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Jennifer reached down between Gina’s legs and rubbed her pussy as she looked over at the man walking by, “Hey sailor, do you want to have some fun?” she called out.

The man smiled but kept on walking and so Jennifer leaned in and kissed Gina and made out a bit while they waited for someone else to wander by.

When the next man walked by, Jennifer flipped up her skirt, showing off her bare ass as Gina reached down and gave it a good hard slap.

That did the trick as the man came over and placed his hand under her skirt and they both turned to him, “So, what are you interested in?” Jennifer asked with a broad smile on his face.

Before he could answer, another man walked up and cleared his throat.  Immediately the man’s hand left Jennifer’s ass and before she could grab him, he’d gone.

“He mister, what’s the big idea!?” Jennifer said and turned to the new man who stepped out from the shadows and the two women nearly came where they stood.

They had both instantly recognized their backyard neighbor and quickly shimmied over to him, “Oh my god, I didn’t know it was you honey!” Jennifer said and Gina nodded in agreement.

“Come on girls, time to go home.” he said and they both pouted.

“But, like the nights young and stuff.”  Jennifer said.

“Yea, and we’re young but we’re not stuffed yet!” Gina continued.

“Don’t worry girls, you’re going to have lots of fun later, I promise.”

They both jumped up and down and giggled as he lead them back to his car and drove off in to the night.

Jennifer and Gina were laid out on two beds, each wearing a helmet with wires running to a computer in the center as Thomas looked over the readings.

He double checked his work and didn’t see anything wrong with it, but clearly something had gone askew.

He’d installed the antennas all around the pool a month ago and things had gone according to plan right up until this week.  Each day the girls would flounce around the pool, wasting time and doing whatever they wanted.

But after a few days exposed to his transmissions, they’d started to change their behaviour.  He knew that they had seen him, after all it was part of the plan, he’d been a bit surprised they hadn’t done more than just yell over the fence at him.  However that worked well for him as the transmissions soon changed that standoffish insult to acceptance.

Then to enjoyment and eventually encouragement.  By the end of last week the two were pretty much giving him a softcore porno each day in their backyard.

He knew they’d been having sex for a least a week, so did half the neighbors for the cries of passion that came from their windows and they two hadn’t even tried to hide it.

But then the plan went sideways, they’d been supposed to be infatuated with him and come over to his house, offering themselves up, but instead they’d suddenly disappeared.  Gone from the house without a word and he’d had to spend the last few days trying to track them down.

When he’d finally found them on the pier, offering themselves up to passersby like common street walkers, he’d been confused at what had gone wrong.

And the readouts he was getting wasn’t making any sense either, everything looked right.

Well, he’d have to figure it out during the next test of the wireless system, now that he had them wired up to the system, he’d make sure they were properly programmed for their new lives.

Jennifer was going to make a good trophy wife and Gina would be a great live in maid for them.

He typed away at the computer and both girls eyes rolled back in to their heads as it went to working rewriting them to his design.