Helen scrunched her brow slightly as she looked over at David.  There was something wrong, she knew it, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She felt the shiny vinyl of her pants under her fingers along with the exposed skin of her hips.  She looked down at her tightly presses breasts, forced together by the push up bra and saw her barely concealed torso through the transparent fabric of her top.

Everything looked alright, but something was just not quite right.

“Daivd, do I… look ok?” she asked, unsure of herself.

The tremor in her voice seemed so out of place, two weeks ago she’d been a rising star in the law firm, on her way to making partner.  Then she’d been assigned the Thompson file, David was fighting a sexual harassment suit and the partners had thought assigning it to a female lawyer gave the best optics.

She’d agreed of course, David was misogynistic pig, but his money was as good as anyone else’s and so she’d defend him vigorously.

The first step had been to get a meeting with the plaintiff, which had proven more difficult than she had expected.  The woman had steadfastly refused until Helen had gotten the order from the judge, forcing the meeting or giving her grounds to have the case dismissed.

That had been last Friday, the meeting had been short and she didn’t really remember all that much of it but they’d walked out of it with the case dropped and that was all that mattered.

She’d gone back to the office and done the paperwork for the case and filed it with the court.  The legal assistants would take care of the rest so it was the last she expected to hear of the case.

Which is why she was surprised on Saturday when her phone rang and the ID showed it was David.  The conversation had confused her a bit, it wasn’t about the case but he kept talking about things that didn’t interest her.  But what really had her confused was the fact she didn’t end the call but agreed with just about everything he said, including agreeing to dinner that night.

Dinner had gone well and by the time they’d arrived back at her place she’d been all over him.  They’d barely made it inside the front door before her fingers had been attacking his zipper.

They’d only managed to get in to the bedroom when he’d grabbed the back of her head and pulled her off of his stiff shaft.

There were only two things she clearly remembered about that night, the pure bliss as he penetrated her and his voice telling her how much of a needy slut she was.

Before that night she would have strenuously denied the charged, she’d never been a needy slut in her life.  But laying on her back, her legs spread wide, his cock buried in her pussy and the moans coming from her mouth, there was no denying it.

The next morning when she’d woken up, the need was there and so she’d taken him between her lips and gently worked him until he awoke.  When he did, he’d grabbed both sides of her head and proceeded to fuck her face until he came down her throat and she orgasmed as well.

She’d hung on his ever word since them, when he’d told her to go in to work on Monday and hand in her resignation, she had.

She’d spent the next three days replacing her entire wardrobe when he’d told her to get something more appropriate to ware.

And today, when he’d told her to get read to go out tonight, she’d found the perfect outfit.  Or at least she thought she had.

David looked up and replied, “Alright?  No, not really, I mean you hardly have any makeup on.  And that push up bra isn’t really doing all that much for those small titties of yours.  Take it off so everyone can see those slutty nipples through that see through top.”

Oh god, he was right!  She’d hardly put any makeup on and her accursed tiny tits could just never be pushed up hard enough to be slutty enough.

She turned and rushed back in to her bathroom and started to apply more of the new makeup she’d bought that week.  When her face was caked with colour, she unbuttoned her top and unlatched her bra and removed it.

She looked in to the mirror, a smile crossed her bright, glossy pink lips as she could clearly see her thick, hard nipples through the top.

She headed back out to the living room and David was waiting, “That’s better slut.  You know I’ve got a friend who can fix those tiny tits of yours, I’ll give you his number and you can schedule an appointment next week.”

Her smile widened even more at the thought of having a big set of fake tits to stretch the material of her top to the limit.

“You know, I didn’t really expect keep you after the case.  I just need access to that woman that was suing me for a few minutes and she’d stymied every attempt I made.  But you were a heartless bitch about it and didn’t think twice of betraying your own gender.  Of course if that was all it was you probably won’t have seen me again, but the only crack in that cold, calculating mind was how you looked down your nose at me every time I walked in the room.”

The words floated over her head as she snuggled in to his side as the walked out of the house towards the car.

“Now remember, you’re a needy slut, and needy sluts need to show off for the crowd, but what you really need is my cock inside of you. So no matter how horny you get at all the attention, all it’s going to do is to make you more and more desperate to get fucked by me.  You’re my needy slut.”

Those words crashed down on to her head and she let out a little gasp, “Yes Sir, I’m your needy slut.” she replied as her pussy twitched and pulsed.

She was already on edge, she could hardly wait to get to the club and show off for everyone there, but what she was already desperate for was to get back home and have David use her like the slut she was.