“See, like I told you mine were totally bigger!” Tammy said as she gripped her tits in the tight black dress.

“Ugh nah!” Kimmy replied, pushing her own together so they touched for everyone to see through the large cutout in the front of her dress.

“Look, like I can almost lick em from here!” Tammy replied as she stuck her tongue out and licked at the air in front of her.

“Oh my god, like, that’s cheating!” Kimmy replied and in response hooked her fingers near the bottom of the cutout and pulled hard, popping her tits out.

“Oh poo!” Tammy said and similarly pulled her tits from her dress and bounced up and down a bit.

Kimmy watched for a moment before leaning in and taking one of Tammy’s nipples between her lips and sucking on it.

“Oh my god Kimmy, suck it!  Suck it good!”  Tammy said while grabbing her friends head and pulling her in hard against her tit.

Kimmy eagerly complied with her friends demand and looked up in to the blondes face as she suckled her tits for all she was worth.

“Like, can you believe how totally tiny our titties used to be?”

Kimmy nodded her head from side to side, never letting Tammy’s nipple slip from between her lips.

“Hey, are you girls just about ready in there?” Jimmy voice came from the the next room.

“Like, just about! *giggle*” Tammy said as she pouted just a bit as she pulled Kimmy from her tit.  Kimmy’s tongue continued to try and flick at Tammy’s hard nipple as she was pulled back and so Tammy took advantage and kissed her full on the lips, both of their tongues exploring the others mouth.

Tammy grabbed Kimmy’s hand and pulled her out of the bathroom to where Jimmy was waiting.

“Like Jimmy, who’s got the biggest tits?” she whined as she shook her rack from side to side.

“Yea Jimmy, who’s titties are totally bigger!” Kimmy said.

“Dear god, you’re half naked again!”

“Yea, but you like us naked!” Tammy and Kimmy said in unison.

“That’s true, alright, come over here and let me take a look.”

They both bounced over, their tits flying in every direction as they did, then sat down on either side of Jimmy on the bed.

“I think mine are bigger!” Tammy said, pushing herself right up against him.

“No way, like mine are totally bigger!” Kimmy said, raising herself up and pushing her tits in to the side of his head.

“Girls, girls, girls, you both have big tits, what’s the difference who’s are bigger?”

“Cause… cause…” Kimmy started to say, as she turned her head to the side and brought her finger up to her lip.

“… you said you wanted, to like, totally fuck the biggest set of tits you could find!” Tammy finished for her, speaking at a mile a minute as if the words would become untrue if he had time to think about them.

“Oh, I see, well, in that case, it is an important question, isn’t it?”

“Ugh hun!”


“Well, I tell you what, why don’t I just fuck both sets of them and I’ll cum over whichever one is biggest.  How does that sound?”

Tammy and Kimmy squealed as the dropped down to their knees and push in between his legs, each trying to get his dick between their tits before the other.

In the end Tammy won first try, but if he was honest, he really couldn’t tell so he’d sprayed his cum across both of their tits just to be fair.

The two bimbo’s had cum hard as the drops had hit their tits and were now both snuggled against his thighs.

Looked down at them now, the third night in a row he’d tried to leave the hotel room for a night out on the town, perhaps two pills had been too much.  But there was no going back now, though if they kept fighting about who had the bigger tits, he might have to give one of them a third pill just so he could end the argument once and for all.