Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Caroline walked up the jet way, her small overnight bag trailing behind her as she approached the cabin of the plane for her long hall flight across the Atlantic.  Her long strides of her toned legs moved her quickly along the jet way, she was proud of the shape she was in, it was hard working keeping herself fit with all the temptations of eating junk food at airports.  She kept her blonde hair short for convenience and kept her makeup to a minimum.  Many of the passengers had commented that she should be a model, but she just smiled and accepted their compliments.

The flight was relatively empty, only one passenger in first class where she was working and maybe a dozen more in economy.  It was just the way she liked it, a nice quite flight, hopefully her first class passenger wouldn’t be an asshole or anything.

She stepped on to the plane and greeted the other attendants, she knew a few of them, other’s she didn’t.  But she made small talk with them as the prepared the flight for the passengers and before long they were loading.

The first person to walk down the jet way, she assumed it was her first class passenger, sent a shiver down her spine.  It was like air around him sucked in all the light and warmth, leaving a dark cloud around him.  He walked past her before she could say anything and took his seat.  She pushed it out of her mind as the next passenger came down the jet way and she busied herself with work.

They took off and climbed to cruising attitude, the seat belt signs turned off and she went to close the first class curtain.  Just as she did a small argument broke out between two of the passengers, the other flight attendant didn’t seem to be having any luck with it so she had headed back to help out.

A quick smile and a few kind words from her had quickly settled things down and she headed back to first class.

‘God men are so easy, a beautiful woman flashes a smile and they can be lead around by the nose!’ she thought as she closed the curtain once more and turned around to see the only man in first class looking straight at her, his eyes glowed red as she froze in place.

She felt the cold chill of his star as her clothing started to change, her basic blue jacket and slacks shifting, becoming darker, slicker, more form fitting until they squeezed tightly against her body.  She felt a cool breeze against her chest as the material split open and exposed her skin to the air of the cabin.

Her own thoughts floated through her head, ‘lead around by the nose’, as she felt a small metal ring from in her septum and her eyes rolled back in her head as an orgasm washed over her.

When her eyes could focus again her first class passenger was standing in front of her, his red glowing eyes burning though her as he held up his hand and clipped a chain to her nose ring.  Her whole body shivered in pleasure as she felt the wight of the chain pull down on her nose.  He gave it a small tug and she gasped as she stepped forward, following along behind him until he reached his seat and re-took it.

A single tug brought her to her knees and another buried her face in his crotch.  Before long his shaft was between her lips and his tip was pushing back against her throat.

Each time she reached the base of him, she pulled back up and just before he slide from between her lips, another small tug brought her all the way back down once more.

She lost count of the number of times she went down on him, it didn’t matter, she eagerly followed along with each little tug of the chain until he finally held her down with it, his sweat, hot seed running down her throat as she swallowed each and every drop of it.

When he was done, he pulled her off of himself with the chain and then wrapped it loosely around the armrest beside him, she stayed there, on her knees, looking up at him for the rest of the flight hoping he would once more take the chain in his hand and lead her by the nose to the next level of pleasure she knew only he could bring her.