Gina walked along the path, her shiny pants hugging her ass contrasted by the puff pink sweater, as she felt the mans eyes on her.  She stopped and turned her head slowly over her shoulder until she made eye contact with him and then she smiled before turning the rest of her body and walking over to him.

She fought every step, every small movement of her body, as hard as she could be the programming left her no choice but to smile and swing her hips with each step as she grew closer and closer to him.

He was in his forties and she’d seen him around the park before, but that was when she’d been on her jog, wearing her baggy sweat pants and shirt, her face free of any makeup and her hair bundled up.

As she reached him she swung her arm up touched his shoulder, then slide it along his shoulder blade until she had wrapped it around him.

She let out a slight giggle, “Like, hi! I’m Gina, did you like what you see?” she said out loud even though in her head she was screaming for him to call the cops.

“I… ugh… yes?” he managed to stammer back as he placed his arm around her midsection.

“Awwww… don’t be shy baby…” she said, taking his hand and placing it firmly on her ass, “I wouldn’t show it off if I didn’t want ya to touch it *giggle*”

A shiver of pleasure ran up her spine as he squeezed her ass cheek though the shiny material and she let out a soft moan.

“Mmmm… yea baby, harder!  Your making me so wet!”

He obliged her and squeezed even harder.

“Fuck yea!  You know baby, we could have a lot more fun back at your place… and I’m not that expensive either.” her lips betrayed her once more, like they had so many times over the last few weeks.

“H… ho… how much?”

“Well, since you squeeze my ass so nicely, let’s say $50 for a blowjob, $100 to fuck my pussy and $20 if you want to fuck my ass.”

“T… t… twenty… for…”

“Mmmm, yea, I just love getting my ass fucked, I’d almost do it for free, but a girl’s got bills to pay, ya know?”

Bills to pay… god that was where it had all started.

She’d married John for his money, but she’d soon found out that it was all tied up in trust funds and so she’d filed for divorce, cutting her losses and moving on to her next mark.

He’d been upset, but in the end he hadn’t fought it.  Well at least not much, he’d been smart enough to write up a pre-nup and it included an arbitration clause, using a company call “The Perfect Divorce”.

Their first meeting had been pretty straight forward, nothing out of the ordinary, but for some reason John had dragged it on and on.  One meeting turned in to 5, which turned in to 10 and before she knew it she was signing divorce papers that put her in debt to John instead of the other way around.

She wasn’t exactly sure at what point she had lost control, was it the 5th meeting or the 6th?  It was so hard to remember any specifics of those meetings as she read through document after document on the computer screen before her.

It didn’t really matter, by the end of it she only knew two things for sure; she owned John a lot of money and the only asset she had was her body.

That was when the arbitration company had offered to help, by providing a “re-training” program that would make sure she got the most out of the assets she did have.

It had been a four week course, teaching her everything she needed to know about how to make money with her body.  What kinds of fashion to wear, how to do her makeup, how to style her hair, how to walk and talk to maximize her potential sales.

She’d tried to fight it, but just like now, her body just wouldn’t obey, instead it went along with each and every lesson they provided.

The final week had been the worst, as her body had been put through it’s paces, sucking and fucking every dick that was put in front of her.  It wasn’t until near the end of the course that the first dick had been shoved in her ass.

She’d screamed out in pain and pleasure as some switch deep in her mind flipped and she started to orgasm with each stroke he made.

By the time she “graduated” from the course, her actions were no longer her own and she was powerless to do anything about it.

Another firm squeeze of her ass brought her back to the moment.

“S… so… 20 bucks?” he asked and she smiled back at him.

“Of course baby!” she leaned in and kissed him as they started to walk over to one of the condo buildings.

She leaned in close to his ear, “You know honey, for regulars I give a special deal.  Buy five and get two free!  That way you can fuck my ass every day of the week!”

He smiled as they entered the building and she knew she would have yet another regular.  

It was too bad so many of her clients were ass men, at this rate she’d be in debt to John for the rest of her life.

John watched out of her condo’s window as Gina walked through the park with her arm around the random man she’d picked up.  If he had to guess, and he really didn’t, his cock would be buried in her ass before too long and she’d be crying out in pleasure with each stroke.

The Perfect Divorce guaranteed its work and he had no doubt they had done their job perfectly.

He’d know she’d married him for his money, which is why he’d had the pre-nup in the first place, but he hadn’t expected her to be so ruthless and divorce him so quickly.  Fortunately that wasn’t a problem any more for him, though Gina might disagree if she had been able to of course.

She’d be by at the end of the month, with whatever money she had earned to try and pay down her “debt”, an imaginary number that no matter how much she made or gave to him, would always be out of her reach.

She’d beg him for forgiveness for not having enough and then offer her body for him to use to make up for it.  This month he had something special planned, he’d picked up a few toys and restraints and was going to use her for the entire weekend.

He knew when she finally left she’d thank him for it and promise to do better next month, which he also knew she wouldn’t achieve, but it was fun seeing the look in her eyes when she said it.

Maybe in a few years, when he’d grown bored of her he’d pawn her off to one of her regulars.  Tell her that he was going to collect the money for him because she’d failed so many times he couldn’t afford to waste any more effort on her.

But that was a long way off, for now he was quite happy with his divorce and saw no reason to change the term of their settlement.