I stared straight ahead, unable to look away, just as he had told me too as he setup the lights and camera.  I knew what was coming next, it wasn’t the first time and I knew it wouldn’t be the last unless I could find some way out of this mess.

But that would require figuring out exactly what kind of mess it was, I had to admit so far I’d come up empty.

A year ago, I’d been Cassandra Lopez, a rising star at Yale, darling of the professors, envy of the student body.

But here I was, kneeling on a bed, waiting to be fucked on camera for an Internet porn company.

I knew it was Thomas of course, that much was obvious as he setup the camera at the end of the bed.  But exactly how was still a mystery to me.

I’d met him in study group as they prepared for their year end project, he was a slacker and if not for his father’s money, would have been kicked out long ago.  He was in his 6th year of a 4 year program and didn’t seem interested in graduating any time soon.

The group was made up of 6 students and it turned out evenly divided between men and women.  For the first few weeks he’d goofed off, barely paying any attention to what the others were doing, but then one day he brought his laptop in and showed everyone a presentation.

I’d figured it would be some crappy first year argument or something, but it had turned out to be really interesting.  I couldn’t remember the details, but the entire group agreed they should pursue his ideas for their year end project.

Each time they met he’d have a new presentation ready and they’d go over it in great detail.  When it finally came time to present their project to the professor, Thomas had arranged for a private presentation between the six of them and the prof.

Since it had been his idea, they’d agreed to let him do all the talking and it was only a few minutes in that I knew something was wrong.  I couldn’t understand anything he was saying.

Well I could understand some of it, the simple things that didn’t seem to have anything to do with the project itself.  The professor seemed to be very skeptical of whatever he was saying and that’s when he turned to Jennifer, a pretty little blonde in our group and said “Suck the professors cock.”

He said it matter of factly and to her surprise I watched Jennifer walk over to the professor and kneel down, fishing his dick from his pants and giving him a blowjob right in the middle of the room.

I tried to move, to yell, to do anything but for some reasons I just stood there, doing nothing, saying nothing.

When Jennifer finished, or more accurately when the professor finished in Jennifer’s mouth, she stood back up and returned to where she had been.

Thomas and the professor spoke some more, I only managed to catch bits and pieces of the conversation.  He didn’t seem convinced of whatever it was they were discussing until finally Thomas turned to us again, looked straight at me and said “Strip and masturbate.”

My hand moved quickly to remove my clothing and then to plunge in to my pussy.  I moaned and cried out in pleasure as I came closer and closer to my orgasm until Thomas’ voice broke through once more.

“Don’t cum yet.  But keep going, you want to cum.”

My fingers quickened their pace, I cried out in need and pleasure and he let it go on and on.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes!  Yes please!  I want to!”

“You want to what?”

“I want to cum!”

“What will you do to cum?”

“Anything!  Anything you want!”

“Quit school?”

“Yes!  Fuck yes!  I’ll quite tomorrow.  No today!  Right now!  Professor I quit!  Please let me cum!”

“Well since your not a student any more, you need a job.  Will you work for me?”

“Yes!  Yes!  I’ll be your assistant, your maid, whatever you want just let me cum!”

“Assistant?  Maid?  Oh nothing so glamours I’m afraid.  I’ll tell you what, tell me you want to be my filthy Internet cam whore and you can cum.  How’s that?”

“Fuck yes!  I’ll be your filthy Internet cam whore!  I’ll be the dirties slut on the Internet!  Oh goooooodddddddd!!!!!!”  the massive orgasm washed over me and I collapsed on to the floor.

I didn’t remember much after that until I found myself in Thomas’ apartment a few hours later.  I found out later that he’d made a deal with the prof, a passing grade for Jennifer and Lily, the other girls in the study group.  I don’t know what happened to the other guys, but I doubt Thomas had any use for them.

The next day I filled out the paperwork to drop out of school and that night I’d started a show on one of the web cam sites.  

Within a few weeks I had a substantial following as, good to my word, I’d do anything the viewers asked.  Just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Thomas had made an appointment for me with a plastic surgeon.

A few weeks later I had two large round globes stuck to my chest and my audience double almost over night.

Thomas turned on the last of the lights smiled, “There we are, all set, right Sandi.”

It wasn’t a question, and I didn’t need to answer so I just smiled and nodded.

Thomas opened the door and in walked a man I knew from my cam show.  He was a regular but it was the first time I’d ever seen him in person and I tried not to wince.  He was fat and bald.  Far older then I was and he had a hungry look in his eye that I didn’t like.

But he handed Thomas an envelope and I knew the deal was done.

He walked over to the bed and undid his robe, letting it drop to the floor, his hair, sweaty body almost glistened in the lights.

“Oh baby, that looks so tasty.” I said and leaned over to the side of the bed, taking his balls in one hand and his hardening dick in the other.  I stroked it softly to life and smiled up at him, licking my lips.

“Are you going to fuck my dirtily little pussy with that big cock of yours?”

He smiled down at me and licked his lips, “Fuck no whore, I paid extra so I could be the first to fuck that tight little ass of yours!” he replied, grabbing a clump of my hair and twisting me around, pushing me down on to the bed, face first.

I pushed my ass up in to the air and he smacked it hard, “Oh god yes!  I’ve been waiting for a big man like you to come along and fuck my ass!  Don’t go easy on it!  Fuck it hard and fast, make me remember the first time you fucked my ass for the rest of my life!  Ruin me for everyone else!”

I felt his cock push up against my sphincter and I tried to push back in to him, but his hands were firmly on my ass and he held me in place, instead pushing slowly in to me.  I cried out in pain and pleasure as he went deeper and deeper until I finally felt his overhanging gut push up against my ass cheeks.

I opened my eyes wide, and formed my lips in to a perfect ‘O’ an then turned to the camera, letting out a cry of pleasure.

“Yes!  Yes!  Fuck your dirty whore’s ass!  Fuck it good babyyyyy!”

He pushed in and out of my ass several times before he lost control and squired his cum in to my ass and I came as well.  The camera picked up my eyes rolling back in to my head, every twitch of my body as the pleasure coursed through me.

I turned my ass towards the camera and lay there, letting his cum drip out until finally Thomas turned the camera and lights off.

He let me lay there a while and I tried to think back to how it had all started so I could figure out how to undo whatever he had done, but just like each time I tied to figure it out, soon my fingers had found my pussy and the only thought that stayed in my mind was that I hoped Thomas would return soon so he would let me cum.  

The one thing I had figured out was that the only way I could cum was with either a dick inside of me or with Thomas’ permission.  And since the man from my show was no longer here, that meant Thomas was my only option.

I moaned out loud as my fingers played with my clit, hopefully Thomas would hear and maybe if I was lucky, he’d tell me how good of Internet cam whore I had become before he let me cum again.