Linda entered the club, her resume in hand, and headed towards the bar where a lone gentleman was wiping it down.  It was mid-day and the club wouldn’t be open for hours yet, but she wasn’t here to party, she was here to get a job.

4 years of university, 3 years of grad school and here she was applying for a minimum wage job at a cheesy men’s club downtown.

Ok, so a PhD in religious studies wasn’t the most useful degree, but it was her passion.  She was going to have to do something though in the mean time until she found a job in her field and this was one of the few that even gave her a call back.

“Hi?” she said to get the man’s attention and he looked up and smiled.

“Hello, you must be Linda.  I’m Peter.”

“Hi Peter, thanks for giving me an interview.” she replied and handed him her resume.

“No problem, I see by your resume you have a bit of experience waitressing from a few years ago, that’s good.” he said as he flipped through her resume, skipping right over the first few pages which contained her work at the university and her internships that had come to nothing.

“Yep, I’m sure I can be a great bartender or waitress for you.”

“I’m sure you will be, but I have to ask, you know what kind of club this is, right?”

She sighed inwardly, but kept her smile on her lips, “Yes, a topless bar for men right?  But I don’t have to be topless, only the dancers if I understand your ad right.”

“That’s correct, I just wanted to make sure you understood the environment.  You’d be surprised at how many candidates didn’t realize it.”

“Oh, I understand.  It’s not a problem for me.”

“Great, can you do a shift tonight?”

“Yes, sure I’d be happy to.”

“Alright, come on back to the office and I’ll get you to fill out some paperwork.”

Linda followed him back in to his office and sat down across from him as he typed on his computer.  After a few minutes he stood up and motioned her to come around behind the desk.

“We’ve computerized everything so just fill in this form and you’ll be ready to go.”

“Sure.” she replied as she sat down and started to read the form, there was a strange flickering effect on the monitor but she squinted and tried to read it anyway.

She managed to answer the first couple of questions before her jaw went slack and her eyes stared directly ahead, no longer trying to read what was on the form.

Linda stood by the doors to the main club in her assigned spot, the spot light illuminating her bare chest with the logo of the club.

Two men walked up to her, Peter her boss and someone she didn’t recognize.

“This is the new one?” the stranger asked.

“Yep, came in earlier today didn’t you Linda?”

“Yes sir.”

“Hmmmm… she has potential.” the stranger said as he reached out and squeezed her right breast, then took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a slight twist.

A moan escaped her lips as his hand slide down and under the transparent fabric that was draped around her hips, his finger slide easily in to her wet pussy.

She gasped and let her head drop backwards as she closed her eyes.

“I thought you might like her.”  Peter said as the stranger continued to play with her pussy.

“How did she take to the programming?”

“Like a duck to water.  The smarter they are the faster they succumb.  Isn’t that right Linda?  What do you want to be?”

“Ohhh god… to be the best Lux girl I can be!” she replied as the stranger’s thumb pushed up against her clit and a small orgasm washed over her.

The stranger pulled his finger out of her pussy and brought it up to her lips, she sucked it clean, tasting her own juices and savouring them.

“Good, get her fast tracked, I want to see her on the floor within a month.”

“Of course.”  Peter replied as the two men walked in to the main room of the club.

As they did Linda returned to her position and waited for the next customer to come along, the strangers words echoing though her mind.  Only a month until she was done being a door girl, then she’d be on the floor.  She knew what she had to do to accomplish it; more time in the gym, visits to the salon and an appointment with the club’s doctor to get her implants but it would be well worth it.

Just thinking about walking around the club, with all the men looking at her big fake tits, made her pussy drip so much that she felt her juices start to flow down her leg.

Maybe, if she got a big enough pair, strutted around like a slut and pleased enough customers they’d let her work the VIP area.  There customers could bury their big hard cocks deep in to her pussy and she could prove just how good of Lux girl she could be.