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Laura sat in Kevin’s office, it was performance review time and she was confident he’d be pleased with the quarterly results.

“So I’ve been talking with several of the clients and their feedback has been very positive.”

“Thank you sir, I’m doing the best I can.”

“Of course you are and I have good news, your getting a promotion!”

Laura felt a wave of pleasure course through her as she let out a giggle and smiled from ear to ear.

“Thank you sir!”

“Don’t thank me, it’s been your hard work that has made it possible.  One of your clients has become such a good customer that we’re going to assign you to him full time.”

“That’s great sir!  Who is it?”

“Mr. Kalvin.”

Laura’s body shivered as the memory of the other night came back to her, him pounding her ass, her sucking every last drop from him.  It had been an amazing night and even more so now that it had lead to her promotion.

“Of course, he’s going to be more demanding now that he’s your only client.”

“Oh yes sir, that won’t be a problem.”

“He’s going to want you to work even harder than you have been, maybe make a few changes to make you more effective for him.”

“I can’t wait to get started sir!”

Laura snapped a picture and sent it to Mr. Kalvin, it had been three months since her promotion and Kevin had been right, Mr. Kalvin had been very demanding, but she’d done everything she could to make sure he was a satisfied client.

When he’d mentioned how pale she looked and how he liked his women to have a nice dark tan, she’d gone straight away and book a tanning bed twice a week.

When he’d said her current implants were a little small, her lips a little thin and her ass a little flat, she’d gone straight to her plastic surgeon and booked the procedures.

Of course she’d had to ask for time off and Kevin had said as long as Mr. Kalvin agreed to it he was fine with it.  She’d asked Mr. Kalvin for the time off and after he tied her up and fucked her senseless for a few hours, he’d agreed to it as well.

That was something new too, she’d never realized how much she liked being tied up and restrained.  He’d tied her hands one night with his belt and it had been ok until he’d started telling her how much she liked it.  How much she loved being unable to move, how much she loved having no control over how he used her body.

She’d cum like a freight train that night and since then he’d been getting more and more elaborate with the restraints.  She had moved in with him when it was apparent that she was spending every night at his place tied up anyway.

Her phone chimed, “No, doesn’t show enough skin.” was his reply.

She frowned, or tried to, her puffed up lips really didn’t let her do anything but pout.  Well, pout and suck cock of course.  She’d been running them long the length of his shaft after she’d had them done when he’d told her how much she liked using her “cock pillows” to please him.  It was true to, she’d lost count of the number of orgasms she’d had just from sliding her lips up and down his shaft.

She headed back to her closet and pulled out another dress, this one was still gold, but instead of wrapping around her waist, it cut in to a thin strip of material that connected the bra to the skirt.

She turned a bit to the side and snapped another picture, making sure to get her ass in the shot this time.

The buttock enhancement had been painful, but well worth it.  If Mr. Kalvin liked fucking her ass before, he down right loved it now.  She could feel it wiggle and jiggle each time he slammed in to her, he hadn’t even used her pussy in weeks and she couldn’t have been happier.

Her phone chimed again, “Better.”, and a wave of pleasure at the affirmation washed over her.

She walked down stairs and out the front door, the limo waiting for her.  A short drive later it stopped at Mr. Kalvin’s office and picked him up as they drove to dinner.

She smiled and giggled, his foot played with her pussy, her foot played with his cock.  For desert she wiggled her way under the table and sucked as much cum as she could from him.

As she did, she knew it was an important time for her, her next quarterly review was coming up soon and she was hopping to get another promotion, this time to full trophy wife.

She knew she’d have to work extra hard to get it, but that was ok, Mr. Kalvin had told her how much she wanted to be the perfect trophy wife for him just the other day, and the client was always right.