‘Oh god, what the hell is this thing?!’ Miranda though, holding it between her thighs, her tits hanging out, moans escaping from her lips as she tossed her head back and waves of pleasure pierced her pussy and exploded throughout her body.

It had been a stupid secret Santa gift and everyone in the office had gotten a big kick out of it when she’d opened it.

“Relaxation and Mood Light” had been printed across every side of the box and, ok, sure, she had a reputation for being high strung and if she was honest, bitchy.  But whoever had been her secret Santa hadn’t revealed them self so she vowed to herself to find out who it was when she got back to the office after the holidays.

Of course, that had been almost two weeks ago and she’d taken the light home and forgotten about it until boxing day.  She had been cleaning up her apartment and found it again.  Figuring she might as well try it before she threw it out, she unboxed it and plugged it in on her dresser and figured she’d take a nap.

It gave off a pure white light, not something she associated with relaxation, but went with it anyway and 10 minutes later she was asleep.  But it wasn’t a sound, relaxing sleep, instead it was filled with dreams, hot steamy dreams and by the time she woke up, her sheets were as sopping wet as her pussy.

She’d stuck her fingers in and frigged herself the rest of the way and the orgasm was amazing.  After a brief rest, she reached over and turned off the light, it looked to be a keeper after all.

Each day she’d spent more and more time taking a nap with the light on, until she’d reached some kind of peak, that’s when an idea snuck in to her head.  Maybe if she was closer to the light, it would work better.

At first she’d put it on her night stand and that had helped, then she’d put it on the bed with her and that was even better, but the best place for it turned out to be right between her legs.  It had such an effect that she was getting horny even before she dozed off and new and dirty thoughts were coming in to her mind even while she was awake with it.

Yesterday she’d found it better if she was on the side of the bet and clasped the light between her thighs.  She’d come to a screaming orgasm and was well on her way again.

One of her hands slithered their way between her legs, pushing her panties to the side and sliding in to her pussy.  Her breathing quickened, her nipples hardened, she arched her back as the orgasm crashed over her and she collapsed back on to the bed, another thought coming to her as she fell in to a warm, thoughtless, nap.

Miranda knelt on the floor, her legs spread, the light right in front of her, illuminating her naked pussy.  It felt so good to be there, naked, on her knees, the light causing her arousal to go off the chart.

She bit her lower lip and moaned, then let her hands find her pussy and start to work it.  She let out a gasp as they invaded her and she looked down, right in to the light and a small orgasm washed over her.  Her fingers quickened and she moaned as she felt it coming, her head bowed down, locked on to the light as it washed over her and she came.

She knelt there, looking at the light, her mind empty of all thought as she came down from her orgasmic high.

Miranda walked in to the office and looked around, she’d gotten up early so she could have some time with the light, but she wasn’t sure if she would make it through the day without it.  She looked at each of her co-workers, giving pleasantries to each one as she passed until she reached her cubical, but no one mentioned the light.

Her day progressed slowly, she fought the need to head home and instead tried to focus on her work.  It didn’t go very well and by mid afternoon she had accomplished very little but to spend some time in the bathroom trying to frig herself to orgasm.  It didn’t work, she needed the light, it made her feel so much better when it was one.

At the end of the day, her computer chimed as an e-mail arrived, “Miranda, come see me when you get a chance.  Grant.”

Grant was the boss, he’d joined the company part way through last year after their old manager had retired.  She’d hoped to get the job, but the company had gone with someone from outside and she’d tried, subtly of course, to sabotage him a few times since he’d joined.

She locked her workstation and headed to the boss’s office, she knocked on his door and he called for her to enter.

“Close the door behind you please.” he said as she stepped in, the office seemed dark, but before she could ask him why, she’d closed the door behind her and a familiar white light lite up the room.

Miranda gasped at the lamp sitting on the floor, then took a step forward and sunk to her knees, hiking her skirt up to get it between her legs and then lowering her head to watch the lamp as waves of pleasure overcame her.

Her fingers quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, followed by her bra.  Then they found their way to her pussy and the cycle started again.

Miranda was lost in the pleasure and when she came she once more felt the unimaginable bliss from the lamp and her mind empty of all other thoughts.

Grant watch Miranda masturbate on his office carpet, she’d been a real pain in the ass these last few months but now he’d get her in line.

He’d been fired, well, given the opportunity to resign from his last job at the research facility for using company equipment for his own private research.  He’d spend the last few months, every every penny he had, perfecting the lamp and she seemed like a good test subject to try it out on.

Her moans brought him back to the moment as he watch her body arch and shake as the powerful orgasm came over her.  Her body slumped down over the lamp and he leaned in, his window of opportunity was limited, but he had enough time.

“Miranda you belong to me now.  Every time you masturbate with the lamp you will belong more and more to me.  Every time you orgasm with the lamp you will know this to be more and more true.”

Miranda’s head rolled to one side before straightening up again and Grant smiled, just the right amount of time he thought as he unplugged the lamp.

Miranda smiled up at Grant, “Oh, hi Grant.  I’m so embarrassed!” she said and tried to cover herself up.

“Don’t be and don’t cover them up.”

Miranda scrunched her forehead at when Grant had said and then dropped her hands as a strange thought entered her mind, ‘I belong to Grant, why should I cover myself up?’

Her face returned to a calm and she stood up, giving him a full view of her breasts and pussy.

“That’s good Miranda, get dressed and head home, I want to see you in here bright and early tomorrow morning for a private meeting.  Got that?”

“Yes Gra…” her mouth didn’t seem to want to finish the sentence.

“Call me Sir from now on.”

“Yes Sir.” she replied another thought running through her mind, ‘I belong to him, of course I should call him Sir.’

She quickly got dressed and left Sir’s office, heading right home where she quickly got undressed once more and placed the lamp between her legs.

She came hard and quickly, her head falling slack once more, but her mind was no longer empty, his words filled her mind, “I belong to Sir.  Every time I masturbate with the lamp I belong more and more to Sir.  Every time I orgasm with the lamp I know this to be more and more true.”

She fell back on to her bed and dozed off, thoughts of kneeling at Sir’s feet filling her mind and her fingers filling her need.