Tracy jogged along the side of the parking garage towards her apartment, staying in shape was important.  After all while she could fly and was pretty much invulnerable, she wasn’t blessed with super strength or metabolism so of her other colleagues were.

No, if she wanted to stay in shape, she had to work at it.  She didn’t mind really, the jogging let her clear her mind and she found it relaxing.

She turned in to garage and followed the white cement block wall towards the elevators, suddenly a bright light illuminated her and she turned slightly towards it, seeing several men in the back of a white van.  She recognized their outfits, The Vengeful Vulture’s men.  How did they find her?  How did they know her secret ID?

No matter now, she floated up and prepared for battle.  Suddenly a powerful blast came from the back of the van and she was slammed against the wall, her shouldered pushing through it and her head slammed in to one of the remaining blocks.  Stunned, she dropped to the ground and tried to regain her balance.

Just as her head stopped spinning a pair of boots came in to view and she looked up to see the VV standing above her, a gas mask on and a hose pointed directly at her.  The next thing she knew the world was growing dark and her head hit the ground.

Tracy came around some time later in an all white room.  Well, that wasn’t quite correct, the room was all white except the monitor that was directly above her.  She pulled at her bonds but found them to be well beyond her ability to break.

Then she noticed she was naked.  It wasn’t the first time and she doubted it would be the last, after all they were villains for a reason.

Looking around there was no one else in the room but she could feel something attached to her head.  Suddenly the monitor came to life and VV’s faced filled it.

“Hello Indomitable Avion, or should I call you Tracy Flight instead?”

Tracy frowned her brow, somehow he’d discovered her identity, this wasn’t a good sign.

“Look Vulture, let me go before the rest of the team gets here.  You know they’re coming.”

“Oh, they’re going on a wild goose chase I’m afraid.  That tracking bracelet you had on is currently going in the entirely opposite direction.  Now just relax and don’t fight what comes next, it won’t help anyway.”

Suddenly his face disappeared from the monitor and it was filled instead with a video of a blond woman sucking a man’s cock.

“Brainwashing?  Really?” she called out to no one.

Then something tickled the back of her mind and her eyes defocused, her lips parted and her body relaxed.

A few minutes later, as the woman on screen took a load of cum to her face, her body spasmed as her orgasm exploded.

The tickle faded from her mind and she managed to shake her head and realized she was in deep trouble.  This wasn’t like the other times a villain had tried to brainwash her.  Those had been clumsy attempts that were little more than a spiral and a vibrator.

This was something else, the orgasm had been powerful and come without any external stimulation.  She could still feel the pleasure and afterglow of the orgasm and more than that, looking back she could remember feeling arousal as the video played.  Even beyond the feelings, there was more, she could remember *being* the woman in the video.  

Well not actually being the actress in the video of course, no it was more like it was her on her knees.  It was her lips around the man’s cock, it was her face he came on.  It was like the actress wasn’t there at all.

The monitor came to life again and the video started once more.  The tickle returned and she tried to hold on, but after just a few seconds she lost herself to the tickle in the back of her head.

Tracy watched the monitor again for the umpteenth time and the cum hit “her” face once more, sending the orgasm crashing over her.  She and stopped fighting it long ago and now basked in the thrill of what would come each time.  Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew the tingle had stopped at some point, but that didn’t matter any more, the video played and she orgasmed, that was the way it was.

The monitor came to life once more, but this time a different video started.  Instead of the blow job, the woman was laid out on a bed, her feet up in the air and the man plunging his dick in to her.

Tracy hesitated, she wasn’t sure what to do, but the reassuring tickle in the back of her head showed her what to do and soon the man pulled out and came on “her” belly and Tracy’s orgasm once more washed over her.

The monitor shut off once more and she relished the orgasm it had given her.  She smiled and let her hands fondle her tits as she lay on the gurney in the white room.

She didn’t know how long she had been there, but it didn’t matter, the monitor had played so many videos and she’d had so many orgasm she wasn’t going to go anywhere.

She thought back over the videos as her fingers found her pussy.  That first blow job video still reverberated throughout her body as she thought about it, but those that followed had showed her so many things.

How to take a cock on her back, on her stomach, on all fours, in the shower, bent over a chair.  How to use her big tits to coax the cum from a hard shaft and on to her face.  How to let a man use her body for his pleasure, to be tied up and submit.  How to give herself completely to the pleasure of others.  

Each time the orgasm had confirmed the videos were right and after the first dozen she hadn’t felt the tickle return until the last few were played.  Those were the most intense ones.  They’d shown her how having her tits, ass and face slapped was a huge turn on to her and the final ones had focused on how much she needed anal sex.

But now she watched those videos and couldn’t imagine anything more erotic.

She heard a click coming from the other side of the room and she turned her head to see a man entering the room.  She jumped up off the gurney and walked over to him, then she dropped to her knees as she recognized him from the video.

“Master.” she said and bowed her head.

“Very good.” he replied and she felt a finger touch her below her chin and tilt her head up.

A sharp slap across her face rang out in the room, followed by a load moan, “Mmmmm… Thank you Master!”

It hadn’t hurt of course, through her invulnerability she’d hardly felt it at all, but none the less her pussy was pulsing as her mind registered the pleasure coming from her cheek.

His hand grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the gurney and bent her over it.  She knew what to do and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them asunder.

“Please Master, fuck my ass.  Use me for your pleasure!”  she called out as she felt his cock press up against her tight rear entrance.

He pushed in and she moaned again and she knew he’d be cuming in her ass soon enough and that meant another orgasm for her.  In the back of her mind a video played, one she had seen many times and she matched it to a tee knowing she would get the chance many more times in the future.