‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it worked!’ Shelia thought as she looked in the mirror.

She’d been working in the condo tower as a security guard for a few years and everything had been fine, but then SHE had moved in to the penthouse.

Lana, her mortal enemy, had been a royal pain in Shelia’s ass since then.  She didn’t know exactly why the two of them had been at each other throats as soon as they’d met, but something had gotten each of their backs up and it had only escalated since then.

Lana was beautify, young and married to a rich banker.  But for all her advantages, Lana walked around like she had a stick up her ass and as far as Shelia could tell all she did was spend her days shopping and going to the gym and salon.

On the other hand Shelia was, well not ugly, but didn’t have the boys knocking down her door either.  She’d kind of fallen in to the security guard gig threw a friend and still hadn’t figured out what she wanted to do with her life but figured it was good enough for the time being.

When Lana had filed an official complaint against her though that had been the straw that broke the camel’s back.  There had been accusations and counter-accusations and it had come down to a high profile owner or a low rent-a-cop, well the choice for the building management had been pretty easy.  She’d been given two weeks notice and tonight had been her last shift.

But she knew she couldn’t leave without getting her revenge and so she’d gone to see her great aunt.  Great aunt Meriel was the black sheep of the family and if even half the rumours were true, some kind of witch.

Shelia had spilled the entire story to Meriel and asked if there was any way to have Lana experience how the other half lived.  Meriel had said she had just the perfect thing for her and went rummaging through her closet full of trinkets, eventually coming out with a small statue, no taller than a few inches.

Meriel passed it to Sheila and she examined it, in the top of the had was a hole, but beyond that it was a pretty primitive representation of a woman.

“You can swap bodies with this woman, Lana, using this talisman.  Simply take a piece of her hair and yours and place them in to the whole, then burn them.”

Of course Sheila had been skeptical, but something about the statue felt different, magical, powerful.  So she’d taken it and headed back home.  The next day she’d gone in and when she saw Lana, moved in close and took a single hair without her even noticing.

Then, just as she was packing up her locker at the end of her shift, she’d placed the stolen hair and one of her own in to the status and burned them.  Suddenly she had felt her world turn inside out and then back again and she had been staring in to the mirror in the penthouse’s master bedrooms en-suite bathroom.

She hopped up on to the counter to get closer to the mirror and and looked at her perfect face, stylish hair and makeup.  Then she looked down at her tight body and lingerie and smiled.

Lana must have had a special night planned for her husband, well that might be fun she thought.

“Lana, are you ready yet?” she heard a voice from the bedroom call and she got back down on to the floor and double checked herself before turning and walking to the door.

Lana looked down at the small smoking statue in front of her and blinked several times to try and get her bearings.  The stench of the smoke filled her nostrils and she took a step back and bumped in to the locker behind her.  

She turned around and caught a flash of her reflection in the mirror on the inside of the door and quickly turned back to see her face.

Sheila’s face stared back at her and she quickly looked down and confirmed the security guards uniform she still wore.  She patted it several times with her hands to make sure it was real and then grabbed the jeans and t-shirt that were inside of the locker and changed.

Taking the purse she found there, she quickly walked out of the locker room and out of the back door.

Shelia stepped out of the bathroom and smiled at ‘her’ husband, stiking a pose and giving him a sly smile.

“What!? Not ready yet?” he said, angering quickly.

“Well… I… what?” she stuttered looking down at her perfect body confused as to what might be wrong.

“I thought we were beyond this.  Very well, engage obedience mode.”

Suddenly Shelia felt a slight electrical jolt in her brain and her body stiffened, her arms fell to her sides, “Yes Master, obedience mode engaged.”

“Good, now finish getting ready.”

“Yes Master.” Sheila/Lana’s body responded, turning and returning to the bathroom.

Sheila watched as she removed the lingerie and her shoes until she was completely naked.  Then she turned to the cupboard and took the latex outfit from the hanger that was on the door knob.

Working herself in to the tight latex, she smoothed out each wrinkle and applied the oil to make it shiny.  Once the body suit was on she pulled her hair back in to a pony tail and threaded it through the hole in the hood before slipping it over her head.  Then she stepped back in to her heels before walking back to the bedroom.

“That’s better, now get on all fours and get over here.”

She dropped to her knees and crawled over until her head was between his legs.

“Service me.”

Her lips wrapped around he hard cock and she slid it in to her mouth and rocked back and fourth.  Soon after she felt him grab her pony tail and start to fuck her mouth more forcefully.  Her body let him guide her up and down until he pulled her entirely off of him and stood up.

“Up on the bed now.” he said as he patted the bed like she was a pet.

Her body obeyed and she laid on the bed, face first.  He grabbed her ankles and pulled her back until her ass hung off of the edge of the bed.

Then he slapped her ass hard, first on the left, then on the right cheek.  He alternated between them several times until he used both hands to slap them several more times simultaneously.

Finally he stopped, but she felt his hand slide up to the top of the zipper and pull in down, exposing her pussy to the cool air of the bedroom.  It was only a moment later when she felt the pressure against it that it had also exposed her tight asshole as well.

He pushed in without any lube and she tried to cry out but her body refused, instead trying to push back against him.

With increasing speed and force he pushed in and pulled out of her ass as her body bounced against the bed until she felt his hot cum enter her ass.

He fell on top of her, his cock still buried deep in her has as it started to soften, “Fuck I still love using that tight ass of yours.  It had been so long since you’d had an ‘episode’ I’d really thought you’d finally understood that I own you now.”

He grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back, “But I guess there’s still a little bit of the old Lana left in there so I guess I’ll have to put you in training mode for a few weeks to make sure you realize that you’re my fuck toy now.  A reward given to me by the bank for doing such a good job on the Henderson account that developed that implant in your brain.”

He released her hair and rolled off of her, his cock sliding out of her ass as he did, “Now, clean me up.”

Shelia’s body moved over and wrapped her lips around him one more time, sucking and licking every last drop of cum from him.

Lana stepped in to the cab, “The train station please.” she said and looked through ‘her’ purse.  There was a little bit of money in it and a few credit cards, it might be enough to buy a ticket as far away from the city as possible.

She wasn’t sure what had happened, but she was in Shelia’s body and that meant no implant.

The last few years had been a living hell, she’d been working her way up through the ranks at the bank until one day she’d been required to take a physical for the new medical plan, the next thing she’d know she’d woken up in a white room with a splitting headache and a small bandage at the base of her skull.

A bit later a doctor, or at least she assumed he was a doctor, had come in and explained everything.  How the implant could take complete control of her body if necessary and the faster she stopped fighting it, the better off she would be.

Those words had never been truer.  The implant didn’t just control her body, it could recognize when she fought it and induce pain.  We’ll pain was the right term, it was so much worse than simple pain.  It had only taken a week or so before she stopped fighting it.

Once in a while something would set her off and she’d fight it, but it had been so long since the last time that had happened she really wasn’t sure if it was real or a dream now.

But that no longer mattered, she was free and she was going to run as far and as fast as she could, just in case whatever this was didn’t last or the company somehow figured out it was no longer her in her body.

Either way, distance seemed like the best plan at the moment as the cab drove through the night away from her old life and in to her new one.

She smiled and tried to hold back a scream of joy, at least until she considered what would happen to Sheila.  Should she go back and try and help her?  

She shuddered at the thought, “Driver, can you go any faster?” she asked and pushed the thought of Shelia from her mind.  The woman would get was coming to her for stealing her body and that was the only comforting though she could manage as the cab pulled up to the train station and she disappeared from the city forever.