“You know, I just don’t believe in mind control.” Kathy said as she sucked another sip of her drink up the straw.

There she was, out shopping for some new outfits when all of a sudden this guy comes right up to her and says, “I can control your mind.”

And it wasn’t like some grandiose proclamation, no evil laugh afterwards, no just a simple statement of fact.

Her first thought had been just to walk away, but then all of a sudden she’d realized how cute the guy was.

Oh, it wasn’t like it was Brad Pitt or anything.  Though she’d have guessed he was about the same age, but the receding hair line, the few extra pounds and the geeky fashion sense had really caught her eye.

Of course she’d pulled her top down, to make sure he got a good look at her breasts, how else was he going to know she was interested in him if he couldn’t see her stiff nipples?

“You don’t believe in mind control?  Well, that’s ok, I mean you don’t really have to as long as it works.”

“Yea, but it doesn’t work, does it.” she replied, pushing her breasts out and giving them a shake from side to side as she worked the straw between her lips, working up and down it’s length to make sure he knew she gave great blowjobs.

He stepped in closer to her, grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them.  She closed her eyes, leaned her head back and dropped her drink as she moaned loudly enough to turn several heads of the passersby.

She loved being groped in public, it was such a turn on.  Her pussy, moist already from the sheer animal magnetism of the man in front of her, started to drip down the inside of her thighs.

“It’s… it’s just a bunch… oh god… of… crap.” she managed to get out between moans and gasps as he twirled her around, hiked up her dress and started to finger her dripping wet cunt.

“Of my fucking god, push those fingers deep in to my cunt baby!” she nearly screamed as she bucked her hips against his hand.

“Any… anyways… you don’t need… fuck… mind control… ahhhhhh… to use your…. mmmmmmghh… own property!  Aaaaiiiiieeeee!!!!!”

She felt his fingers pull out of her and then a moment latter be presented right in front of her face, she wrapped her lips around them, sucking her own juices from them eagerly.

She loved it when her owner used her in public, but today was better than most as he’d brought her to the mall and there were so many people here.  It was also a special day because he had said it was time to upgrade her wardrobe.  No more drab drab white dresses, only tight little numbers that showed off her big tits, tight ass and complete willingness to fuck on command just like a good sex toy like her should.