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“See Gina, I told you he was looking over the fence at us!” Jennifer said as she raised up her hand and pointed to the back fence.

“Where, I don’t see him.” the brunette replied putting her arm around her friend and leaning in to get a better look.

“Right there.” Jennifer said, letting out a little huff, Gina had been her best friend since, well, before she could remember quite honestly, but sometimes the ditzy brunette could get on her nerves.

A sudden motion by the fence caught Gina’s eye though and she exclaimed, “Oh, I see him!”

“Pervert!” they both called out at once and laughed right afterwards.

Mr. Dickonson, who had lived in the house right behind Jennifer’s parents had died last year and the new neighbor, while quiet enough, had definitely been sneaking a peak at the two hot friends all summer as they hung out by the pool.

The new guy was a few years older than they were and from what they’d learned he was some kind of professor at the local university.  They weren’t sure how a professor had been able to afford a house in their neighborhood, but other than the occasional peak over the fence, he had kept to himself.

And if they were honest with themselves, they didn’t mind the attention really, they were young and hot and they both knew it and made sure to flaunt it as much as possible.

This summer had been perfect so far, Jennifer’s parents had gone on some kind of excursion to Africa and left the house to the both of them.  There of course had been a few parties, and then a few more parties, but nothing that had gotten them in trouble with the neighbors or anything.

“Hey Jennifer,” Gina said, “are those lights new?”, pointing at the patio lights that ringed the pool and lounge area.

“Ugh, I don’t know, never really noticed the light before honestly.” Jennifer replied with a shrug, grabbed Gina’s hand and lead her back to the house.  Lights were the least of her worries as tonight was Friday and time to hit the town, she was on the prowl for a new boy toy after she’d dumped the last one.