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Candice looked at the dingy antique she held in her hands and frowned, the yellow sticker that was half falling off read $100.

“I don’t know, it’s not quite what I was looking for.” she said to David.

“It’s the only thing we have that’s close to what you described.  I’m sure it would clean up nicely for your client.”

“That seems like a lot of work, but maybe.  What about $50.”

“No, I couldn’t do anything below $80.” the shop keeper replied, he was in his mid forties and had been learning at her since she’d entered the shop.

After a few more back and fourths, they’d finally settled on $70 and she’d left the shop satisfied.  It might not be exactly what her client was looking for but she recognized quality when she saw it, even under several layers of grime.

She really couldn’t afford to spend the extra, the Thompson job had gone so far over budget last month and he’d refused to increase her fee, so she’d taken a pretty big lose on the job.

Candice looked at the old “lamp” sitting on her kitchen counter, she’d found something better in another shop and so now she’d have to find something new to do with this one.  She poured herself a glass of wine and headed back in to her little work room and set both her glass of wine and the lamp down on her work table.

Finding the polishing cloth and polish, she dabbed a bit on the end of the cloth and started to work on it.  A few swipes revealed the quality she’d first seen hiding behind the grime, but even she was surprised at how it glowed in her work light.

By the time she was just over half way done, she felt a warmth come from the lamp and suddenly the rest of the grime disappeared and a flash of light filled the room.

Once she regained her sight, a muscular man stood on the other side of the table, his bare chest showing through the small vest he wore and his hair covered by a turban.

“Mistress, thank you for freeing me from my confinement!  How may I serve you?” the deep voice boomed and filled the room.

“Wha…” she started but managed to get a hold of herself, “I mean, are you a genie?” she asked, taking a quick glace over to her glass of wine, still half full.

“Yes, of course.  As you have freed me I am at your service!  I will grant you three wishes, but I must tell you that I can only grant one wish every two days.”

“What?  Why?”

“Granting a wish takes a great amount of energy, I must return to the lamp to recharge my power.”

Candice frowned, she guested it made sense, and with her current situation what did she have to loose?

“Alright, I wish my money problems were over.”

“As you wish Mistress.” the genie intoned, then another flash of light filled the room and reality warped around them.

Candice looked toward the camera, her business jacket hanging loose and open.  Just off set she could see a table with her things on it including the lamp and the genie standing beside it.  He quickly faded from sight, the lamp glowing slightly before the dirty and grime encrusted it once more.

She looked down at her body, it was different, curvier, firmer, sexier.  She felt like she’d been working out for years.

“Alright Candy, action.” the director called out and Candice snapped back to what was going on around her.

Before she knew what was happening, she spread her legs and turned to the half naked man she hadn’t noticed before and smiled at him.

“Hey Chuck, get over her and show me why I shouldn’t fire you.”

The man walked over and dropped down to his knees, burying his face in her naked pussy and started to lick and suck.

She placed a hand on his head and guided him, letting the pleasure wash over her as he worked.

She moaned and encouraged him, her body working on auto pilot and Candice realized she was not in control, she was a passenger in her body as it performed for the camera.

After few minutes he rose up from pleasuring her pussy and kissed her, probing her mouth with his tongue, then turned her and pushed her down on to couch face first.  He pulled her skirt up around her hips and gave her ass a slap.

An excited squeal, followed by a moan escaped her lips as his cock entered her pussy and he started to pound her hard.

The shoot lasted most of the rest of the day, the man she’d never meet before fucked her several times in different positions and she spoke the lines that in her mind she could remember reading from the script, but knew she had never seen a script.

Candice relaxed in the tub and let the last 48 hours sink in, she was a porn star.  A hugely successful one at that but she was a passenger in her own body, in her own life and it was the genie’s fault.

And it was even worse than she had at first thought.  Being a famous porn star was bad enough, but her manager, that was the shop keeper from where she had bought the lamp, took it to a whole other level.

She let her mind explore her “memories” again, meeting the shop keeper when she was younger and falling in love.  But not just love, or lust, but something much deeper, something that made her do anything for him.  She could remember him taking advantage of her, he clearly didn’t share her feelings for him and instead had started to use her for his own gain.

She’d started to work in a strip club for him, giving him everything she earned.

She’d started sleeping with her regulars for money and giving him that too.

He’d setup a cam show for her and she’d smiled and eagerly done that too.

By the time she shot her first porn film, she had already made over a million for him and the films were best sellers.

Now, years later, she still sought, no needed, his attention and approval and as she neared the end of her career he’d started talking about expanding her portfolio in to fetishes where age wasn’t so much of a problem.

Suddenly she felt her mind come to the forefront and she once more had control over her body.  She splashed around in the tub and then managed to get out, finding a towel and raced in to her bedroom, finding the lamp sitting on her make up table.

She let the towel drop as she grabbed the lamp and used the damp towel to polish the lamp.