Dave, Teressa and Joanna looked out the window and frowned, it was still raining.

“How are we ever going to get any practice in when it won’t stop raining?!” Joanna fumed.

“Tell me about it, it’s been a week and the forecast for next week is more of the same.” Dave replied.

“Oh come on, the game isn’t that important.” Teressa said, tossing the soccer ball in the air and catching it again.

“I call BS on that one Teressa, you’re the one that signed us up for this stupid thing.” Joanna said.

“Well, ok, maybe it’s important, but with the rain coming down this hard we’re going to have to find something else to do for the day.” Teressa replied.

Dave on the other hand just frowned, he’d agreed to help the two of them practice, but really he’d wanted to get in to Teressa’s pants and the rain was definitely not helping with that.

Joanna fiddled with her phone just as a large flash of lightening cross the sky and instantly thunder rumbled the house.  Then the power cut out and everything went dark.

“Shit… that was close!  It looks like it took out the cell tower too as I don’t have any signal!” Joanna said.

“Well that confirms it, worst practice ever!” Teressa said sarcastically.

For his part, Dave walked out to the kitchen and grabbed the emergency light setting it down on the end table by the couch.

“Now what?” Dave asked.

Teressa looked around at the rec room, the shelves filled with books and boxes until her gaze fell on a white box.

“No way!  I haven’t played this in ages!” she said as she walked over the took the box down from the shelf and presented it to the other two, Twister.

“Really?” Joanna asked.

“Got something better to do?”

“Well, ok, but Dave can’t play.” Joanna said just as Dave was about to speak up.

“Fine, he can spin the wheel for us.”

Dave just shrugged his shoulders, there wasn’t anything else to do or say really.

Teressa opened the box and pulled out the sheet, then handed Dave the wheel and instructions before spreading it out.

“Ok, who goes first?” Joanna asked.

“Let’s have the wheel decide, pick two colours you want Teressa and Joanna can have the other two.  I’ll spin the whel and whoever has the colour it lands on goes first.”

“Sounds good, I’ll take red and yellow.” Teressa replied

“Fine with me.” Joanna agreed.

Dave spun the wheel and it landed on green.  Joanna walked over to the mat and placed her foot in a green circle.

Suddenly she felt a shiver run through her body and she felt her skin tighten.

“What the hell!” Teressa shouted.

“What?” Joanna replied as Dave simply looked dumbly at Joanna.

“You’re skin, it’s flawless!  All your acne is gone!” Teressa said.

“What? Are you serious?” Joanna said and tried to step off the mat to find a mirror to look at herself in.  But her foot remained firmly in place on the green circle.

“I can’t move off the mat!”

Dave dropped the wheel and the two of them rushed over to help, but as the wheel hit the ground it spun around and landed on blue.  Just as Teressa made it to Joanna, she felt her body turn and place a foot on the blue circle.

“What the fuck!” she cried out as she tried to move her foot, but failed.  Suddenly she felt something in the back of her mind, a slight tingle that grew more and more demanding.

Dave tried pulling and pushing and anything he could think of but nothing worked.

“Ummm… Dave… what’s happ… happ… like going on?” Teressa said and grabbed her head.

“Dave do something!” Janna shouted.

“Like what? I’ve tried everything, you guys won’t move from the game!”

“The game! That’s it! Spin the wheel again and maybe if we complete the game we’ll get free.”

“I don’t know, Teressa seems a little off and your skin. I mean maybe I should call 911.”

“You mean on the phones that aren’t working? Look just spin the wheel, it won’t take long for the game to be over.”

“Ok. But I’m protesting this.”

Dave picked up the wheel and spun it again, this time landing on yellow.  Joanna placed her other foot on the yellow circle and like Teressa a sudden dizziness came over her.

“Well?” Dave asked?“

“I… I… don’t know, I feel different, but…”

“Do you want to continue?”

“I’m not sure… why don’t you decide.”

“Well I guess we’ve come this far.  Teressa any thoughts?”

“I don’t know.  So hard to think.”

Dave shrugged his shoulders and spun again, this time landing on red.  Joanna stepped on the red circle and almost instantly parted her lips and gasped.

“What is it Teressa?”

“Oh my god… I feel so… so… horny!” she let out between gasps as her hands roamed over her body.

Dave looked at Joanna for direction but her eyes pleaded with him to take the lead.  He spun the wheel again and it landed on another green for Joanna.

She bent over and placed a hand on the green circle and Dave watch her body ripple and shift.  Her thin, athletic frame softening and expanding in to a bronzed goddess.

He spun again and Teressa landed on yellow and she reached out and placed a hand in the circle, “Mmmm… god that feels so goooood!  Don’t stop!”

Dave didn’t hesitate and spun again, Joanna landing on red.  Her leg stretched across Teressa to land on the circle and he watch her head come up as whatever was happening hit her.

He spun again and again as he watched the two women change before his very eyes.  The reached and stretched their new bodies across each other, under each other, through each other as it became harder and harder to touch the colours the wheel selected.

Finally, Joanna, stretching as hard as she could, lost her footing and collapsed on to top of Teressa.

“*giggle* Like oh my go Joanna, your boobs are so big!” Teressa said, Joanna breast pushed in to her face.

“They are?  Oh god… what.. oh god!” Joanna replied as Teressa took Joanna’s hard nipple in between her lips and started to suck it through her shirt.

Soon the two women were naked, rolling around on the mat, sucking, licking, devouring each others bodies.

Dave looked on, his hardon painful through his pants as the two women finally found the 69 position and started to work each other’s pussies until they came.

Afterwards, Teressa held Joanna in her arms as Joanna suckled her nipple once more.

Dave couldn’t believe the two bombshells that were now in a loving embrace on his floor used to be the two women that started out playing the game.  Even so, he still had enough wits about him to pick up the instructions from the box and start reading them.  They were written in hand on very old paper and smelled a little funny.

“Twist-her, a game that will change her for the better!

2-4 players, once you started you have to finish.

Spin the wheel and get the change associated with it:

Red    = Passion
Blue   = Intelligence
Yellow = Dominance
Green  = Body

Dave thought back, Teressa had landed on blue how many times? 6? 7? She must have dropped a lot of intelligence by way she was talking.

Joanna had landed on yellow just about as many times, she’d been completely submissive since the first time, he could only imagine how she was now.

“Teressa?  Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Dave asked.

Teressa’s head perked up and she smiled, “Like oh my god yes! I’ve, like had the biggest crush on you forever!  But, um, like can I still lick Joanna’s pussy?”

“I don’t know, Joanna, will you let Teressa lick your pussy?”

Joanna released Teressa’s nipple from between her lips and looked up at Dave, “Of course she can, I mean, if she wants to.” she replied, hesitatingly.

“Ok, well, if she’s licking your pussy and she’s my girlfriend, what are you going to do for me?”

“I… I… well… I… what do you want me to do?”

“Hmmm… well if Teressa’s licking your pussy, I think you should be sucking my dick, don’t you.”

“Well… I guess so.”

“That wasn’t a question Joanna, if Teressa’s going to be your pussy licker, your going to be my cock slave, period.” Dave said forcefully.

“Oh yes sir! I’m sorry sir! Of course I’ll be your cock slave, please let me be your cock slave!”

“That’s better, now get over her and start sucking.”

Joanna crawled over and took Dave’s cock in between her lips as Teressa positioned herself under her and started licking.

Dave watch Teressa bring Joanna to another orgasm as he came in her mouth and smiled and the lights came back on.

He looked down at the two women as a thought cross his mind, ‘After that performance they sure don’t need any more practice!’