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Agent Kimberly Falls lowered her sunglasses and scanned the garden party, the guests a mix of high society and low life scum, all here for the “charity” cause of Johnathan Towers.

She smirked and pushed her glasses back up on to the ridge of her nose and walked in to the mass of people as she mingled.  She’d been sent undercover to get close to Mr. Towers and find out exactly what his connection to the underworld was.

He’d arrived just two years ago in the city to much fanfare, professing to want to help bring the city to a new golden age, which by all accounts he had done.  But what few knew was that while visible crime was at an all time low, there was a hidden dark side to the city that was thriving like never before.

She grabbed a glass of wine and made small talk with several of the guests until she finally managed to get in to the group where Johnathan was chatting, it was mostly filled with young gorgeous women, for while Johnathan was far older than they were, he was also the city’s most eligible bachelor.

“How’s it going in there Kimberly?” her partner Tom’s voice came over the ear-piece she had hidden behind her long blonde hair.  She wanted to tell him to piss off, but she kept her composure and laughed at a joke Johnathan had just made.

Skillfully she touched the metal bracelet and signaled back to him that everything was fine as she worked her way through the group until she was right beside her target.

He smiled at her, “Well hello there, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced… I’m Johnathan.”

She smiled back, “I’m Kimmy… and I totally know who you are Mr. Towers.” she said in her best ditsy voice.  The intel they had on him indicated he like a certain kind of woman… one that lacked anything but the most basic of intellect.

Which also explained two other things; why she had been chosen for the assignment and her current outfit.

Oh it wasn’t because she was a ditz, on the contrary, she’d finished at the top of her class and moved through the ranks of the police force quickly, but she had been cursed with a certain look that most men considered beautiful, even if she’d fought against the stereotype all her life.

She’d been instrumental in building the circumstantial case against Mr. Towers and had nothing to prove to her colleagues, but now they needed hard proof.  And she had to admit, that in this case, her appearance was a valuable asset to the assignment and she’d gone all out getting ready for the day.

When it because obvious to the other girls that flocked around him, that he’d made his choice for the evening, it wasn’t long before she found herself alone with Johnathan.  He suggested they head in to the house for a more, private, setting and before she could say “show me the evidence”, she was sitting on a couch with him in his private study.

“So Kimmy, what do you do?”

She smiled and gave her prepared response, “Uhm, I’m between jobs right now, but I really want to be a dancer!  You know, like on Broadway or something.”

He smiled and a slight chill ran down her spine, it wasn’t a friendly smile, but more of a predatory one.

“That’s great Kimmy. Oh, your glass is empty, would you like a refill?” he asked, looking around the room for a bottle.

“Sure, like that would be great!” she replied, knowing he’d have to leave to get more wine and that would give her a chance to rummage through his office.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back.” he said and left the room, she could hear his footsteps on the marble floor and she sprung in to action.

Heading right for the desk, she pulled open the drawers, finding nothing but a few loose papers with some inconsequential notes on them, she then turned to the laptop.

She wiggled her fingers between her breasts and pulled out the small USB dongle and plugged it in, then touched her bracelet and spoke in to it, “Tom, you should be connected, get to work.”

“Got it Kimberly.” his voice came back as she watched the computer come to life and Tom get to work.  She flopped down in Johnathan’s chair, waiting for him to finish when she felt something prick her in the ass.

“Wha?” she jumped up and rubbed her bottom, looking down at the chair she saw nothing but suddenly things got dizzy and she fell backwards once more.

The computer screen continued to jump between windows as Tom downloaded the data and Kimberly found herself unable to even life an arm as her body felt like it weighed a ton.

Her breathing quickened as she heard Johnathan’s footsteps approaching once more and she pushed herself to get up to no avail.

She watched him enter the room, the predatory grin in full bloom as he walked over to his desk and leaned against it.

“I see you’ve found what you were looking for?” he said as he leaned further over and pulled the USB dongle from his computer.  Then he reached over to her ear and pulled the ear-piece from her before taking her limp arm and removing the bracelet.

She watched the computer screen go blank as she tried as hard as she could to resist, but her body would not respond and all she managed to do was flop her head to one side.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing these any more.” he said and put both in his pocket.

“That paralytic will keep you more amenable to what comes next for a few hours at least.” he said as she watched two large men enter the room, take up position to her sides and pick her limp body up.