You know being in the right place at the right time, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is mostly a matter of perspective.

Take the six young women in this photo for example, they’d say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’d disagree.

The photo was taken just recently, but I’d met them for the first, and only time, about six months ago.

It was an early Saturday morning, I’d just sat down at the food court of the local mall and the stores were just starting to open up.  There were a few other people around, mostly elderly women that had come to “walk the mall” before the stores opened.

I was there with my current project, a doctoral student that I’d been working on for at least 6 months, which meant I was just about finished with her.  Like most of my projects in their advanced stages, she could no longer read the street signs to drive herself to the mall, or for that matter the gauges in a car.  In fact, she really couldn’t tell you what a car was those days, as it didn’t relate fashion or sex.

That day she was shopping for new clothes, because as much as I enjoyed watching her try and stuff her massive new tits in to the same old clothes, it was becoming a problem.  Having to stop every few minutes so she could put them back in her top after popping out, really was a hassle.

So while she did her shopping, I sat in the food court enjoying my favorite past time, people watching.  Of course I don’t quite do it the same way as everyone else, I go a bit deeper, digging right in to their minds to see what they are all about.

Usually, I just leave them alone, maybe tweaking a little here or there, just to make their lives a bit better… but again, that’s propably a matter of perspective as well.

I probably should have known something was up when the elderly couple a few tables to my left suddenly stood up and walked to the other side of the food court, but honestly I was distracted by the ladies walking directly towards me.

I reached out to the one in the lead, Donna was her name and quickly found why the couple had left.  The group was notorious for causing problems at the mall, they’d been coming here for years on Saturdays to hang out, all through hight school and even now, they clung to the tradition when they were in collage.

“Hey, you’re in our seat!” Donna said.  She was the shortest of the group but clearly dominated the others.

“Yea, who do you think you are?” Abigail said, backing up her friend, putting a carmel hand on her hip and thrusting it out.

The other just sneered and I smiled back.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see your name on it.” I said and looked around as if searching for a sign of some kind.

“Well, now you know, so get lost.” Felicia, the tallest of them said, her long dark hair flowing almost down to her ass.

“I don’t know, I think I like the view here, why don’t you join me?” I replied, pushing in to all their minds at once and making them more compliant.

For a moment, they looked stunned, then confused and then they all took seats around me.

“I… well.. I…” Donna tried to take control again, but faltered.

“Now Donna, just relax, you’re just hanging out with your friends like always.”

“Yea… hanging out with my friends.” she said and I saw here entire body slump a little in her seat.  The others hadn’t even tried to fight my influence and so they all sat quietly while I focused on Donna.

Her insecurity about her breasts shone like a bright light in her mind, her leadership a direct response to it and so I focused on that.

“You know Donna, they can fix those small breasts of yours now, have you thought about seeing a doctor about them?”

“Fix?  Doctor?” she responded in a confused voice as I shifted things around in her mind.

“I… I… Yes, I’ve thought about it.  Do you think I should see a doctor?” she said more confidently as I finished up with her.

“Oh most certainly, I’m sure with a few surgeries you could get those big massive tits you’ve always wanted.  I mean, then you could show them off and get them fuck good and proper like.”

Donna’s face lit up as her hands went to her small breasts, “God, I hate not being able to give a good titty fuck!  Your so right, I should schedule an appointment right away!”

“I’m sure all the one night stands you have will appreciate it Donna.  And what about you Elanor?”

“Me?”, the Latina beauty replied as I shuffled around in her mind.

“Yes, you.  I know you haven’t been in the country for long, but have you found any potential husbands yet?”

Elanor scrunched her forehead as new memories settled in.  Gone was the idea she’d been born here, or grew up with the other girls, replaced with the knowledge she was here on a student visa and had only just joined her new friends.

“No.” she replied through a thick accent.

“Well, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a nice man that will make you legal.  But don’t worry too much about it, I’m sure you can find someone who will agree to a fake marriage as long as you make sure to satisfy their every dirty thought, right?”

“Ci, Elli such a dirty slut!” she replied, a wide grin on her face.

“And how about you Cythia?” I said, having no problem entering her mind, there wasn’t really much there to be honest.  She’d only gotten in to collage by giving her math teacher a blow job for a better grade after all.  But she really did think of herself as smart, just not motivated.

“I’m just fine thanks.” she said with a cheerful smile, her eyes sparkling as new motivations came to her.

“Yes, yes you are.  Just a happy little bimbo aren’t you?  Nothing in that brain of yours but sex and sex and more sex, right?”

