A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Lucinda looked over the meeting table one last time to make sure everything, the board would be meeting in an hour and she had to make sure everything was perfect for her presentation.  Her career depended upon it and if she got it right she’d be the new CEO by the end of the meeting.

She pulled out a small vanity mirror from her purse and checked her makeup, she couldn’t afforded to be in non-compliance with The Makeup Act.

She put the mirror back in her purse and checked her dress and shoes, both approved by The Proper Attire for Women Act and The Functional Footwear for Women Act.

It had been no small miracle that she’d managed to get this far in the company, after all the time it took to comply  with the acts.  But even those paled in comparison to the Make America Fit Again act of 2019, which demand much of her free time be spent at the gym.

But even with all that she’d managed to get this far last year, only to be sabotaged at the last minute with the Women’s Health Act of 2020, which required her to have breast, buttocks and lip surgery just 2 weeks before the board meeting.

But with the Presidential campaigns now running in high gear, there wasn’t going to be any new acts to get in her way this year.

She turned to the table once more and looked at small tree in the center piece and frowned.  There was a small twig out of place, she opened her purse and retrieved a small pair of clippers.  Bending over the chair back she reached out and clipped the offending twig off but just as she was about to stand back up, she heard the door to the room close and a man’s cough echo through the room.

“Oh, Lucinda.” Tom said and Lucinda swore under her breath without moving, she knew her her obligations under the Preventing Sexual Harassment Act.

She heard his footsteps approach her and then felt his hand press up against her firm ass.

“My Lucinda, you really know how to start a meeting.”

She bit her lip and waited, hoping against hope he’d let it go at the minor groping, but she knew better.

He was her rival for the CEO position and there was no way he wouldn’t take advantage of this to fuck her over.  And more specifically fuck her over the table right her and now.

And what she knew was coming happened just a moment later as she felt him press his hard dick up against her ass through his trousers.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her upright, forcing her back on to him and turning her head so their lips met.  He kicked the chair away and then pushed her back down on to the table.  She used her hands to push the small tree she had been grooming just a few moments ago out of her way and on to the floor with the square center piece as well.

She felt his hand come down hard on her ass and the sound echoed throughout the room, “Damn Lucinda, you could bounce a quarter off that.” he said as she heard his pants hit the floor.

She reach back and pulled her skirt up, revealing her bare pussy as required by the one of the acts, which she couldn’t quite remember the name of.

She felt him push up against her pussy lips, but she had on chance left, “As… as required by the Women’s Health Act…” she started to say.

“Yes, yes, I know.  Condom.  We’ll I don’t have one so as per the Stress Prevention in the Workplace Act, I’m invoking my alternative option.”

Lucinda shuttered and felt him slide his dick up over her pussy and push it up against her tight rear entrance, then push slowly in.

“Oooooo… myyyyyy… gaawwwwwdddd!!!” she cired out as he pushed deep in to her.

“Ah, a loud one, I knew you would be!  I love it!”

She knew what was expected of her now, the act was clear, he’d state his preference and so she continued to call out as he thrust in and out of her.

By the time he came in her ass, her voice was nearly shot and she was splayed across the table, her ass in the air, when he gave it one last smack before stepping back.

The next thing she heard was applause and she realized the board must have arrived in the middle of the show.

She turned to see the 8 older men smiling and clapping as her head sunk back down on to the table.

The meeting was going to be a long one as she was now going to have to meet her obligations for each and every one of the board members.

To Lucinda’s surprise, the board meeting went better than she expected.  After sucking and fucking the entire board, they’d unanimously voted her as the new CEO of the company.

Tom had been fired shortly there after for making a false claim of “auditory affirmation” from one of his subordinates and once the board had actually seen her presentations, they’d agreed to everything she wanted to do.

The company was doing better than ever and the only downside was that board meetings had to be extended to account for the extra time need to comply with all of the acts.

It seemed like a small price to pay to Lucinda all things considered.