Karen looked over at Wilbur’s wrinkled brow and smiled, he was clearly unhappy and that was the best news she’d had in months.

His eyes were fixed on the bandage just above her left breast, it hadn’t been there a few hours ago when she’d gone out “shopping”, or at least that’s what she’d told him she was doing.  In fact she had gone straight to the tattoo parlor and had the work done, on his credit card no less.

“Is that what I think it is?” he finally asked, his voice slow and purposeful as he tried to hold back his anger.

“What?  This?” she replied, playing Innocent as best she could.

“Yes, that!”

“Oh, it’s just a little tattoo, nothing to concern yourself with.” she replied and watched his face twist in to a barely contained rage before she turned and headed up to the bedroom and her large walk in closet with the bags from the stores.  She’d bough several new low cut outfits that would show off the tattoo quite well, along with her cleavage of course.

She almost laughed out loud as her heels clicked on each step, but contained herself.  It was the happiest moment in her marriage to Wilbur, well, since before her marriage to him if she was honest.

Their marriage was one of connivance, she was the poor but beautiful arm candy that the rich older Wilbur trotted out in front of all his friends.  They both new it, both had agreed to it, if not in so many words and for the last few years, both had been quite happy with the arrangement.

But Karen had started to grow tired of it lately, there were only so many dresses and jewels you could buy before they lost their charm and now she realized she wanted out of the deal.  Unfortunately the pre-nup was iron clad, if she left him, she got nothing.  On the other hand if he left her, assuming she wasn’t cheating on him of course, she’d get a nice little nest egg that would let her live out the rest of her days in comfort.

And so, the tattoo.  Wilbur hated them, he hated even minor imperfections, it was one of the reasons he’d pursued her in the first place.  She had nearly flawless skin and he’d spent many hours caressing and admiring it since they first started dating.

She had been a little surprised the pre-nup hadn’t had some kind of clause in it to let him out of the marriage if her skin was damaged, but among his few faults was that he was too trusting of women.

She stood in front of her full length mirror and set the bags down, then carefully pealed away the bandage, the angry red colour of her skin around the single word made it look worse than it was.  Reading it backward in the mirror, she silently mouthed the letters; L, o, v, e.

A double edged knife for Wilbur to consider.  First the tattoo that marked her skin and second the absurdity of the sentiment as to their relationship.

She applied some of the cream from the tattooist and the place the bandage back over it before heading back downstairs for dinner.

Karen frowned, she was wearing a low cut red top that exposed almost all of her breasts, and clearly highlighted her tattoo, but Wilbur wasn’t taking the bate.

Oh, he’d been clearly angry for the first few days, but after that he seemed to return to normal and didn’t even comment on it.

Wilbur had abstained for those first few nights, but after that things resumed their normal schedule, even if he had avoid the tattoo itself.

Perhaps she’d misjudged him, she smirked at her own doubt.  No, she hadn’t misjudged him, she just hadn’t gone far enough.  Tomorrow she’d visit that tattooist again.

Karen heard something hit the wall as she sashayed her way up the stairs.  Wilbur had stormed off to his study as soon as he’d seen the bandage covering her lower back.

She knew she’d finally gotten to him and paused on the stairs for a moment to listen in to anything else she might here.

Then she heard the words she’d been waiting for, “Johnson?  Get the paperwork ready and let’s get this done, I don’t care how much it costs!”

She almost jumped for joy, Johnson was his lawyer and that could only mean he wanted the divorce papers drawn up.

She started backup the stairs and started to think about where she would move to afterwards, she heard good things about Miami these days.

Karen laid in bed on her stomach as Wilbur read from his tablet, the bandage had come off yesterday. Wilbur could clearly see the “tramp stamp” she’d had tattooed at the small of her back, one of his favorite places to nuzzle, and the reason she’d had it done.

Finally he set the tablet on the night stand and then she heard him open the draw to get his pills.  But instead of hearing him take the glass of water from the nightstand, she felt a prick in her left ass cheek followed by a warmth emanating out from it.

“What… oh… Wilbur?” she managed to get out as she turned her head towards him and her eyes grew heavy.

“Don’t worry Karen, everything will be just fine.” he said as he placed the expended needle on to the nightstand and her eyes refused to stay open, blackness engulfing her.

Karen woke up and felt like she’d been hit by a mack truck.  Her head pounded and she realized she was propped up on some kind of vertical gurney but was strapped in tightly.

She managed to twist her lips to form words as she looked around the room, “Ugh… what’s going on?” she asked but there was no one there to respond.

Taking stalk of the room, she realized she was in some kind of hospital.  The white walls, spare furniture and a few medical monitors left no doubt.

That’s when the image of Wilbur holding the needle popped in to her head and she screamed, “Wilbur!!!!”

As she continued to cry out a string of profanities, a single man in a white coat entered the room.

He patiently waited for her to finish before speaking, “Are you quite finished?”

She stared at him in disbelief, he was calm and clearly expecting her behaviour.  She screamed some more.

When she finished, “I didn’t think so, how about now?” was all he asked while he checked his watch.

She slumped her shoulders, “Y… yes.” she replied meekly.

“Good, now then you have some questions that I can answer.  You have others that I cannot, but I’m sure those will be answered in time as well.”

“Where am I?”

“Your in my clinic, located, well lets just say, somewhere private.”

“Your clinic?  Who are you?”

“I’m Doctor Michaels.  You have been in my care for several days now.”

“Days?  But…”

“Yes, we’ve keep you sedated while things have healed up.”

“Healed?  What’s have you done?” she said, panic creeping in to her voice.

“Ah, you haven’t noticed your hair then?”

