The Hands That Lead

A hands on kind of leader…

Month: June 2017


Friday June 30, 2017

“See… look… I told you… it’s some kind of fun house mirror!”  Lacey said, her hands on each of her two friends, Kimberly and Sofia, shoulder with her third friend, Tabitha, at the of the line. The four friends had…


Wednesday June 28, 2017

Gemma hated these private flights, she always seemed to get the party flights or some other such horror story that end in someone getting slapped.  But they paid well and she could fend for herself, so she took them anyway….


Monday June 26, 2017

“Come on, you can’t be serious!?” Carole said as she squinted over at the salesman. “Oh, I’m absolutely serious Ma’am.  I guarantee total satisfaction with each and every purchase.” Carole looked sceptically at him, ok, she had to admit he…


Saturday June 24, 2017

Jennifer opened the present and frowned, ok so it was only their six month anniversary, but come on, a phone case? She pulled it out and flipped it over, on the back was some blonde bimbo in a bikini. “I…


Thursday June 22, 2017

Tammy leaned back and moaned, looking directly in to the camera, the red light flashing away as it streamed her on to the Internet.  Her pussy twitched at the thought of all her subscribers watching her nipples pulled mercilessly in…