“Hello officer, is there something I can help you with?” the man that opened the door said as Donna stood in the hallway.

“Yes, I’m investigating the strange disappearances that have been happing in this area and was wondering if you knew anything about them.” she said matter of factly as she held her pad and pen.

“Oh, I heard about them, wasn’t one of them poor Mrs. Rogers just two floors down?” the man replied.

“Yes she was.”

She took a second look at the man, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up all of a sudden.  He was young, but the way he carried himself spoke to someone well beyond his years and the way he dressed did as well.

“What was your name again?” she asked, knowing full well he hadn’t offered it yet.

He chuckled in response, “Well officer I didn’t tell you, but I’m Professor Williams, but you can call be Don.”

She wrote his name down on her pad and then looked back up, he seemed far too young to be a professor.

“Could I come in?  I’ve been doing this for hours and could really use a drink of water.” she said, falling back on one of the oldest tricks in the book to get in to someone’s home without a warrant.

“Sure, come on in… Officer Starr.” he replied, looked down at her name tag.

She took her hat off and tucked it under her arm, brushing out her short black hair as she stepped past him and he closed the door.  They walked in to the kitchen and he poured her a glass of water.

“So Don, what are you a professor of?”

“Well, my primary discipline is Quantum Physics, but I also dabble in a few other areas.”

She continued to right everything down as he walked out to the living room, the cool blue walls and well lit room seemed like the perfect place to prod him for more information even if she didn’t see anything that was setting off alarm bells.

“So about those women…” she said, leaving it open for him to fill in any detail he might want to.

“Yes, yes.  You see I just don’t know much about them I’m afraid.  I mean, it’s kind of like Quantum Physics, do you know anything about String Theory Officer Starr?”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Well you see in the quantum world things aren’t always what they appear.  Sometimes they can be two things at once and it’s only when we look at them that they settle in to what we’d call ‘reality’.  So for example, Mrs. Rogers may be missing, or maybe she’s simply taken on a new reality and moved on.”

Donna furrowed her brow, “I don’t think that’s how it works Don.  Her husband reported her missing after all.”

“Yes, well, that’s the reality he’s observed isn’t it.  Mrs. Rogers reality may be completely different.  Here, maybe this will explain it better.” he said and fished a small cube out of his pants pocket.

The cube was pure white and didn’t have any visible markings on it but he pressed his thumb on to one of the sides and suddenly she couldn’t move and an image was projected in to the space between them.  The image was of dozens of small filaments no longer than a few inches that shimmered slightly.

“Now then Officer Starr, you see String Theory says that everything in the universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings.  My researched has uncovered that to be true, but also that you can change reality itself by changing the strings.

For example, if I were to pull on one of your strings, like so.” he said, reaching out with his free hand and touching one of the filaments, squeezing it between his finger and thumb, shrinking it down.

A sudden wave of dizziness washed over her as she tried to think, she blinked several times before it stopped and she tried to understand what was happening.

“Then I change your reality, in this case, I’ve just knocked a couple of dozen IQ points off of you.”

She tried to gasp but her body would not move and instead she tried to think back to her schooling, she’d never graduated college, only barely making out of high school, hence whey she had the job as a building security guard.

“Or perhaps this one.” he said, this time pulling down on the string, lengthening it out.

A sudden wave of pleasure washed over her as she felt her pussy buzz with need.

“Which controls your libido.” he said and she tried to think once more about her past.  She’d bee so horny in high school that she’d managed to fuck pretty much all the teachers so that she could graduate, but then had fallen on hard times until she found the job at the strip club.

She watched him pull, push and twist string after string as she tingled all over until he was finally satisfied and released the cub, the image disappearing.

Donna stood in front of the cool blue wall of her clients living room, her tight little outfit barely containing her giant jugs as she thrust her hips to the side.

“So mister, I just want to thank you for being such a good citizen and helping out the police in this matter.  Is there *anything* I can do for you today?” she said with a sexy smirk as she twirled her small pad on the end of the chain.

“Well, Officer, now that you mention it there is something…”

“Something?” she replied

“Yes, well, I’ve been staring at those big jugs bolted on to your chest and was wondering if I could get a better look at them?”

She tossed her pad to the side, grabbed each side of her outfit and pulled hard, freeing her tits as she wiggled her shoulders from side to side.

He stepped in close to her, threaded his fingers through her hair at the back of her head and tilted her head upwards, sending her hat flying from her head.

“Why officer, those nipples seem to be at full attention.  Why don’t you show me how much of a slutty public servant you really are?”

She pushed in hard against his chest and slid her way down until he fingers fumbled with his zipper, releasing his cock and her bright red lips encircled it.

She sucked him in deep and she looked up at him, her eyes crying out her need.

She was so lucky to have gotten the job at the escort company, a girl with no education and the sex drive of a nympho didn’t have many prospects but they’d taken her in and even paid for her tits.  When they’d suggested she play the part of the slutty police officer it had just clicked and she’d been working for a few years now, servicing her public and she hoped it would never end.