If Dasha was honest, she really didn’t deserve the present Bryan had given her.  It was the latest smart phone and must have cost him quite a lot, but it didn’t really matter to her.

For his gift she’d given him a handjob and figured she’d be dumping him as part of her new years resolutions.  He’d been fun but it was time to trade up.

She’d spent the first day setting up her new phone and getting everything just right. She’d spent just about the entire day on it and by the end of the day she’d collapsed in to a restless sleep, disturbed by strange dreams.

The next day she’d gone to the makeshift dressing room she’d setup in his apartment and started to get ready for the day when the small tree in the background caught her eye.

Something nagged at her and she turned and inspected it, until she noticed the small box under it.  A missed present?

She checked the tag and confirmed it was hers.  She opened it and found a new makeup set, but it was not like her normal makeup, but all very pale colours.

She decided to try it anyway and after getting it applied, lifted her phone up and took a selfie, sending it to Bryan with “Thanks, do you like it?” attached as the message.

A moment later his response came back, “Looks great!”

She spent the day browsing on her new phone and chatting with her girlfriends.

The next day found another present under the tree, this time it was a shiny black pair of panties.  She felt the slick material between her fingers and a small shiver ran up her arm.

A naughty smile crossed her lips as a half remembered image from a dream last night flashed in her mind of herself covered in the shiny substance.

Dasha looked in the mirror, it had taken hours to get ready but it had been worth every minute of it.  Her morning routine had been getting longer and longer and she seemed to be getting less and less done each day as she spend all of her time on her phone.

Each day since Christmas a new present had been under the tree, today had been the most fantastic hat she’d ever seen, she’d gotten it just right and now that she had confirmed it, she picked up her phone and started the video recording.

“At your command sir!” she said in a stern, clipped voice giving a salute as well, before stopping the recording and sending it to Bryan.

A moment later the response came back, “Very good soldier, report for duty.”

Dasha turned her phone around and clipped it to the front of the fabulous hat, which had a custom mount just for it.  Then she walked out of the room and back in to the bedroom where Bryan stood.

She walked up beside the bed, turned and looked straight forward, clasping her hands behind her back.

“Reporting for duty sir!”

Bryan frowned and walked around her once, come to a stop behind her.

“Spread those legs.”  he barked and she repositioned her feet, encased in the 6″ stiletto heels.

“Push that ass out.”

“Suck that gut in.”

“Puff out that chest.”

She followed each order as best she could until he was standing in front of her again.  He reached up and tapped her phone, swiping across several times finding what he was looking for.

“Very good, you have passed inspection, you are ready for duty.”

“Thank you sir!”

“Take your post.”

Dasha dropped to her knees and searched for her post in between Bryan’s legs, once she found it, she took it between her lips and sucked it all the way to it’s base.

Bryan watched Dasha’s pale face slide up and down his shaft, the display on the phone showing the options he’d selected almost a week ago; obedience, Military fixation, loyalty and dollification.

Bryan heard her choking slightly as he felt his tip push back in to her throat and looked down, smiling.

“I guess it is true, the best gifts are the ones you get for yourself.” he said to no one in particular as he could tell that Dasha’s only thought was on getting his dick as far down her throat as humanly possible.