“Ok, look, I know you really wanted to see this in my butt and you’ve indulged enough of my fantasies, that fair is fair, but it’s time to take it out now.” Susan said, looked back over her torso as I took another picture with my phone.

“Just a couple more!” I said, my dick standing at attention as I held the camera up and the flash went off again.

“Ugh… really… hurry up or I’m going to take it out myself.”

“Ok, just one more, can you… you know… touch it with just one finger?”

Susan rolled her eyes and placed a finger on the clear butt plug, as soon as she did she jerked her hand away.

“What was that?!” she cried out.

“What was what?” I asked as innocently as I could.

“It felt… strange when I touched it.”

I reached out and touched it myself, Susan gave no reaction.


“No… Let me try again…” she said and pressed her finger to the plug once more as I removed mine.

“Ohooooo….” she moaned and she circled her finger around the plug once.

“Does that feel good Susan?” I asked.

“Mmmmmm… so good….” she let slip between her parted lips as she dropped back on to the bed.

“That’s right, just keep circling that finger around it.”

Susan let out a moan as her eyes rolled back in to her head.

I smiled and couldn’t believe it was working.  The shop keeper that sold it to me said it was magic, but I didn’t really believe him.  I mean, who makes a magic butt plug?

I’d bought it mainly because I’d always wanted Susan to wear one, it was just one of those kinks that I really wanted to get out of my system for some reason.

So when she’d agreed to it, I decided, why *not* the magic butt plug?

And now here she was, circling her finger around the edge of the plug sticking out from her ass.  The shop keeper had said that, if it was stroked by the wearer, they’d fall in to a trance and accept anything that they were told.

“Susan, you like stroking the butt plug don’t you.”


“You will only stroke it when I tell you to.”


“You like having it in your ass.”


“You like having your ass filled.”

“Mmmmm… yes…”

“Whoever is holding the butt plug is who you want to fill your ass.”


“Who you *need* to fill your ass.”


I reached over and gripped the plug and pulled it out with a pop.  Susan blinked and pushed herself up on to her elbows.

“Uh… that’s weird…”

“How are you feeling?”

“I feel… empty.”

“Well, I did remove this.” I said, holding up the plug.

Susan’s eyes sparkled as she saw me holding it.

“Well… Uhm… Since you took it out, don’t you have something to put in it place?” she said, a pleading looking on her face as she bit her lower lip.

I smiled and stepped up to the side of the bed, my rock hard dick pushing up against her anus.

Susan wiggled her ass, trying to get my dick in, “Please… I *need* it…”

I grabbed her hip and pushed in, a scream of pleasure came from Susan as I pushed deep in to her.

“Fuck yes!  Fill my ass baby!” she cried as I pumped back and forth.  It didn’t take long for me to blow my load; her tight sphincter squeezing my cock, the knowledge that this would be only the first of many times I did so and the thousand ideas of other things I’d be telling her as she stroked the magic butt plug and learned about all the other things she liked to do that she never knew before.

My cum filled her ass and I watched her eyes roll back in to her head once more, this time from pure pleasure as her body jerked and spasmed as a powerful orgasm overcame her.

I pulled out and Susan gave a little whimper as her ass was temporarily vacant of everything but the dribbled of my cum running down her ass cheek.  I grabbed the butt plug and slide it back in and a moan escaped her lips, followed by another small orgasm.

I gave her ass a slap and she turned over and smack me, “Hey, you know better than that!”

I was flabbergasted for a moment until I realized I my mistake, “Sorry dear.” I replied meekly.

“Say, does it still feel weird when you touch it?”

Susan blinked, “I don’t know.” she responded as he hand slide down and caressed the plug.

I’d make sure to cover more of my bases this time I thought as I watched he eyes roll back once more.