Tammy leaned back and moaned, looking directly in to the camera, the red light flashing away as it streamed her on to the Internet.  Her pussy twitched at the thought of all her subscribers watching her nipples pulled mercilessly in to the vacuum tubes standing up from her chest.

She heard footsteps to her left and then felt someone flick the tubes slightly, sending waves of pleasure through her and she almost came, but her orgasm would not crest, not yet.

The footsteps walked around towards her legs and then she felt the strong hands grab her ankles and raise her legs up in to the air, spreading them as she felt his dick press up against her pussy.

She wanted to raise her head to see who it was, but her eyes were focused on the camera.  Instead her lips formed words that a few weeks ago she never would have imagine would come out of her mouth, “Oh god yes!  Fuck my tight little pussy with your big hard cock!”

The desperation, mixed with need in her eyes was real and as he pushed in to her for the first time she cried out in ecstasy.  As he started to slide in and out, the rhythm of caused waves of pleasure to run through her and an image flashed before her eyes.

It was her, a few weeks ago getting her mail from the condo’s mail room when she bumped in to Jack by accident, almost sending him to the ground.  She’d apologized of course when he asked her to join him for coffee, she couldn’t really say no.

She didn’t know how, but the coffee date had ended up back at her condo, with him buried deep in her pussy.  There was just something about him that she couldn’t say no to and any time she tried something stopped her.

When he’d dropped by the next night, she’d intended to send him away, but instead he’d stepped in to her condo, taken a firm grip of her ass and kissed her fiercely.  She wanted to pull away, but instead her body pushed forward and her pussy buzzed with excitement.

When he twisted her around and pushed her up against the wall, pulled her pants down and started to fuck her right there in the hallway, all she could manage to do was pant and moan.

The third night he brought over leather restraints and handcuffs.

The fourth night he brought nipple clamps and a ball gag.

By the fifth night she no longer cared what he brought, just as long as he came and fucked her.  She need it so bad that nothing else seemed to matter.  

The mans cock slammed in to her pussy hard, breaking the rhythm and snapping Tammy back to the moment and she let out a hard moan as she blinked and focused on the camera again.

Another image flashed before her eyes, her standing in her bosses office, handing him her resignation.

Jack had written it up for her and she’d signed it with only his promise to fuck her after she did.  She’d signed the other paperwork as well, giving him control of her finances and a contract to work for his Internet cam site.

He’d kept his promise, tied her up, bound her completely and then fucked her until she was begging him to let her cum.  It was the last time he’d fucked her and the memory still sent shivers down her spine to her pussy.

The sudden removal of the tubes send blood rushing to her nipples and she cried out as she also felt the man’s hot cum enter her pussy.  Her orgasm crested and her body twitched several times before going limp and a smile crossing her face as she stared blankly in to the video camera.

When thought finally returned to her mind, the first one that crossed it was that perhaps, if she got enough followers, Jack would reward her and fuck her again.