“What do you mean I can’t untie my thumbs?” Alice asked with a quizzically look on her face.

“Exactly what I said.” Tom responded, “Your incapable of untieing your thumbs.”

“That’s ridiculous.” she said with a chuckle.

“Any more ridiculous than inviting me back to your place on our first date?  Or changing in to something more ‘comfortable’ when we got here?”

The expression on her face turned darker as she frowned.  It was true, they’d been on their first date just hours ago, she couldn’t quite remember the details but it had gone well.  No, not well, spectacularly.

It had started like many of the dates she’d had from the site, he seemed nice enough but there wasn’t any immediate spark or anything.  They’d talked a bit and she’d noticed he had been wearing a cologne she didn’t recognize, the smell was different and at first she hadn’t liked it, but it quickly grew on her.

At dinner she’d touch his hand across the table and a shiver had run up her arm and she let out a small gasp.  When they’d finished dinner and he’d taken her hand and lead her from the restaurant, she’d know she’d invite him back to her place.

On the cab ride to her place, she’d leaned in to him as he spoke, she couldn’t quite make out what he was saying but the cologne filled her head and nothing else really mattered.

“Well, I mean, yes, of course.  It’s just a thin strip of silk, it’s not even really tied around by thumbs, just looped around them.  I mean its only because I’m holding my hands apart that it doesn’t just fall off by itself!”

“Yes, about that, why are you holding your hands up in front of you?”

“I… I… I guess because you asked me to?” Her confusion was clear in her voice.

“And if I asked you to wrap it around your throat?”

“…” her mouth hung open and her eyes became like saucers as her mind processed the request.  

Then her hands moved up and wrapped the silk around her throat, her thumbs still wrapped by the ends of the silk.

“That’s a good girl.” he said and a moan escaped her lips as her hands struggled to maintain their place.

Tom reached out and grabbed the ends of the silk strip, pulling them towards him until her hands met in front of her.  He pulled another strip of silk from his pocket and wrapped her wrists in it before taking the strip warped around her throat in one hand and grasping it firmly.

Her hands fell down in front of her as he pulled the silk around her neck towards him until she was right up close to him.  His lips touched hers and another jolt of pleasure washed over her and her body reacted by pushing her tongue in to his mouth.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss he pulled back and then pulled down on the silk.  She sunk to her knees as he unzipped his pants and let them call to the floor.  His hard dick protruded from his body and the smell of the cologne increased several times as her pussy moistened.

Taking the silk strip, he wrapped it loosely around the base of his shaft and balls.

“What do good girls do?” he asked.

Her response was to wrap her lips around him and plunge down.  She worked up and down his shaft, as her bound hands found her pussy and her fingers worked her clit.

Her orgasm exploded only when she felt his cum hit the back of her throat and she struggled to swallow all of his gift.  When he finished, she nearly lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

She looked up at him, the silk strip still wrapped around her neck and leading up to his dick where it still hung and she knew she was, both figuratively and literally, tied to his cock from this day until the day she died.