Tracey held he mug in front of her, the coffee long ago had gone cold, but she remained perfectly still none the less.

“Honey where are you?” Paul’s voiced echoed through the house but she didn’t respond.

Finally, he walked in to the kitchen and saw here standing there, “There you are, I forgot all about the coffee I asked for.  Well it will be cold now, just dump it out in the sink.”

Tracey continued to remain motionless as she heard his footsteps draw closer.


As always, she wanted to respond by hitting him over the head with the mug, but she knew it wouldn’t happen and as she’d been frozen in place for a t least twenty minutes, she knew he’d done… something with that damned remote.

His hand flashed before her eyes and then he let out a chuckle before slapping her ass hard, “Huh… must have hit the pause button by accident.  Now where did I put that thing.” he said before heading back out of the kitchen.

She could hear him rummaging through the house, she was she he was making a mess of it, something he’d certainly be telling her to do something about later.

Her frustration grew, until finally his exclamation, “Bingo!”, echoed through the house.

A minute later he reentered the kitchen, and pointed the remote right at her, pressing a button.

“Or maybe I should have said ‘Bimbo!’” he said out loud and chuckled as she felt her body free up and dutiful carry out the last command he’d given her, pouring the cold coffee out in to the sink.

The she turned and smiled, “*giggle* Like that’s totally right!  I’m, like, a bimbo!”, her sing song voice echoed through the kitchen.

He pressed another button and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.  She tried desperately not to get lost in it, not to succumb to the euphoria yet again, but she knew it was a losing battle.

He stepped in close and reached behind her, grabbing her ass, the ass he’d given her with the remote and it sent more pleasure through her.

Her lips parted and she moaned as his thumb ran over her glossy pillows that were stuck to her face.  The pleasure was too much and her body was on automatic pilot now, she wrapper her lips around his thumb and sucked it in to her mouth.

He pulled her in tight and the contact with his body intensified the pleasure even more, sending her eyes rolling back in to her head as he pulled his thumb out of her mouth and inserted his tongue instead.

Her body reacted on its own when he pushed her back towards the counter and spun her around.  Her hands reached out and steadied herself as her legs parted and he pulled down her panties.

She bent over and placed her large tits against the marble of the counter, the cool surface causing her nipples to harden even more than they had from the pleasure.

She felt the tip of his dick push up against her pussy and her body tried to push back, to drive him in to her, but his hand on her ass held her firmly in place and he stroked her outer lips with his dick, nearly sending her over the edge.

“Oh god… please…”

“Please what?”

“Please… Paul… fuck me!”

He stroked her pussy lips a few more times, “Fuck you?  Is that how you ask?”

She was so close, but still knew what he wanted.  He’d told her soon after the first time he’d used the remote, that one day it wouldn’t be necessary.  That after enough training, she’d willing be his horny bimbo slut.  Eager to suck and fuck him any time, any where.

She hadn’t believed him at first of course, the remote could do a lot of things but she’d eventually get away from him.  But then, slowly, he’d started to change how it worked.  Working her up in to a heat and then getting her to say and do things she normally wouldn’t.

Even now, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she didn’t have to say the words but the pleasure was too great, too addictive, to resist.

“Like fuck your bimbo slut baby!  Totally use me for your pleasure!”

As the words came out of her mouth she felt him push in to her and she cried out in pleasure as she stroked in and out of her.  Soon her orgasms started to crest, one after another until there was nothing left but the pleasure.

When she managed to life her head off the counter, from the puddle of drool that had collected under it, she felt his cum running down her inner thigh and she collapsed back against the cupboards in a fit of giggles.