Terry walked in to the doctors office and smiled at Dr. John, he’d been their family doctor since before she could remember.

“Hi Dr. John!” she beamed as she pushed a stray brown hair from her face.

“Hello Terry, how’s my favorite patient today?”

“Fantastic!  Well, you know except for next week.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that.  It’s the law and you’ll be just fine.”

“Yea, the law.” she replied slumping her shoulders.

The Health and Wellness Registration Act was an abomination, requiring all citizens to receive the implant on their 21st birthday and next week was her turn.

The procedure itself was simple enough and she was lucky to be in the premier “healthy” pool for her health insurance so the it was completely covered, but it still sent chills down her spin when she thought about it.

“Ok now here’s your form to take to the clinic to get your pre-tests done and then you’ll be good to go for next week.  I’ll be there through the entire process so you don’t have to worry about anything.  Any other questions?”

“No, I guess not, thanks Dr. John.”

“My pleasure Terry.  Have the nurse schedule you an appointment for two weeks time just to make sure everything is healing up alright.”

“Will do.” she said as she stood and left the office.  The nurse dutiful scheduled her in and she headed out to the clinic to get poked and prodded before her official “adult” life could start.

Terry looked up at Dr. John, his smiling face relaxing her just a bit.  He’d been there just like he said he would when she arrived at the hospital and now held her hand as they wheeled her in to the operating room.

“Alright Terry, now just relax, I’ve done this to your entire family and there’s never been a problem.”

“Thanks Dr. John, it really helps to know you’re the one doing it.”

Terry watched the mask come over her face and as she counted down her vision blurred, then faded to black.

Terry stirred, pain coming from multiple parts of her body and she opened her eyes but found it painful to try and move.

She tried to open her mouth and say something, but pain shot through her lips and instead a low moan was all she managed to make.

“Oh, your awake!” she heard someone say and then the click of heals against the floor echoed through out the room until the nurse bent over her, a wide smile plastered on her face.

“Don’t move honey, I’ll go get your doctor.”

Unwilling to test her limits of pain, she did as the nurse instructed as the clicking of heels left the room and she waited.

Minutes passed and then in the distance she heard the nurse coming back down the hallway, another, more muffled set of shoes intermixed with the nurses.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the nurse and another man came in to her vision.

“Here he is honey, he’ll explain everything!” the nurse said and the left her vision once more, leaving only a man in a white coat, obviously a doctor, that she didn’t know.

“Now just relax, you’re surgery went very well.”

“Dddd… doc… John.” she managed to get out between the pain coming from her lips.

“Ah yes, Dr. John, your previous physician.  He’s not here, I’m your new doctor, Dr. Davis.”

‘Previous physician?’ she though, not wanting to say the words aloud and feel the pain again.

“Yes, I’m afraid your pre-tests turned up some peculiarities.  Several, previously undetected, pre-existing conditions that have disqualified you from your insurance pool.”

‘Oh god, no, no, no!’ her mind raced as he spoke the words.

“Yes, I’m afraid you were re-categorized as ‘High Risk, Low Return’ and placed in the ‘Reclamation’ pool with the unhealthiest of the unhealthy.  That in turn increased your insurance rates, well… significantly.  And of course that meant you could no longer afford Dr. John so I’ve been assigned as your state physician.”

She knew he was trying to be nice, but she knew no one could afford the rates for the Reclamation pool, well no one in her family at least.

“Of course, in accordance with the Affordable and Sustainable Health Act of 2021, a credit check was done on your family and friends and when no suitable financial match could be found, you went straight to trail and were convicted under the act as being delinquent in coverage, resulting in a second level conviction.”

She wanted to vomit, a second level conviction, just for not being able to afford health insurance!  It was the end, her life would be forever tainted by the conviction and she’d be lucky to get a job at McDonald’s when her sentence was completed.

‘Oh god, what sentence did they give me!’ she thought as he continued to speak to her in an monotone voice, almost like he was talking to someone about the work that needed to be done on their car.

“The judge was feeling generous I’m told and so he cut you a break, I’ve never seen such a light sentence before, just 3 years!”

He shook his head from side to side, his expression was one of disbelief but so paid little attention to it as she tried to stand and run away in a panic.  But her body didn’t move.

He obviously saw it in her eyes though and his face turned to an expression of concern, “Right about now I’m sure your near panic, but it won’t do any good, the implant has you immobilized while you recover.  But not to worry, I do have good news.”

She listened to him speak and tried to calm herself, what good news could he possibly have?

“It turns out you had a guardian angle after all and you were on the ‘Interested Parties’ list.”

“Nnnnn… nnnnnooooo!” she cried out through the pain, the list was terrible news.

“He’s paid for your insurance, the implant cost and several additional procedures as well!” he said, a wry smile on his face.

“Pu… pu… please…”

“Oh, you want to know what he’s had done.  Of course.”

It wasn’t what she wanted but he seemed to be oblivious to the fact and started to list off the procedures.

“Let’s start from the top, shall we?  There’s the genetic hair modification, your old brunette hair will be growing out a beautiful shade of blonde from now on.  The lip enhancements as well as the breast augmentation.  The internal corset and rib removal.  The buttocks enhancement and finally the augmentation to your arches in your feet.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks as he read the list and soon she cried herself to sleep, if only for a short while.

Terry stood in front of the mirror, the nurse standing beside her, as she massaged her new implants.  First the ones on her chest and then the ones in her ass.

She wanted to run, though in the towering high heels she didn’t think she would get very far, even if her legs would obey her.

