This is my little store, it’s not much and it’s not in a particularly good part of the city, but that wasn’t always the case.  The last few years have been hard on this area of town and many of the residents had moved away when property values had started to drop.

That had started a downward spiral and now pretty much every night you could hear the sirens of the police cars as they gunned their engines getting to their next call.

Oh, and the four “women” standing in front of my store? They were, until recently, know as the “Brat Pack”.  They’d finished high school, just barely, and were now living at home, trying to find whatever minimum wage job they could.  Apparently no one wanted to put up with their bad attitudes though and they had yet to stay for more than a few days at any job.

To fill their time, they’d often come in to my store and try and get away with a little petty theft, which they never did of course as I wasn’t a fool and could see them coming from a mile away.

They’d whine about it, call me names, but in the end they’d either put it back or pay for it before standing around outside by the newspaper box for a few hours before heading home or where ever they went.

The one of the left, Casey, had a real attitude and considered herself the “hot” one of the group.

Next to her sitting on the box was Jenna, she was the quiet one and followed along with whatever the others did.

The haughty looking brunette, Donna, was their leader and the real trouble maker of the bunch.

And poor little Maria on the right was just looking to fit in with whatever crowd she could and eagerly supported whatever Donna said.

So each time they came in to my store it was a predictable cycle that repeated several times a week and I didn’t give it much thought until about a week ago.

When they headed towards the door, pockets stuffed full of drinks and food like always, I called them over, but instead of giving me their standard line, Donna had a glint in her eyes and a wry smile on her face.

“He old man, don’t give us any trouble tonight, we’ve done nothin’ wrong.” Donna said.

“Yea, don’t be an old geezer!” Maria chimed in afterwards.

“Ladies, I can see your pilfered goods sticking out of your pockets.  You know the drill, empty them out or pay up.”

“Not this time…” Donna said and reached in to her jacket pocket, pulling out a switch blade and flicking it open, “We’re leaving and your not going to do a thing about it right?”

“Oh Donna, you don’t really want to go down that path do you?  I mean, we had a nice thing going; a little petty theft, a little accusation, a little recrimination and then we all ended up happy.  Moving to armed robbery, that’s a big step up.”

“I told you already, I ain’t stealing nothin’ tonight, right girls?” Donna said and the other three gave a chores of agreement as they nodded their heads.

I let out a sigh and shook my head side to side, “Are you sure?” I asked one last time.

Donna put the tip of the switchblade on to the counter and pulled back hard, creating a long scratch in the surface of it, “Yea, I’m sure.  And I’m also sure your never gonna stop us on the way out again are ya old man?” she replied with venom in her voice.

“Well, yes and no.” I replied as I held up my hand a snapped my fingers.  It was only for effect of course, my power didn’t require any physical movement but it just seemed more enjoyable to do something when I reached out in to their minds.

All four of them froze in place and I reached out and took the switchblade from Donna’s hand, it’s tip still embedded in my counter top.  I folded it closed and smiled.

“Now then, since you want to change our relationship, it’s make it more interesting.” I said, I could feel the panic in each of their minds as I focused in on Casey first.

Deep down all she wanted was to find someone to be with that would appreciate her for her mind instead of her body.  Perhaps if she’d gotten out of her own way she might have even found Mr. Right.  I pushed and pulled at the deepest parts of her mind, shifting around her priorities.  By the time I was done she wasn’t interested in Mr. Right anymore, just Mr. Right Now.

And Mr. Right Now was whoever had the cash in hand and was willing to pay for the privilege of using her for an hour or two.  Her looks, so important to her before, were now all that defined her.  She would be spending all her time and money on being the hottest hooker she could be.

I moved on to Jenna, I almost felt sorry for her, she had such low self esteem and wasn’t really all that bad.  She just got caught up with the wrong group.  It didn’t take much, pushing her self esteem even lower, her dependency on the group a bit higher.  By the time I was finished with the rest of the group Jenna would be a willing participant in whatever they wanted to do.

I left Donna for last and focused instead on Maria, it turned out she had a huge crush on Donna.  It wasn’t she was a lesbian or bi-sexual, at least not at a conscious level, so it was easy to crank them up.  Maria no longer just had a crush on Donna, she was deeply in lust with her.  If that meant she needed to put her body on display to get her attention, well that was just fine.  And if Donna wanted to “rent” her out to earn a few bucks, well that was fine too as long as she got to bury her face in to Donna’s pussy each night.

For her part Donna was fighting me as much as she could, which was really not that much at all.  I dove in to her mind and found quite a lot to work with; an abusive father, a drunk mother, but what really caught my eye was a recent memory of walking in on her mother with one of her Johns.

I honed in on it, refining it, perfecting it.  No longer was her mother a passive part of the memory, she was eagerly participating in.  Her eyes weren’t filled with fear and sadness, but joy and excitement.  Her words were no longer of someone feigning interest, but instead of a women eagerly pleasing her lover.  Her humiliation wasn’t something to be rejected, but embraced and encouraged.

I twisted the memory from one of horror for Donna to a happy one, one that sexually excited her to the point of having masturbated to it almost every night.  She wanted to feel what it was like to be used like that, a man using her body for his own pleasure, her very essence being debased for him.

I pulled back out of their minds and smiled, “Now then girls, don’t you have something to do?”

Donna shook her head and blinked, “I… yea… yea… I do.  Come on girls, let’s go.”

Donna strode out of my store, Maria right on her tail trying to get a hold of her hand.  Jenna hung her head low and followed right behind them while Casey held herself upright and took confident strides.

They came back a few hours later, dressed like cheep streetwalkers and came right up to the counter, “Hey mister, we want to work out front, is that ok?” Donna asked.

“Well, I don’t know, what’s in it for me?”

“Let’s say 20% and Maria…” Donna said, pulling Maria in close and planting a kiss firmly on her lips, “and I will give you a double for free every week.”

“Tempting, but I’ll take 70% and I’ll be using all four of you whenever I want.”  I said, reaching across the counter and threading my fingers in to the hair at the back of Donna’s head, then I pulled her forward and kissed her, pushing my tongue between her lips.  She reciprocated eagerly.

I pulled her back and tilted her head up a bit, “Isn’t that right slut?”

I watched her lips quiver as she responded, “Y… y… yes sir.”

“Good, now get out there and get to work.”

I watched the four of them leave my store and they’d been there every night since, taking customers as they drove by.

It was a shame how far the neighbourhood had fallen these last few years, but I’d be damed if I was going to let my little store go under just because of that.  And besides, the four of them had been working for me longer than any other job they’d had, so as far as I was concerned it was a win-win situation.

I looked out the window and saw another car pull up, “Hey mister, what you looking for tonight?” Donna called out.

“Maybe an eager little beaver like Maria here?” she said, putting her arm around Maria, a broad smile crossing Maria’s lip at the contact of her lover.

“Or maybe a submissive girl like Jenna?” she called out, raising her hand up to Jenna’s pussy and rubbing it.  Jenna moaned as she passively let Donna rub her pussy through her hot pants and she spread her legs wider.

“Don’t listen to her honey, I can show you a real good time.” Casey called out as she pushed her tits together and than ran her hand down her abdomen and in to her shorts.

The man pointed at Donna and a smile crossed her face as she stepped forward, swinging her hips from side to side until she reached the car and got in the passengers seat.

She’d be back in an hour or so, he always checked the Johns before any of the girls left with them, just to make sure.  After all he had to protect his inventory, no matter if it was from shoplifters like the four girls had been, or from damage at the hands of the ne’er-do-well that might drive by.