Melanie pulled up the stocking as she dressed for work, sure it was a cheesse getup, but with what the old goat was paying her she could put up with it.

She’d started out as his assistant at university in her first year, but when the cost of tuition had outpaced her ability to pay it with her part time job, he’d offered her some extra work.  It had been easy enough; some light cleaning, laundry and the dishes and he paid better than he had to.  She figured he felt sorry for her and wanted to make sure she could continue her education.

It had helped enough to get her through the second year, but when she saw what the bill was going to be for the third year she’d nearly choked.  When she’d confided in him that she’d be unable to continue at the university as his assistant.  She belonged at university but just didn’t see any way to continue without financial help of some kind, which is when he’d suggested their current arrangement.

She’d started working full time for him at home, as a live in maid for a year and she’d earn enough to pay for her next year of university.

It wasn’t ideal, she didn’t want to lose an entire year, but she saw no other way.

The first month or so had gone along pretty much like she had expected, sure it was more work than when she was just doing it part time, but that was to be expected.

It wasn’t until the second month that he’s suggested she could earn a bonus by doing a little more.  She was smart enough to know what he was suggesting and wasn’t all that surprised, his wife had died many years ago and he’d never remarried, it was only natural he was interested in the live in maid.  

She’d played along, he’d provided some general direction and at the end she’d get a bonus.  It was never overtly sexual, just sexy and if she kept it up she might have enough saved up for her fourth year as well by the time she was done.

It was just last month that he’d given her the “present” of the uniform and she’d smiled sweetly as she inwardly rolled her eyes.  She’d worn it, or one of the other ones that had followed, each day since.

Melanie stood up and double checked her uniform, smoothing it down and adjusting her breasts to make sure enough cleavage was showing.  That wasn’t a problem since the surgery, he’d paid for them of course and she’d gotten a really big bonus afterwards and she had to admit, they did feel great when she gave them a squeeze.

She left her bedroom and started out towards the kitchen where she started her daily chores.  He was always gone by the time she got up, but her routine was the same each day unless he left a note on the kitchen table, which today he hadn’t.

Clean the kitchen and baths, then do the laundry and ironing and then prepare dinner.  Once it was in the oven, she had an hour or so to herself and she used it to study to keep up for when she returned to university.  He was more than helpful in that area, he was after all a professor and he provided her with recorded copies of his lectures as well as several other professors at the university to listen to.

The recording quality wasn’t very good, there was some kind of background noise that she could never make out, but the lessons were clear enough and so she spent at least an hour a day listening to them.  If she could sneak in some extra time, she’d listen to some of the old recordings she had kept and make sure she understood everything that was being taught.

Melanie heard the front door open and snapped out of the daze she had fallen in to listening to todays recording.  She quickly straightened up and headed back down stairs to check on dinner and make sure everything was in order.

Once it was ready, she rang the small silver bell and waited for him to take his seat at the table.  When he did, she brought out the appetizer, followed by the main course.  She stood beside him, head lowered as he eat, filling his glass once or twice when it ran low, until he finished.

“Very well done Melanie.  An excellent meal.” he said.

“Merci monsieur.” she replied in a thick French accent.  It had been last weeks suggestion that she start to speak only in French or with a heavy accent.

She cleared away the plate and utensils and returned to the dinning area, her hands clasped behind her back as she waited.

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot.” he said, reaching in to he pants pocket and pulling out his wallet.

Melanie’s eyes were transfixed on it, it was pay day and she was getting so very close to her goal now.

“Another splendid week Melanie.” he said, pulling a bill from his wallet and handing it to her.

Her eyes grew larger and she took in a gasp at her pay for the week, it was more than she deserved, she almost felt bad for taking advantage of the old coot.

“Merci!” she beamed and did a curtsy before taking the $1 bill and folding in half and then half again and then placing it in the top of her stocking.

“You’ve done very well, I can tell you’ve been studying hard, I think you deserve a bonus this week as well.” he said as he turned his chair to the side.

Her whole body shook as the pleasure of his praise washed over her and she dropped to her knees, crawling over to him, her fingers clawing at his zipper in excitement.

Sh managed to get it open, followed by his belt and then pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles as her lips found his hardening shaft.  Her tongue licked it’s length, down and back up, then her lips enveloped his head between them and she slid down his length once more.

Her head bobbed up and down as her fingers found her frilly straps and pulled them down, freeing her breasts from the uniforms confines.  Once she was sure he was hard, she raised up and off of him with a slurp and pop, moving in closer and wrapping her breasts around him and squeezing them together with her own hands.

“Oui, oui, oui monsieur!  You are so ‘ard!” she cried out, the pleasure from him between her breasts coupled with her own squeezing of them caused her pussy to drip with need.

It didn’t take long before she felt him stiffen and the first stream of cum spray up in to her face.  She quickly leaned down and let the following ones hit her as close to her wide open mouth as she could.

When the last glob dripped down his shaft, she took him back in to her mouth and sucked as much as she could from him.  Finally, after she was sure there was no more to coax out of him, she pulled off and looked up in to his face.

Her gloved hands pushed each last drop of her bonus in to her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

“Merci monsieur!” she said as she licked her lips and closed her eyes, savoring the taste of him still in her mouth.

He stood up and pulled his pants back on, leaving her on her knees.  Once he’d left, she waited just a moment longer before getting up and getting back in to her uniform.

She double checked her pay was still securely tucked in to her stocking and went back in to the kitchen to finish cleaning up dinner.

She smiled broadly, at this rate she was sure she’d be where she belong in no time.