Debra looked at the phone again but was finding it hard to read the text on the display.  She knew what it said, she’d read it so many times these last weeks that she knew it by heart, “Take a selfie a day and know your worth it!”

It was a stupid app, something her friend Laura had insisted she put on her phone and use, a “motivational” app that promised to make her feel better about herself and her body.  Or something like that at least.

She’d finally giving in and start to use it after Laura had asked her about it a dozen times a day for an entire week, and if she was being honest, she could have used a bit of motivation after her breakup with Jack.

He’d been kind of an asshole lately, bossing her around and taking her for granted, and she’d finally had enough and kicked him out of the house.  But the fact that she kept attracting the same *kind* of asshole had her wondering if it was something wrong with her.

She hit the button on her phone and the flash went off, she blinked several times as stars danced in her eyes once more.

Then she looked up and took a good look at herself in the mirror, when had her abs been so flat?  She pulled up her shirt to get a better look at them.  They were really flat, going to the gym really was paying off!

The gym?  When had she started going to the gym?  A few weeks ago, just after she got the app?  Well, no matter, it was paying off and that was what was important.

She looked at herself again, this time pulling her top down a bit to expose the top of her lacy bra.

Lacy?  She usually stuck to plain white bra’s didn’t she?  Well it did look good, so what difference did it make if it was black and lacy instead of white and boring?

She scrunched her brow as she looked down at her tiny tattered shorts.  She normally wore pants didn’t she?  They were cute and all, but not really all that practical to go to work in.

Work!  What was she thinking!  She didn’t work any more, she’d quite last week!

Then something else hit her, why was she on her knees?

She shuffled a bit to the side and the soft carpet sent shivers of pleasure up her spine.

If felt great of course, but did she really need to spend that much time on her knees?  It seemed like she spent most of her day on her knees since she’d quit her job, but was it really necessary?

She shuffled back and a moan escaped her lips as she let her legs part and slide across the floor away from each other slightly.

Her hand snaked down to her shorts and slide beneath them, her fingers finding her pussy moist and waiting.  She leaned back and dropped her phone to support herself with her other hand as she masturbated in from of the mirror, her eyes locking on their reflection as she watched John walk in to the room behind her.

Her fingers picked up their pace as he approached her and when he was standing right behind her, she let her head drop back and look up at him.  

“John!” she cried out as he smiled down at her.

“Is that how you address me slut?”

“I… I… I’m not… a slut!” she managed to get out through raspy gasps as her fingers continued to work her pussy to no avail.

“You’re not?  Your ex-boyfriend just walked in on you masturbating in front of a mirror, on your knees.  And. You. Didn’t. Stop.”

Her mind raced, what was happening?  Why did it seem so wrong and yet feel so good?

He reached down and touched the side of her face and then set his thumb on her lips.  She slurped it in to her mouth and sucked it hard as she continued to pound her pussy with her fingers.

“See?  Your sucking and fucking just like a slut!”

The pleasure washed over her, she managed to release his thumb just long enough to respond, “Oh god, I need it so bad!”

“Need what?”

“Your… your… cock!”

“And why do you need my cock?”

“Because… because… I’m a slut!  I need your cock because I’m a fucking slut!!!” she cried out before wrapping her lips around his thumb once more.

“So close, so very close now.  Just one more thing… tell me what your worth?”

She looked up at him with pleading eyes before pulling herself off of his thumb once more, “Nothing!  Absolutely nothing!  I’m just a worthless fucking slut!  Take me, use me, fuck me!”

He smiled and grabbed a hold of her hair, pulling her towards the bed, “That’s better, all you had to do was ask nicely.” he chuckled as he tossed her on the bed and rolled her over on to her stomach, then pulled the tight little pair of shorts down to her ankles.

He pulled his own pants down and pushed up to her wet pussy and then plunged in, she screamed out in an unintelligible string of sounds that might have been a thought before the pleasure had burned away any chance of her articulating it.

She cried out in passion and pleasure with each stroke he made and when he finally came inside of her, she arched her back, let out a cry of pure joy, and then collapsed on to the bed.

He reached out and grabbed a hold of her hair once more and slide her off the bed and on to the carpet once more, before heading to the bathroom and cleaning up.  She was still laying dazed beside the bed when he returned.

“Remember, sluts only get to use the bed to fuck on, not sleep on.” he called back over his shoulder as he left the bedroom and headed back out.

In another week or two she’d be ready for him to move back in full time, until then he was satisfied with their daily get togethers.