“The devil made me do it!”

I see your still around, looking for another tale of false accusations from those fortunate enough to have met me?

Well you’d think that with all of the sports stars these days that I would have made many a deal with them, it in reality I have very little to do with them, too many prayers to the guy upstairs for my liking.

But that doesn’t mean that once in a while one of them calls upon me for help, take Brittany for example…

Brittany swung the 9 iron with all she had and watched the ball rise in to the air, then take turn to the right as it drifted towards the water, landing with a splug just a few feet from the bank.

“God damn it!” she exclaimed, not too loudly though as there were spectators around, even for a group that well well off the pace.  She looked over to her caddy and motioned for another ball, he started to pull out the 8 iron but she gave him a cold stare and he pushed it back in to the bag with a shrug before tossing her a ball.

The second swing was worse than the first and she finally relented, taking the proffered 8 iron and making it on to the green on the third swing before posting a 8 on the par 3 hole.

Brittany stormed out of the club house and towards her car, she’d missed another cut and even her family’s money wouldn’t be able to get her many more sponsor’s exemptions at the rate she was going.

She pressed her key fob and her Mercedes Benz beep twice as she approached, that’s when she saw the man standing just in front of it.

“Sorry, no time for autographs.” she said curtly as the man uncrossed his arms and smiled.

“Good, I’m not here for one.” he replied and she felt like the air temperature had just dropped by 30 degrees.

“What… what do you want?  Who… who are you?” she hesitated as he took a step forward.

“I’m the first one God dammed, at your service.”

The chill in the air seeped in to every crevice of her being as she realized who was standing in front of her.

“And as for what I want, well, that’s more like what is it that you want?”

Her mind raced, the Devil was standing before her asking her what she wanted and she knew without a doubt it was real.

Then her lips curled upwards slightly as her mind settled, “I want to be at every event on the tour.” she replied.

“I can arrange that, for your soul of course.” he said, extending his hand.

She hesitated only for an instant before taking it in her own and felt his power flow up her arm and wash over her.

She closed her eyes only for a second, but when she opened them he was gone.

Brittany sipped at her drink at the bar in the hotel, out once more from the tournament, she began to wonder if she’d imagine the meeting with the Devil, after all she hadn’t been playing any better.  She’d used up her last sponsors exemption this weekend and she had no prospects to getting in to next weeks event.

That’s when she felt a hand on her shoulder, “Hey Brittany.  Tough day.” Kim’s voice floated in to her ear.

Brittany turned and smiled as best she could; Kim was a veteran on tour, a future hall of famer, and a obvious lesbian.

“Yea, tough day all right.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

Brittany was about to say no when she heard her own voice say yes.  She blinked but before she could gather her wits, Kim sat down beside her and ordered two drinks.

Two turned in to 2 more, in to three more and soon enough Brittany was sloshed enough to not even care when Kim placed her hand on her thigh.  Or when she leaned in and whispered in to her ear that she was cute.

Brittany giggled and touched Kim’s hand and then blushed as a warmth washed over her.  Kim stood up, wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her out of the bar towards Kim’s room, whispering in her ear how much fun they were going to have.

Brittany woke up to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, her head pounded and her mouth felt fuzzy.  She smacked her lips several times and then reach in the corner of her mouth and pulled out a small black hair.

Her eyes widened and the previous night flooded back to her, Kim’s pussy in front of her face, her tongue extended out licking at it.  Then her face buried in it, pleasuring Kim with everything she had.

The sound of the shower snapping off brought her back to the moment and she turned to watch Kim exit the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her as she smiled right at Brittany.

“Finally awake my little eager beaver?” Kim said and Brittany just stared, slack jawed at her.

“Why don’t you hang out today while I play and when I get back we can have some more fun?”

She wanted to say no, but her head just nodded in response as Kim tossed the towel back in to the bathroom and started to dress.

She managed to roll out of bed and get to the bathroom before Kim could say anything else and she stayed there until she heard the room door close.

Brittany drove down the road, heading to the next city on tour, Kim’s words after the final round echoing through her mind.

“Why don’t you come to the next tour stop, I have some friends that would love to see you.”

She’d agreed before she even knew what was happening and then had left pretty much right away.  She’d already book a room at the same hotel as most of the players stayed at and just thinking of seeing Kim again had her pussy buzzing.