She flicked her hair instinctively, but didn’t feel it brush up against her.

“We’ve had to shave it off to install the receiver, but don’t worry, it will grow back.”


“Yes, it receives signals from this.” he said, holding up a tablet, “Let me demonstrate.”

He pressed a button and her growing panic quickly subsided, instead turning in to hunger as her stomach growled.

“You see, we can effect what your feeling with the receiver and tablet.  It’s going to be used over the next few days to give you a new perspective on your relationship with Wilbur.”

“Wilbur!  That asshole did this?”

“Of course not, I’ve done this.  Wilbur certainly doesn’t have the technical knowledge of skills to do this!  But I suppose you did Wilbur pay me to do this?  In that case yes.”

A new string of curses came from between her lips, or at least the did for a few seconds until the doctor pressed a button on the tablet and her voice fell silent, fear gripping her mind at the thought of speaking out in front of someone.

“Now then, Wilbur had some specific instructions, which is why I’m even talking to you quiet honestly, so lets get started.”

The doctor stepped out of the room for a moment and the returned with a full length mirror on wheels and placed it in front of her.

It was the first time she could see herself, or at least the bandages covering most of her head and hands along with the plain white hospital gown covering her body.

He stood between her and the mirror and tapped the tablet once more, a sudden fear of the light came over her and she shut her eyes tightly.  She felt him start to remove the bandages from her hands and head, then the gown from her body until she was sure she was naked in front of him.

She heard him step to the side and tap the tablet, the fear dissipating as quickly as it had come and she opened her eyes, a gasp escaping her lips at what she saw.

Her body was covered in tattoos, from head to toe.

Her face was had several words on it, across her forehead was “Whore”, the letters “C” and “M” at each side of her mouth with the letter “U” wrapped around it.  Her lips were bright red, but when she licked them she couldn’t feel as lipstick and realized they too were tattooed.  She looked closely at her eyes, the dark “makeup” around them she knew would never smudge and the two pencil lines where here eyebrows were left her no doubt about them either.

She scanned down to her torso, the “Love” tattoo was still above her left breast, but on the right breast was a simple “I”, below her breasts was the word “to” and just above her pussy was the word “Fuck”.

Just above her areola on her left breast was the word “Twist” and on her right breast was “Suckle”

She looked down at her legs, both had a pair of black fishnet stockings tattooed on to them, including all the way to her feet and toes.  At the top of the stockings were elaborate bows in bright red.

Her arms from about the mid point of her upper arm, and her hands were covered in solid black all the way down to her finger tips.  She realized that even under her finger nails was black down.

She wanted to scream, but before she could the doctor held the tablet up to her face, an image of her laying face down was on it so she could see back.  Much like the “I Love to Fuck” on her front, on her back was a tattoo that said “I Love Anal Too”.

On each ass cheek was a pair of words, “Slap Here”.

She opened her mouth once more but the fear was still there and words refused to come to her, not that she knew enough profanities to express her horror at her own reflection.

“Wilbur want me to read a message to you before we started the rest of the work:”

Dear Karen,

I am truly disappointed that you defiled your beautiful body just to try and get me to divorce you.  Such a waste, but as you well know, I don’t believe in doing things half way so I’ve decided to help you complete your work.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the results and I’m sure you’re not happy with them, but the good doctor assures me you soon will be.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your stay at the clinic, I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching the video after your delivered back home.


Karen stared at herself in the mirror and didn’t really noticed the doctor leave, but she did hear him return, pushing a cart in front of him.

On the cart was a laptop, a set of VR goggles, headphones and some equipment she didn’t recognize.

He lifted the goggles up and tried to place them on her head, but she thrashed from side to side until he finally put them down and picked up the tablet instead.  A tap on the tablet sent her body stiff with fear as everything crashed down on her at once.

With his second attempt, she stayed perfectly still as he placed the goggles and headphones on to her head, her world going dark and silent.

Then, with a burst of light and sounds a wave of calmness washed over her as the machine started to do it’s work.

Wilbur walked in to Karen’s old closet and smiled, the new Karen stood perfectly still, the black latex that covered her contrasting with the stark empty white space that used to house the things she held most precious.

He step over to her and squeezed her tits through the shiny material, it’s flawless surface glimmering in the bright lights he’d installed.

“K, execute program 3.” he said and she came to life, walking over to the white dresser and opening a draw, taking another outfit from it as he walked back to the bedroom.

He sat down in the chair and waited.  He’d probably spent more on the clinic that it would have cost to simply divorce her, but he loathed to see a crime go unpunished, and her defiling of her body certainly qualified as a crime in his book.

It had been remarkable easy for her to disappear, his friends assumed he’d sent her back to whatever trailer park he’d found her in and her friends assumed he’d paid her off and she’d gone to live somewhere better than the trailer park they lived in.

He looked up and saw Karen walk out, a new latex outfit on, her tits hanging out of the front but her face still completely covered.  He motioned her to turn around and she did, the back of the latex outfit completely open down to just above her ass, then her ass exposed as well.

He tapped his knee and she turned once more and walked over to him, sitting down on his lap.  He took one of her nipples in to his mouth, the one marked “Suckle” and twisted the other one.

Muffled moans came from behind the mask as he continued to feel her still perfectly soft skin.

Then, when he was ready he pushed her up and over to the bed where she fell forwards, ending up face down.  She spread her legs and his hand landed firmly on her ass, right where the words “Slap Here” were tattooed.

He smiled as he read the words on her back and then pushed his member up against her sphincter and landed another blow, this time on the other cheek.

He pushed in hard and muffled cries came from her mouth, he could just make them out, “I love anal too!”, repeated over and over again.