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Gina tossed and turned in bed, her fingers dancing between her legs as she dreamed of Jennifer.  It wasn’t like it was the first dream she’d had about her best friend, after all they’d known each other forever, but it was the first erotic one she’d had and it was more intense than the ones she’d had about her boyfriends in the past.

Her tongue darted out from between her lips as in her dream she was licking Jennifer’s pussy, the slick moist lips of her friends sex sending shivers of pleasure through her body as they both came hard.

Gina’s orgasm jerked her awake and she pulled her fingers from her pussy, the scent of her own sex sent another chill of excitement down her spine and she raised her fingers to her mouth and gently sucked on them as she leaned back and enjoyed the afterglow.

She giggled and blushed, she’d always been, well, open to experimentation but she’d never considered it with Jennifer before.  Now the idea seemed so right, so obvious, that she wondered why she’d never thought of it before.

She turned over and went back to sleep, more dreams of her friend invading her mind as she drifted through a haze of excitement and sex.

Jennifer stood in the kitchen in her little blue bikini, the mixing bowl in front of her as she tried to mix the ingredients for the muffins she was making.

If was one of the few “jobs” she actually liked doing, cooking and baking was fun and she liked sharing the results with her friends.

But for some reason it just wasn’t coming today, she banged her mixing spoon down, sending a puff of flower up and on to her chest.

“Damn it!” she cried out and Gina stuck her head in to the kitchen.

“What happened?” Gina asked as she stepped in, her own tiny black bikini hardly covering anything.  It send a chill right down Jennifer’s spine to her pussy and she tried to suppress it.

They’d both been out at the pool just a while ago, lounging in the sun in their tiny bikini’s as their neighbor had watched over the fence.  They didn’t pay him any mind as they’d lathered each other up with sun screen, or when Gina’s had slapped Jennifer’s ass and she’d just wiggled it in reply.

Just the thought of him watching had sent both women to the brink of orgasm and they’d both had to jump in the pool before they’d really given him something to watch.

But he’d eventually left and so Jennifer had gone to do some baking and here she was half covered in flower, her best friend looking on with a quizzical look on her face.

“I don’t know.” Jennifer replied to Gina’s question, turned to face her and waved her hands at her chest covered in flower.

“Well that’s just a total mess isn’t it?” Gina asked as she stepped forward, her high heels click on the tile of the kitchen floor as she approached.

“Yea, I guess I’m just a bit of a klutz today.” Jennifer replied just as Gina arrived before her and she looked down at the flower cover her.

Before she knew what had happened, Gina reached out and brushed some of the flower from her friends breast, running her hand over Jennifer’s nipple sending a wave of pleasure through her and a low moan from between  her lips.

“Oh… Gina…” she said be looking at Jennifer’s rock hard nipples, Gina leaned forward, pushed the tiny bikini to the side and took one between her lips and sucked on it.

“Oh god Gina, don’t stop!” Jennifer said and reached behind her back and removed the bikini top, then did the same for Gina.

Moments later Gina was kneeling on the floor, her hands rubbing against Jennifer’s abdomen as her lips softly brush up against the fabric of the bikini that still covered her pussy.

Gina wasted no time to pushing her nose up against the wet fabric and soon it joined the rest of the bikini on the floor, along with the two women passionitaly making love to each other.