Sandra brushed a stray strand of hair back over her ear that had escaped from the pony tail her long brown hair was pulled in to.  She also flicked a piece of lint off of her plain white smock and looked around at her barber shop.

Yes, her barber shop.  It had taken every cent of her inheritance to get the place set up and now she was open for business.  Of course she hadn’t really thought things through, she’d run short of money half way through and settled for used equipment and by the time it was ready, she didn’t have any money for advertising.

But perhaps the worst mistake was running out of money before she could get the windows replaced.  They let the light through, but they were opaque enough that you couldn’t see in to the shop.

So while she’d been open for almost a week, she’d had no customers.  A few friends had stopped by to see how she was making out, but mostly they thought she was crazy opening a barbershop with a female barber.  

But today would be different, she could feel it.  Just as she was about to go get the broom for the third time that day, she heard the bell on the door right and she turned to see a man walking in.

“Hi, are you busy?  Do I have to make an appointment or do you accept walk ins?” he asked.

Sandra smiled and tried not to answer too quickly, “I think I can fit you in.”

“Great.” he said, running his hand through his obviously well kept hair.

“I need a trim and a wash.”

“No problem, come on over to the chair and we’ll get started!”

He sat down and then held up a small bag, “I hope you don’t mind, I have a special shampoo I use.”

She looked quizzically for only a moment and then replied, “Sure no problem.”

After a quick trim, which he really did need, she turned the chair around and leaned it back, settling his head in to the basin.

She opened the bag he had given her earlier and pulled out a bottle, “Two in one, shampoo and conditioner!” the label exclaimed.

She dabbed some on to her hand and felt a little tingle from it, “Oh, that feels nice!”

“It’s a very special formula I’ve been working on myself, lots of natural ingredients.”

The tingling felt good and she slowly worked it in to his hair.  After a minute or two, the tingling seemed to spread, reaching her pussy and her mind at the same time and she let out a gasp as her whole body shivered in pleasure.

“That’s right, keep working it in.”

Without thinking she continued much longer than it was really necessary to.  As she did, she felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter as her mind seemed to empty of all thought.

“How are you feeling?”

She listened to the question, but nothing came to mind.

“Feels good doesn’t it?  Feels like someone has their hands in your pussy and your brain at the same time doesn’t it?”

“Yes…” she managed to get out as her fingers continued to work his scalp.

“Your pussy feels like it’s being pleasured by the best lover you’ve ever imagined.  You mind feels like it’s being washed cleaned with all that is left is that glorious feeling in your pussy.”


“When it’s all washed cleaned, you can stop shampooing me.”

Her fingers moved for a little while longer and then she pulled them away, her mind empty except for the throbbing pleasure coming from below.“

The customer stood up, taking the towel and whipping his hair back to keep the shampoo from his eyes.

“Ok, time for part two, the conditioning.  Listen carefully, now that your mind is empty it needs to be filled up again and my words will fill it.

You belong to me.  You have no purpose other than to serve me.  Your old life is like a dream, you remember it, know the details of it, but it is no longer who you are.

In your old life you were strong and independent, you started your own business, you tried so hard but in the end you failed.

In your new life you are weak and submissive, you have sold your business to me and now obey my every command, and it that you have been a success.

You are still a barber, but you focus on the customers needs, you offer a full service barber shop.  You must present yourself in a way that the customers will find pleasing, that will make it obvious you are here to be used… just like this chair.”

He continued speaking, telling her more and more details of her new life and she smiled and when he was done, orgasmed like she had never done before.

Sandra stood beside the chair and ran her fingers across the cheap black and white vinyl covering of it and a shiver of pleasure ran up her arm.  It was followed by a second one as she ran her fingers across her stomach and towards her tits, feeling the cheap black and white vinyl dress she was wearing.

She heard the bell on the door ring and she clip clopped over to the counter on her 6″ platform heels, pressed her ass against the edge of the counter and pushed her tits out, making sure her perfectly done hair followed down her shoulder and over the top of her tit.

She smiled at the man that entered, he was her first customer of the day and she couldn’t wait to see what kind of service she could perform for him.