Jasmine walked in to the apartment and heard the noise coming from Alex’s bedroom, ‘Great, another hookup for Alex.’ she through.

Her room mate seemed to be able to get guys whenever she wanted, but Jasmine wasn’t that lucky.  As a teenage, acne had scared her face and even with the thick makeup she had worn tonight to the club, they was obvious.  

It didn’t help she was picky too.  Most of the guys she met were dumb as rocks and she had no time for them.

“Owwwa!” she called out, stubbing her toe on something in the way.  The noise from the bedroom stopped only for a second before continuing.

She turned the flashlight on her phone on and looked down, it was a box full of lollipops.

She shoved it to the side and grabbed one before heading to her own bedroom and flopping down on the bed, alone… again.

She sighed, and looked at the lollipop and unwrapped it.

Well, she guessed if Alex was getting to suck on something tonight, she might as well join in.

She placed the lollipop in her mouth and was surprised at how good it tasted.  She licked it, sucked it and rolled it around in her mouth as the taste worked its way down her throat to her belly.

Her body was tingling all over but her focus was elsewhere and by the time she was half way through her skin had cleared up completely and other changes had happened.

She pulled the lollipop half way out of her mouth and rubbed it against her lips as she moaned softly.  She closed her eyes and only opened them again when the light came on.

She looked up at the man standing over her and then over to the top heavy, naked blonde standing by the doorway with her finger on the light switch.

He reached down and took her hand in his, pushing the lollipop back in to her mouth.  A wave of pleasure washed over her as she resumed sucking furiously on to the candy.

“That’s right Jassy, suck on your lolly.  Nothing matters but pleasure and obedience.  Pleasure and obedience.  Pleasure and obedience.”

The words rolled over and over again in her head as the lollipop got smaller and smaller.

She hardly noticed the blonde walked over to the bed and stick her head up under Jassy’s skirt.  At least until the blonde’s tongue found her pussy and the pleasure shot up her spine and burst in to her head.

She did feel the man straddle her body and grip her breasts, which had long since escaped the dress she had worn out as they had expanded.  But when he had told her to “push them together” she had obeyed and the pleasure had followed.

Pleasure followed obedience.  Obedience followed pleasure.  Pleasure, obedience, they were one and the same.

Jassy sucked on the last of the lollipop as she felt the man’s cock stiffen between her tits and his hot cum hit her perfect face.  Her own orgasm exploded at the same time as the blonde pushed hard against her clit and the words, “Pleasure and obedience.” rolled over her mind and burned themselves in to her very core.