, it was everything else.

“I just want a change.” she said to the stylist.

“Ok, a change of colour?”

“Yea, that sounds good, hey maybe red?”

“Sure we can do that, what kind of red?”

“Oh…” Paige said as she tried to think, then a sudden sparkle from her lip ring cemented the choice, “Bright red!  Like this!” she said pointing to her lip.

“Ah… sure, I can do that.”

Paige walk behind Jessie through the store.  It wasn’t like her normal stores, but Jessie had been shopping there almost exclusively for a while so she’d tagged along.

Jessie of course went straight for the leather section and Paige just sighed, “Hey Jessie, I’m going to look over here.” she said pointing to the other side of the store.

“Yea, sure, be right over as soon as I’m done here!”

Paige headed to the other side of the store and eventually where there was a mix of all kinds of outfits.  She absently walked down the isle, her fingers passing over the garments until suddenly she felt a tingle run up them.

She stopped and looked to see what she’d touched and found a black latex top beneath her fingers.  She pulled it out and the material send jolts of excitement throughout her.

Taking it in to the change room, she felt it’s tight embrace and almost doubled over at the small orgasm.

Paige and Jessie walked in to the piercing and tattoo shop for Jessie’s appointment for her new tattoo.  Jessie looked pretty much the same as when they’d been here last time, almost a month ago, but no one would have recognized Paige.

Her bright red hair, her pale white skin and shiny latex outfit were the complete opposite of the plain boring woman who had come in then.

She looked around the store a bit while Jessie was led in to the back, eventually one of the store clerks came up to here.

“Hi, I see you’ve come back again?”

“Yes, sorry, do I know you?” she asked.

He smiled, reached up and touched the ring in her lip, “Sure you do, I gave you this.” he said stroking it.

Her world exploded in pleasure and she almost dropped to her knees before she regained any sense of stability.

“Hey, why don’t you come with me.” he said and led her in to the back once more.  It was a different room, the walls were covered in some kind of trey material and there was only a single couch in it, which he sat on.  She was going to join him, but he held up his hand and wagged his finger at her.

“No, no, let me see you first.” he said and she was confused for a second.  Then an idea popped in to her head and she put her hands on her hips and stood up straight.  She paused for just a second before slowly turning around.

When she turned back to him, she looked down and saw he had removed his pants, his hardening dick laying out in plain sight.

She licked her lips, touching the ring and sending a wave of pleasure through her.  She dropped to her knees and ran her lips over the tip of his dick until it touched the right as well, causing a small orgasm.

She quickly took him in to her mouth and started stroking up and down, the ring rubbing against the side of his shaft and her pussy spasming with pleasure.

When he came in her mouth her world exploded and her body crumpled to the ground, she only managed to recover a few minutes later as he was just walking out of the door talking on his cell phone.

“Yea, she came around better than her friend, but needs a bit more work.  I’ll add the nipple piercings today and that should have her good to go in a couple of weeks.”

She smiled, she was getting her nipples pierced and that sounded like the best idea she’d ever heard.