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Laura looked around the office as the early morning light shone in through the windows.  She double checked her watch, she was on time but no one was there.

Just as she was about to turn and leave, the elevator chimed and she turned to see a man walk out towards her.

“Kevin?” she asked.

“Yep, sorry for being a bit late.  I was… detained.”

“Oh, no problem.” she lied, it really was as she had other placed to be.

“Great, let’s get started on the interview then.” he said, motioning to a chair in front of what she assumed was his desk.

She sat down and he did the same, he ruffled through a stack of paper and then retrieved a pen from his desk drawer.

“Now then, you’re applying for the client liaison role, right?”

“Yes… though the ad was a little vague in the responsibilities.”  Which was saying a lot as it had not really said anything at all other than the one key phrase she was interested it ‘no experience required’.

“Oh, well, it’s really just taking care of the clients needs and making sure they are repeat customers.”

“Ah.” she replied, still no further ahead really.

He flicked his pen between his fingers and the glare of the sunlight crossed her eyes and she blinked, several times because of it.

The interview continued for a while, the questions were simple enough at first, but it seemed like each time he asked one, he’d flick the pen and the sunlight would flare right in her eyes.

After the first dozen questions it had gotten so bad that it was all she could focus on.  The glare would cross her eyes and she’d relax, but then she’d start to tense up, expecting the next flash until it came and the cycle repeated.

She hardly heard the questions and didn’t realize she had answered them until she heard her own voice speaking.

She watched him tap the pen on the desk three times and suddenly she shook her head, trying to clear out the cob webs.

“Well congratulations Laura, your hired.”

She smiled and a wave of pleasure mixed with excitement flowed through her body, “I am?  That’s great!”

“Now then, show me your tits.”

“What? I’m not…”

“Laura, what is the first rule of your employment?”

“Wha… I…”

“What is the first rule.” he said more sternly.

Laura felt her face go slack and then her lips move, followed by the words come from her mouth, “I must always obey my boss.”

“And who is your boss?”

“You are.”

“Good, now show me your tits.”

She tried to fight it, but felt her hands reach down and pull up her top, exposing her small pert breasts to her boss.

“Very good.” he said and Laura felt a shiver of pleasure run through her.

“Now, get over here and give me a blowjob.”

Laura stood up from her seat, her top still hiked up and walked behind the desk before dropping to her knees.  She found Kevin’s hard dick waiting once she had pulled down his pants and she wrapped her lips around it.

She felt her head start to bob up and down as his shaft pushed against the back of her mouth and into her throat.

Soon she felt his cum in her mouth, “Fuck yea, don’t spill a drop.” he said and she sucked and swallowed every last drop she could.