“Uuuhhh… wwwhhhaats… haaaapppeeennning?” Taylor slurred as the fog slowly lifted from her mind.  

She slowly turned her head from side to side, the bright sunlight streaming through the window causing her to squint even more than the grogginess that still hung over her.

Then she looked down and gasped, at least as much as she could with her waist constrained by the black and pink corset wrapped around her.  She brought her hands up to touch it, their latex covered digits insulating her from the feel of the metal clasps.

“That’s right Taylor, wakey wakey.” her husbands voiced called out from across the room, she raised her head and turned to where his voice had emanated.

“David… what… my body…” she stammered out, the confusion still swirling around in her mind, her thoughts still on her outfit and the body that was stuffed in to it.

It wasn’t the body she remembered having the last time she could remember.  Then her body had been a bit over weight, many might say pudgy and her skin had been marked with years of severe acne.  And that said nothing about her normally short brown hair that now seemed to be jet black and flow over her shoulders.

“Yes, quite the improvement don’t you agree?” he replied, holding up a small black remote and pointing it at her, then depressing a button.

“Improooooooooooohhhhhhh….” she cried out as the corset tightened even more around her waist.  Before she could recover he pressed another button and she watched her already large breasts inflate, pulling themselves up her body and become two large round globes that appeared to be stuck on to her chest.

“That’s even better though, you were just having too much trouble twirling those pasties before.  And to be honest, I do love what comes next.”

“Next…” she managed to get out before he pressed a third button and she felt a wave of dizziness crash in to her mind.  

Her eyes rolled back in to her head as her mouth opened and let out a moan of pleasure as her mind was assaulted by the device and an orgasm crashed over her.

Finally a smiled crossed her lips and a wicked look crossed her eyes as she stared at David, “Mmmmm… thanks baby, that felt so goooooood.” she said huskily as she liked her lips.

Without thinking about it she swayed her chest to one side, then slightly down, then right and slightly up as the pasties started to spin in circles.

“Ah yes, that’s much better, you’ve got those things twirling just right.  Now keep them going while I finish watching the game.”

“Yes sir, your custom tailored sex doll is happy to please you in any way you wish.” she replied, a wave of pleasure washing over her as her owners compliment settled in to her mind and she looked forward to the next command he gave her.