Haley was sick and tired of the mess Donald left in the kitchen each morning.  Cereal all over the place, milk spilled on the counter, the carton still sitting by the bowl!

If she wasn’t about to divorce him and take him for half of everything she would have chewed him out when he got home.  But she had a meeting with her lawyer later and so it wasn’t really worth it.

She grabbed a paper towel and wiped up some of the milk, as it soaked through, the wet towel seemed to tingle on her fingers.  She held up the towel in front of her face and sniffed at it, a sweat smell entering her nostrils before she put her face in to the towel and her lips came in to contact with the milk that it had absorbed.

Without thinking she sucked at the towel and crawled up on to the counter, she dropped the towel when she’d gotten all she could from it and looked down at the half empty bowl and scooped up a spoon full and her body tingled all over.  Without hesitation she grabbed the milk carton and started to drink it down, the milk spilling out from the sides of her mouth as she felt a warmth spread throughout her body.

She gasped and pulled the carton away from her mouth, setting it down on to the counter as the changes started to take hold of her, her small breasts pushing the thin material of her top out, her hair lightening and flowing down her shoulders, her waist tightening and her skin becoming soft and perfect.

She looked up just in time to see Donald walk back in to the kitchen, “But… but… work…?” she managed to stutter out and she felt a fog roll in to her mind.

“Oh work can wait a bit, I’ve already told them I’ll be late today honey.”

“Ho…n…ey?” she managed to get out before her eyes roll back in to her head and she lost all ability to speak.

“That’s right, you’re my little honey bun.  A giggly little sex kitten that just loves performing for her man.  Not another thought in that empty little head of yours but how best to keep your man happy.  And I… am… your… man.”

Donald grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in, kissing her deeply as the orgasm crashed over her sending waves of pleasure all over her body.

Donald walked in to the kitchen and smiled.

“Like hiya baby!  Do you want some cereal?” Haley asked as she extended the spoonful of cereal that was about enter her mouth towards him, milk dribbling down her chin and tits.

“But look at the mess you’ve made?” he said and stepped towards her, taking the spoon from her hand and setting it in the bowl, then leaning down and licking the milk from between her tits.

Haley coed and pulled his head in tightly to her cleavage, “I’m sorry!  I’ll help clean it up!”

He pulled back and pulled her off of the counter and she leaned over and started to lick up the milk as she stuck her ass out.  Donald looped his thumbs under the edges of her panties and pulled them down, brining his dick up to her dripping pussy and pushing in.

Haley rocked back and forth, taking his dick in to her with each push backward and licking up more milk with each pull forward until she felt him cum inside of her and she cried out in ecstasy as she came hard for him.

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