A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Why had it happened to her?  She was a good person!  There was no reason to have been sentenced to such a fate as this…

His cock slammed in to her again and again and all she could hear was his grunts and her voice calling out in pleasure as her large fake tits bounced up and down on her body.

She’d been here for six months now and still wasn’t used to it, doubted she’d ever get use to it, even with the three year sentence.

All she’d been been doing was walking down the street, she’d spent hours complying with the Makeup Act and the Proper Attire for Women Act, even the Functional Footwear for Women Act, but even so a simple wolf whilst from behind her had caused her to turn her head and suddenly she’d felt a hand on her ass.

She’d turned the rest of the way around and slapped the man across the face.  The police arrived just minutes later and she was handcuffed and taken away, put on an expedited court schedule and convicted of Enticement Without Intent to Complete under the Preventing Sexual Harassment Act of 2018.

As a level 2 offense, it had send her right to the state run brothels to serve out her time.

At first she thought she’d be able to ride it out, to avoid the changes, but after only two weeks she’d agreed to become a blonde to reduce her sentence.  Then the change to her voice, raising it several octaves.  Next came the permanent tan, then the breast implants.

She knew what was next, the lip enhancements, then the internal corset, followed by another round of breast enlargement, all to get her sentence down to just over a year.

She felt the man cum in side of her and heard her voice squeal out in pleasure as her own orgasm exploded from her pussy and raced to her mind.

The worst part of it was that she knew she’d ask for the lip enhancements very soon.  She might even ask for both the lip and corset to be done at the same time, and not because of the extra time off she’d get.

No, it was because of the pleasure.  Each time she’d been enhanced her orgasms had grown stronger and stronger.  She could hardly control herself now when she saw a cock, she’d suck it and fuck it, begging the man to cum inside of her, eager for the next orgasm.

She knew this is where she would stay, even after her sentence ran its course, eager for the next cock and orgasm.

Her high pitched giggle broke the silence and she smiled up at the man that had just pulled out of her, “Thanks for using me!  Come back anytime!”