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Tammy tried to wince at the bright light, but like every other time her deflated body did not react to her wishes and instead she had to put up with the lights.

The Inflater had taken her back to her condo, dropped off her clothes and then placed her inside of a messenger bag, still folded neatly in to a square, before he left.

It was hard to tell how long it had been since they’d left her condo, or how far they’d travelled, but when they’d arrived at their destination she’d been removed from the bag and unfolded on to the table where she was now laid out.

The Inflater had taken his time and smoothed out her entire body until he was satisfied and then walked out of her sight, though she could still hear him tapping on a keyboard.

She’d tried to move, to scream, to do anything but nothing worked.  Now as she looked up to the bright lights, the keystrokes stopped and she heard him walking back over to her.

He came in to her vision once more, an unassuming man, not young, not old, not someone who would garner a second look on the street, but she knew the truth now.

He reached out and set a small cube on her deflated throat, “Now then, I have a few questions, if you answer them this will go quicker.” he said matter of factly before pressing a button on the cube.

“Have you told anyone else about your investigation?” he asked.

“Fuck you asshole!” she said and to her surprise her voice echoed through the room.

“I can talk!”

“Yes, the device I’ve placed on you allows you to speak for the time being.  But I can take it away at any time.” he said, not threateningly, but she knew it was one none the less.

“I’ve told everyone, the League knows, they’ll be looking for me!” she lied, she hadn’t told anyone, who would she have told after all?

“No, the League doesn’t know, they would have acted by now.  I have several dummy locations setup, like the warehouse you found, that are easy enough to find *if* your looking for me.  And since none of my alarms have been tripped in them, the League certainly doesn’t know.”

“Well, my friends know, they’ll tell the League!”

“No, you have no friends.  I’ve been monitoring you for weeks, ever since you started asking questions about the missing women.  Between your job and your heroing, you have no time for anything else.  Certainly not friends.”

“Well I…”

“I’ve heard enough, your just a C list hero trying to make a name for herself.  You’re the first to try and do it off my back, but I guess someone had to be the first.  Luckily you aren’t well known enough to make the headlines so I can take care of you easily enough.” he said and picked the cube up from her throat and she was one more silenced.

He set it down to the side and then picked her deflated form up and she got a better look at the room.  Along one wall was a table, with several computers and other contraptions she couldn’t identify on it.  The wall beside that held a large machine, that almost looked like a tanning bed of some kind but instead of two curved surfaces on it, there was a transparent mold of a human body inside of it.

He placed her in to the machine, making sure her entire form was inside of the mold and then took her belly button and pulled it up to the top of the mold, hooking it on to something.

He then walked over to the computers and started typing once more, after a few minutes, the machine started to close around her and the mold shifted slightly, taking on a new shape just before a eerie glow filled it.

A moment later she felt air rushing in to her belly button and her body inflate once more until it pushed hard against the mold, pushing her in to each and every crevasse of it.  A dizziness washed over her as the air reached her head and filled it.

Suddenly a bright light shone in her eyes and an image of The Inflater appeared before her, “Now then, in case your wondering, that glow is actually a low level infra red laser that is softening up the rubber that currently makes up your body.  And the ‘air’ that just filled you is actually nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.”

Inside of her head she giggled slightly as the gas filled her but she tried to focus on what he was saying.

“The gas has a particularly strong effect on those that I’ve transformed in to inflatable rubber dolls, it lowers their resistance and makes them very susceptible to suggestions.”

Tammy tried to focus, is this what had happened to the missing women?

“I’ve never had a chance to try it on a hero before, I’ll be interested to see if you retain your powers, but I can assure you those women you were looking for are now very happy with their reshaped bodies and minds, in their new lives as sex dolls to the rich and powerful.”

The Inflater’s image disappeared and a new image replaced it, a scantly clad woman in a provocative pose.  A voice filled the mold as well, “Looking sexy is important.”

The image changed, a new woman, now without a top on, pushing her large breasts together appeared and the voice came again, “Showing off your tits makes you horny.”

She giggled and tried to block it out, but image after image appeared with each description sounding better and better as she tried to remember why she was fighting it.

Tammy felt the mold break open and the light of the room flood in as her rubber skin pealed away from the walls of it.  The Inflater unhooked her belly button from the mold and she giggled in joy, even if one one could hear her, as he closed it and pushed in back in to her body.

He picked her up and gently hung her from a hook, her feet touching the floor but unable to support her in any way, in front of a large mirror.  For the first time she saw what she looked like, not only after the transformation in to the rubber doll, but also what the mold had reshaped her in to.

She was smaller than she had been, but with more curves as well and her tits stood out like two balloons attached to her chest.  Her face was different as well, her lips were larger and her entire face was shaped differently.  She hardly recognized herself and she stared in to the mirror until The Inflater stepped in front of it, holding up his gun once more.

Another bolt of light lept from it and she felt her body start to change once more, this time from rubber to flesh as she returned to being human.  A small frown crossed her lips as she realized she was no longer the perfect sex doll she was meant to be.

Her weight once more on her feet, she felt pain shoot up her legs and she hovered up off the ground.  She knew she need heels now, after all heels would show off her ass better and that was important.

She floated there, looking up at The Inflater in awe.  He was so powerful, so manly, her pussy was getting wet just thinking about him and then he spoke, his voice sending a shiver down her spine.

“I see you have retained your powers, good.  Now go in to the next room and get changed.”

“Yes sir.” she replied and flew in to the next room, there was a couch and on it was several pieces of pink clothing and a set of high heels.  She quickly changed and then walked to the door once more, posing in it with her hip thrust out and her tits barely contained in the pink mesh fabric.

He walked over and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her in close and tiled his head down to kiss her, she pushed her tits in to his chest and rubbed them against him as she took his tongue in to her mouth eagerly.  He grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed, sending another wave of pleasure through her.

He guided her back to the couch and sat down, without a second thought going through her mind, Tammy started to rotate her hips and dance for him.  Soon the few clothes she wore were discarded on the floor and she was on her knees between his legs.  She’d nearly ripped his pants down to get at his cock as she wrapped her lips around it and took him deep in to her mouth.

She pulled off of him, her saliva dripping from her mouth as she pushed her inflated tits together and stroked his shaft between them.  Her pussy buzzed with excitement as she felt his stiff and the first stream of cum hit her chin, an orgasm crested with each subsequent stream that hit her body.

She laid there on the floor, the bliss of the orgasms still fresh in her mind as he walked out and the only thought that crossed her mind was that, perhaps, if she was a good enough fuck toy for him, that he might transform her back in to the perfect rubber sex doll she so longed to be.