No, the implant was still firmly in control as it had been since the first time the nurse had puppeted her body out of bed to start her exercises.

The reflection in the mirror looked so foreign to her, but she could feel her hands on her breasts and her ass as they moved in the mirror so she knew it was really her.

The blonde roots, the lips that couldn’t quite close, the breasts that stuck out from her body, the ass that bulged out and the only shoes she felt comfortable in, the 6″ stilettos.

“Alright honey, all done for now.” the nurse said and Terry grabbed her robe and covered herself up as best she could.

“You’ve come along well, starting today you can leave your room, but don’t stay out for long.”

“Really?” she replied, surprised she would be given any freedom.

“Yes dear, we’re not a prison and the implant will make sure you don’t wander too far after all.”

“Of course.  Thank you.” she said and meant it.

She walked around the halls for a while, there were quite a few other women there, all young and in different states of recovery.  Like her, most were what she would have considered to be “Barbie Dolls”.  Inflated breasts, tiny waists, long legs.  

Some seemed to be specialized though, one she saw had such large breasts she didn’t know how she walked.  Another had shoes on that forced the woman’s toes in to a point and she walked on her tippy toes, she was sure it was the only way she could walk now.  One’s waist was so tiny she could hardly believe the woman didn’t simply fold in two.

Even with the horrors all around her, getting out of the room was better than stay in and so each day she walked through the halls between visits from the nurse.

Terry stood straight at attention, her fake breasts pushing the thin white material of the cut off top to it’s limits as her ass did the same to the tight white shorts that barely concealed her modesty.  The white shoes had 4″ heels and 3″ more of sole, the leather ran up her legs to almost he knees and the white laces held them firmly in place.

The door to the small room she waited in opened and in walked Dr. Davis and… Simon.

She’d known it would be him from the day she woke up but had pushed the thought from her mind.  She’d dated him in college for a few weeks but had broken up with him when he’d turned out to be a royal jerk.

And she meant Royal, as in actual Royalty from some small but wealthy country in Europe somewhere.  She knew he would be the only person with the pull and interest to put her name on the list.

“As you can see, all of your requests have been completed over the last 3 weeks and she’s ready to go.”

“Yes, very good work Doctor, don’t you agree Terry?”

“Simon you bastard, you were always a jerk!” she tried to say, but instead she remained silent.

Simon looked at Dr. Davis with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, sorry, hang on a second.” he replied as he tapped on his tablet, “Give it a try again.”

“What do you think Terry, did the Doctor do good work?”

“Yes Simon, very good work.” her voice sang out.

“There, you’ve been assigned as the designated owner.” the doctor said as he handed Simon the tablet.

Simon tapped the screen several times, “Ok, let’s try that again.  Did the doctor do good work Terry?”

“Yes Master, the doctor has made me your perfect fuck doll.”

“That’s better.  Thank you doctor, you can leave now.” Simon said and Dr. Davis walked from the room and closed the door behind him.

“Now then, let’s see if I spent my money wisely on those lips.” he said and tapped the tablet again.

Terry’s body stepped forward and then knelt down, her hands fished Simon’s dick from his pants and then her inflated lips wrapped around it and she began giving the first blowjob of her life as if it was something she did every day, the implant guiding her every move.

Terry posed on the chair, her tiny pink bikini and sparkly choker the only things she wore other than her heels as Simon watched the game.  He wasn’t very happy as his team was loosing badly.

“Dam it!” he said and turned to her, “God can’t you see your not helping, take another position!” he shouted at her.

She reached over and grabbed the other arm rest and then threw her legs over, taking the one she was sitting on in her other hand and then lowered herself on to the seat.  She leaned back, raised her legs up until she could grab the stiletto heels and then pulled her legs all the way back to her head.

She’d learned over the months that when his team was losing, he’d be fucking her soon enough so she might as well get comfortable.

The buzzer sounded and Simon turned off the TV and threw the remote across the room as he stood up and headed over to her.

Reaching down he pulled her top up and then pushed her bottoms to the side before dropping his own pants and leaning in to her, grabbing her breasts firmly with both hands and pushing his dick in to her waiting pussy.

“Fuck those losers, they can’t handle a simple basketball.  I’m pretty sure I could play better than those idiots, I can handle something as simple as a basketball after all!”

“Yes Master, you handle big round globes very well.” she moaned as he squeezed her breasts hard.

It was something she’d noticed a few weeks ago, the implant had control her speech for so long that she’d stopped fighting it.  Instead she’d started to say what she knew the implant was going to make her say anyway.

She knew it was a slippery slope, but she still had years left on her sentence and she had to find a way to live though it and fighting it wasn’t working.

“Yes, I do, don’t I.  You know what, I think it might be time to get some upgrades for you.”

“Yes Master, make my titties even bigger!  Make me an even better plastic fuck doll for you!” the works came out without any resistance and a wave of pleasure wiggled it’s way down her spine to her waiting pussy.

Did she really mean it?  It was so hard to tell after months of being used, the implant re-enforcing it’s control with waves of pleasure.

What would another year of it do to her?  What would two more years make her in to?

He slammed in to her one final time before he came as a single thought filled her mind, ‘Two more years would make her in to his perfect plastic fuck doll.’

Her orgasm crashed in to her as both the though and her master filled her, she wasn’t sure which had caused it but she basked in the afterglow either way.

Did she really want to be a Simon’s fuck doll?  Was the thought only there because she thought that was what he wanted or for some other reason?

She didn’t know, but sitting there, the weight of Simon’s body pinning her down she knew it would only be a matter of time until she found out.