‘Fuck, not again!’ Jenny thought as she looked at her phone, the number blocked but she knew it was him.  She slide her finger across the screen and held the phone to her ear then cocked her hip out and placed her other fist on it.

“Look you bastard, I told you before, stop calling me!”

“But you keep answering, you must want me to keep calling a little bit.” the voice replied.

“No, you sick pervert!”

“Pervert?  Me?  Look who’s talking, little Miss Leather and Latex.”

Jenny looked down at her outfit, “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“Oh nothing I guess.  I mean a month ago before I started calling you only wore boring pants and baggy tops.  Now you’re strutting around the park in tight latex, sky high heels and a leather jacket.”

“Well, it’s comfortable, that doesn’t make it perverted.”

“No?  Well tell me, how many times have you masturbated today?”

“WHAT!?  Why would I tell you that?”

“Oh come on now, you can tell me.  Is it once?  Twice?  More?”

“Well… I… more…”

“I thought so, where were you each time?”

“Ah… once in bed before I got up.  Once in the shower.  Twice while I was getting dressed and once more just before I left for my walk.”

“My my.  Five times and it’s hardly 10 am.  Sounds like something a pervert would do if you ask me.”

“No… no, it’s just… I’m so horny all the time…”

“Just a horny little pervert, all dressed up and no one to blow.  Ha ha ha.”

“That’s… that’s not true.  It can’t be true…” she tried to deny it but her pussy was so wet and her hand unclenched and slide down to caress her pussy as she pushed her ass out.

“Not true?  Really?” he asked, but his voiced reverberated from the phone and from behind her.

She felt fingers clutch the phone and pull it away from her and her now empty hand joined the other one between her legs.  A hand pressed up against her extended ass and squeezed, eliciting a moan from between her lips.

“I guess your right, it’s not true, after all I am here so you do have someone to blow, right my horny little pervert?”

She turned around and look in to the man’s eyes, “Yes!”, she said as she knelt down and worked open his pants.  Her lips wrapped around his cock as soon as it was free and her fingers continued to work her pussy through the latex.

Her head bobbed back and forth as she looked up to see him playing with her phone.

“God you’ve gotten so good at blow jobs, I can’t wait till the next phase of the program kicks in.  You’re going to be a real anal slut when it gets down with you.”

Her eyes tracked the phone as he placed it in his breast pocket and didn’t leave it until she closed them when her orgasm rocked her as his hot cum ran down her throat.