The thing was though that she wasn’t a lesbian, or bi-sexual, even in the slightest.  Until that night in the bar, she’d never had even the slight inclination to sleep with another woman.

But now she found herself racing to whole other city just to meet up with Kim once more.

She arrived and checked in, then texted Kim, knowing she wouldn’t arrive until the next day, but wanting to let her know her room number.

The response came back quickly, “Great, wear something sexy for me.”

Brittany almost panicked with the realization she didn’t have much other than golf attire in her bag and so she headed out of the hotel to do some shopping.

Brittany licked at the pussy in front of her, it wasn’t Kim’s but she didn’t care.  Kim was behind her, the strap on buried deep in her pussy as she licked at Kim’s friend.

It wasn’t the first time she’d licked one of Kim’s friends to orgasm and she doubted it would be the last, even this week.

She felt Kim’s hand land on her bare ass, “God your such a slut Brittany.  You know that why I keep you around right?”

Brittany licked faster and pushed her face in to the pussy in front of her, Kim’s words sending waves of pleasure through her.

It wasn’t the first time she’d heard them, but the effect was the same each time.

She felt the woman in front of her spasm and cum and Brittany came too as Kim pushed hard in to her one last time.

Brittany looked back over her shoulder, her tiny green plaid skirt kicking up in the breeze as her tits nearly hung out of her cut off top.

She smiled at Kim and the two other pro’s that had joined them for a practice round before the weekend tournament started.

She stepped over to her ball and chipped it well past the hole.

“Opps!  I missed again!”

The three woman smiled as each putted in easily and Brittany putted well by, taking 4 strokes before sinking the ball.

“Darn it.  So who’s turn is it now?” Brittany asked.

One of the pros raised her hand and Brittany bounced over to her, flipped the woman’s skirt up and lapped at her pussy for several minutes as they drove to the next hole.

Brittany watched Kim drive off, a stunned looked on her face as her lover for the last several months left after the last event of the season, returning to her “husband” for the off season.

Brittany looked at her own car for just a second before she saw the Devil standing by it.

“You!” she called over to him and stormed towards him in her towering heels.

“You cheated me!” she said accusingly.

“Really?  How so?”

“I haven’t played a single tournament in months!”

“True, but how is that cheating you?”

“Our deal…”

“Our deal was, and I quote, ‘I want to be at every event on the tour.’, and have you not been at every event?”

“Well… but… that’s not what I wanted!”

“You didn’t want to be passed around as an eager little pussy licker?  Hmmm, I’m shocked.  And yet, you were at each and every event on the tour weren’t you?  Right there, between one of their thighs, licking away until they came all over your face.”

She stood there, slack jawed and without any rebuttal, “But… but… but… why am I doing that?  I don’t understand!”

“Well, you weren’t going to get to every event on your skills, so I had to improvise a bit.  I got rid of those pesky inhibitions you had and loosened up your judgement a bit and well Kim was easy enough to push in your direction, after all I already have her soul.”

Brittany’s head spun as he laid it out for her, he had kept his end of the bargain and there was no way out of the deal.

“What’s going to happen now?”

“Well, that’s up to you.  You have a few months before the next season starts, you can wait for Kim to come back then or maybe find another pro that would find your tongue pleasurable.”

Kim shivered as the pleasure raced over her, just the thought of pleasuring one of the pro’s made her pussy wet.

“Or, perhaps you’d like to make another deal?” he said, his icy grin sending a chill down her spin.

“NO!” she almost shouted.  He already had her soul, she didn’t want to think about what he might take from her for a second deal.

“Then good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well next season on tour with the players.”

I watched her drive away, I could already tell she’d wait for Kim, at least for next year.  When Kim retired, she’d have to find another pro of course, but for as long as she wanted to be on the tour, I’m sure she’ll find herself someone willing to take her on.

Of course, that’s the rub, a small detail I didn’t think worth mentioning, all she has to do is to stop wanting to be on the tour and she’ll find herself back to normal.

I wonder how long it will take her to figure out?

Will it be before I collect her soul, or will she go to her grave eagerly licking the pussy of those she once so desperately wanted to be?

Perhaps, if I remember, I’ll ask her when I next see her in hell.  But more likely she’ll just be another footnote in a thick book of more interesting souls.