Thandi wrapped her arm around her sister and consoled the weeping girl, “Come on now Trisha, dry up those eyes, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I… ugh… I… ugh… know… b… bu… but…”

Thandi shook her head slightly and rubbed her sisters shoulder, “I told you he was an asshole when you started dating him… and when you got engaged… and when you married him.  You didn’t listen then, but now you know better.”

“I’m… sorry Thandi, I sh.. sh… should have listen to you.” Trisha said, using the tissue to dry her eyes and holding back any more tears.

“There, there.  That’s better.  Now I know a fine divorce lawyer we can go see tomorrow and soon enough you’ll be enjoying a brand new life.”

“Th… thanks sis, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Trisha said and stood up, heading towards the washroom.

“Good idea, get cleaned up and we can order some dinner.” Thandi said as she watched her sister head down the hallway.

Thandi shook her head again and half smiled, when Trisha had started dating Kevin, she knew he was just a geek.  Oh, a rich geek, a brilliant geek no doubt, but still just a geek.

Trisha was way out of his league and she’d never figured out what she saw in him, but Thandi had no doubt that it wouldn’t last.  Though she had to admit that it had lasted longer than she had expected when they’d announced the wedding.

In the end though, it had worked out better.  Kevin hadn’t asked for a pre-nup and that meant that Trisha was going to get 50% of everything Kevin had, and that would set her sister up for life.  And if her sister needed a little bit of help managing all that money, well, Thandi would always be there for her.  After all, that’s what sisters were for wasn’t it?

“Hey Trisha, what do you feel like, Chinese or Pizza?” she called out.

“Pizza sound good…” came the meek voice from the bathroom.

Thandi picked up the phone and ordered the usual from the pizza place and then headed to the kitchen to get some plates.

Trisha had arrived a little while ago, tears in here eys, blubbering about something Kevin had done.  At first she couldn’t get it out of her, but eventually she managed to pry it loose, she’d found Kevin cheating on her with one of the neighbours.

Thandi had to admit that it was the last thing she expected, he wasn’t what anyone would consider a ladies man, but she guessed bored housewives had low standards.  It didn’t really matter, Trisha had snapped a photo with her camera and that would seal his fate when her friend from school, now a high priced divorce lawyer, got through with him.

Thandi flopped back on the couch and turned on the TV, scrolling through NetFlix until she found something to watch while the pizza was delivered.

Thandi licked her fingers after the last piece of crust entered her mouth and swallowed, looking over at her sister she smiled, “So, feel better with a full stomach?”

“You bet.” Trisha replied with a half grin that almost looked like a smile.

Thandi licked her finger again and the stared at the tip of it, a small black spot on it.  She frowned and picked at it with a finger nail but whatever it was didn’t seem to want to come off, but instead it seemed to be spreading.

She rubbed it hard, but still it refused to leave.  She looked over at Trisha, “Hey… what is…” she managed to get out before noticing several black dot’s all over Trisha’s face, “Trisha!”

Trisha’s face was full of panic as she turned to Thandi, “I know… what’s happening?!” she managed to get out before several of the dots merged together and her eyes went wide.

Thandi looked down at her hand and saw her own skin was covered in dots, growing quickly towards each other until they finally met and she found herself unable to move.

Locked in position, she watched the black dots grow and grow until her entire hand was covered in them, she couldn’t feel it or anything, but she knew the blackness covered her arms, body, legs and face.

Then, she felt something wriggle it’s way in to her mind and everything went black as she felt her body collapse back on to the couch.

Thandi was floating in a black voice, but that wasn’t what concerned her.  What concerned her was that no matter how she turned her head, she couldn’t see her body.  She felt like it was there, just like she felt like she could “see” around her, even though it was all black.

“Hello Thandi.” a voice echoed through the blackness.

Thandi looked around but couldn’t tell where the voice had come from.

“Nothing to say?  That isn’t like you Thandi.” the voice came again but this time she recognized it.

“Kevin!  You bastard, where are you!” she screamed, trying to swing a punch but not knowing if her arms moved or not.

A chuckled echoed all around her, “Not here, that’s for sure.”

“Not here… where’s here?  And if you’re not here, how can I hear you!”

“Well, that’s a little harder to explain.  You see ‘here’ doesn’t actually exists.  Here is just a figment of your imagination as the nanobots work on your body.”

A shiver ran down Thandi’s spine, or at least it would have if she could see it.  Kevin had been talking about nanobots since the first day she’d met him, but it was the stuff of science fiction, no something she had taken seriously.

“But… how are you…”

“Talking to you?  I’m not.  This is just a little program I added to the nanobots to keep your mind busy while they work.  They’re recording it so I can watch it later, once they’re done.”

“Done?  Done what exactly?”

“You know, you have been against Trisha and I since the beginning, but I never let it bother me and I hoped Trisha didn’t take any mind of it either.  But lately she had started to pull back, asking more and more questions about why I was ‘working late’ all the time and I could tell she didn’t believe me even though I was telling the truth.

Of course when she walked in on my final test of the nanobots on our neighbour, well, I knew exactly where she would run off too.

Paying off the pizza guy was easy enough, especially with how badly you usually tip him, so getting the nanobots in to your system wasn’t a problem.”

“But that didn’t answer my question!”

“Well, that’s true, but I’m getting to that.  Ah good, they’ve spread through you entire brain, no going back now I’m afraid.

You see, you’ve been right all along, I am a geek.  I love all kinds of old geeky things, but I like new shiny geeky things too, so I figured why not combine the two together.”

Thandi ‘felt’ her entire body flinch as the nanobots completed spreading through her mind and then suddenly words appear in the blackness before her.  She watched thousands of lines of incomprehensible code scroll by as it entered her mind rewriting her past, present and future.

Suddenly the text stopped scrolling, though she could still feel it flowing in to her, like a buffer was still unsporting the changes in to her.  A few lines at the bottom stood out from the rest.




Thandi felt the last of the text empty in to her and the blackness exploded in light.

TANDY rinsed the cup under the tap as TRS80 checked the dinner in the oven behind her.  TANDY heard the door close and TRS80 walk up beside her, taking the cup from her hand and drying it with a towel before putting it away.

Then, TANDY and TRS80 stood in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for the next command to execute.

A moment latter a new program was received:

10  GO TO LivingRoom
20  OPEN OralAccessPort
30  INPUT Cock
40  WHILE Cock = Hard
50     LIPS  = Closed
60     MOUTH = Suck
80     MOUTH = Blow
70     LIPS  = Open
90  NEXT
100 INPUT Cum
120 END

TANDY stepped forward, executing each command in order as TRS80 followed behind her, running her own program for their owner.

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