Vicky positioned her camera and took the selfie, then she double checked to make sure the doll was visible on the shelf behind her.

She hated the doll.  No she loved the doll.  Maybe she hated and loved the doll at the same time, she just wasn’t really sure any more.

She’d had it for several months now, it had shown up in the mailbox just after graduation, no return address and no postage.  It was all so strange, but since she was home alone for the foreseable future, she was in charge and so she’d opened the package.

The curvy anime doll seemed so childish to her at the time, but as she felt it’s plastic form in her hands, something stopped her from throwing it out, instead putting it on the shelf above her bed.

It looked so out of place there, the math text books and physics books that filled her shelves seemed to recoile from it’s presence, but there was just something about it that caught her eye each night before bed and soon she found herself looking at it each morning as well.

Her parents had left her in charge of the apartment when they’d gone on a year long journey “to find themselves” now that she had graduated and she really didn’t understand what that meant, but at least she had the place to herself.

Over the next few weeks she had started to compare herself to the doll, her brown hair, small bust and lack of curves that she had never really thought about before, suddenly seemed… wrong… somehow.

Her hair wast he first thing she had changed, going a few shades lighter.  Then she’d started to change her makeup as well.  And as the weeks progressed, more and more of the books on her shelf were replaced with other dolls and trinkets, until finally the last one had been put in a box and taken down to storage.

Those had been the easy changes, the gym was harder and the plastic surgeon harder still.  But each time she’d made a change a little tingle of pleasure ran down her spine and wormed it’s way in to her pussy.

She hated the doll, she loved the doll, would she ever be as perfect as the doll?

She bit her lip and pushed her tits out, snapping another photo.

She wasn’t sure why she’d been taking the photos, she had quite the collection of them now, each one documenting another change she had made.  She set her phone down and truned to the shelf, her fingers reaching out tentivly towards the doll, their tips just making contact with it’s plastic bust, sending a wave of pleasure through her.

Were her tits as bit as the ones on it?  Were they as plastic?  Was she as plastic?

How could she know?  Who would tell her if she was?

A sudden image flashed in to her mind… John… followed by a small orgasm as her lips curled in to a smile and she giggled.

Vicky grabbed the doll and rushed out of the appartment to the elevator, heading up 3 floors and then down the hall to John’s apartment.

She knocked quickly, repeatedly on the door until John finally answered.

“Oh, hi Vicky, come on it.  What can I do for you?” he said with a knowning smile on his face.

She held out the doll in front of her and shook it slightly, “Am I as good as this doll John?” she said, jiggling her tits from side to side and wiggling her ass as well.

“Well, what do you mean as good?”

“You know, as pretty, as fake, as plastic!”

“Well…” he replied, reaching out and squeeing her tits, “these are pretty fake and plastic.”

She coed in appreaciation as he turned her around and grabbed her ass, “And so is this…”

She squealed as he slapped her enhanced ass and then pushed back against him.

“But, I don’t think you’re quite as good as that doll quite yet.”

“I… I… I’m… not?” she said, her bottom lip quivering.

“Nope, but I can help you with that if you like.”

“You can!?  Yes!  Yes!  Please John, help me!”

“Ok, but to be as good as that doll, your head is going to have to be just as empty as it’s is.  Nothing in there but an empty space, your fake plastic body just waiting to be played with.  A perfect plastic anime doll.”

“Yes John… make me a perfect anime doll!”

“And not just any anime doll, a henti anime sex doll.  A giggling little plastic sex doll that begs to be used in every way possible.”

She felt John’s hand wiggle it’s way down to her pussy and his fingers push in to her, she giggle and cried out in joy as her body was used, “Yes!  Yes!  Finger your perfect plastic sex doll!  Make it cum!  Make it cuuuuummmmmm!!!!!!!”

Vicky’s head flew backwards as the orgasm rocked her, she was finally being played with like the perfect plastic sex doll that she was.