“Like, totally!  I just can’t get enough sex, it’s like the best! *giggle*”

I turned my gaze to Felicia, “You really are a stand out aren’t you?”

“What… what do you mean.”

“You get a lot of attention right, I mean with how tall you are I’m sure you get lots of guys looking at your first, right?”

“Well… yea…”

“And that’s just fine with you I bet, I mean, you really do like men watching you.”

Felicia eye’s glazed over as memories of her web cam shows filled her mind.  She’d been doing them for free for so long that now that she’d decided to go pro it all seemed unreal.

“God yea!  Why shouldn’t I?  I mean if guys want to pay me to watch, why not?”

“Absolutely.  I’m sure once you’ve gotten a taste for it, you’ll find it easy to make the transition to doing full on porn.”

“Fuck yea, why the hell not?  I mean I can fake an orgasm on screen just as well as those so called porn stars, why shouldn’t I get a cut of that action?”

I watched the gears turn in her mind as I looked over at Bethany.

“And what’s your story Bethany?” I asked.

For her part she tilted her head back a bit and looked down her nose at me.  In her mind I could see her looked down at me and her friends, in fact the only one that she even considered her “equal” was Donna.

“Oh, I have plans for the future.” she said.

“Plans?” I replied and started moving things around behind those condescending eyes.

“Well, of course, I’m going to be a successful fashion designer.  I have my entire five year plan laid out and… and…” she stuttered.

“I don’t know Bethany.  I mean, plans can change, things can happen.  What if you meet some guy you like?”

“I… I… don’t have time… you… you think some guy might like me?”

“Oh I’m sure that high and mighty attitude of yours will attract a few, but of course the ones you’re going to be interested in are the ones that want to knock you down a peg or two.”

“What… what do you mean?”

“Oh, come on now, you know what I mean.  You put on that show for the world, but deep down you really want someone to take control and fuck you like a bitch in heat.  That kind of man is your Kryptonite, you’ll do anything for him even as you whine and complain about it.  But once he gets his cock in you, you’ll be begging him to use you.  Right?”

“No way, I’d never…” she tried to deny it but I could see it behind her eyes, it was now true.

“And finally, Abigale…”

“What?!” she replied, perking up.

“You pushed that hip out like you owned the world because you have a big ass, isn’t that right?”

“I… no… I…”

There was no doubt she was proud of her ass, her Brazilian parents had passed down their heritage in abundance in her case, and she was proud of it.

I had to do very little really, just a few minor changes to her sexual preferences.

“Come on, don’t be shy about it, it’s an amazing ass and it brings you so much pleasure doesn’t it?”

“Wel… yes…” she replied.

“I mean I can just imagine the sound it makes as your lovers slap it hard, it must wiggle and jiggle like jello, right?”

A smile crossed her face as memories of her lovers pounding her ass came flooding back.

“Yea… of course it does!”

“I bet you can’t get enough of their cocks buried deep in your asshole can you?  I mean, what good is that boring old pussy when you have such an amazingly tight asshole right there and ready to be used?”

“God yes!  I mean I dumped a guy just because he didn’t want to fuck my ass every time!  He kept on whining about wanting to fuck my pussy, I mean, what is wrong with that kind of guy?”

“Well, some guys are just like that I guess.” I replied and started to stand up.

“Well, ladies, it’s been pleasant chatting with you, but I have to get going.” I said and nodded to the other side of the food court where Didi was walking towards us.

The six of them turned to looked towards her and each had a different reaction.

Agigale watched Didi’s wide hips swing back and forth.

Bethany titled her head even farther back as the blonde bimbo came closer.

Cythia looked on with envy at how far she had yet to go.

Donna watched Didi’s massive tits bounce with each step.

Elanor pined to be a native, secure in her citizenship.

Felicia wondered if Didi would be interested in joining her next cam show.

All six slumped in disappointment as I walked over to Didi, pulled her in tight and kissed her full red lips, before walking away.

I looked at the photo once more before scrolling down to the text message from Donna.

“Heading out to the mall for a reunion, want to join us?”

I smiled and considered it, after all my new project was still in the early days, she hadn’t even dyed her hair blonde yet, but I decided against going as it looked like Donna still had a few more surgeries to go.  I’d catch up with them again in a few more months and see how they were making out.

But getting back to my original supposition, it being a matter of perspective, I’m sure if the six women who first approached me saw this photo they’d say they were definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On the other hand, the six women who had just sent me this photo, quite enthusiastically agree with me that they were in the right place at the right time.

And who am I to disagree with them?