Diana stared straight ahead, the pattern displayed on the inside of the glasses had her complete attention as it had for several hours.

She’d been out shopping, wandering around the small boutiques for something different, something that would stand out against the onslaught of the corporate sameness that dominated the larger chain stores.  That’s when she’d found the small store that seemed to have an eclectic range of fashion, the likes of which she’d never seen before.

She entered the shop, the small bell ringing as she did and she wandered around for a bit, she was the only one in the place but it was the middle of a weekday after all.  The man behind the counter had left her alone until she came up to the counter with several items in her hands.

“Good day Ma’am, find everything you were looking for?” he’d asked.

“I think so, you have a nice little shop here.” she’d responded and looked through the glass top of the counter at what was beneath it.

“Oh, those look fabulous!” she’d exclaimed and pointed the sun glasses that now adorned her face.

“A fine eye you have there Miss, here would you like to try them on?” he’d replied and pulled them out, she’d taken them and set them on her nose.

A sudden flash had caught her off guard and then the swirling pattern had started as he eyes had opened wide as her lips parted as if to say something but no sound came out.

“That’s right, just watch the pattern and let go.  Let yourself go deeper and deeper in to the pattern.” his voice had echoed through her head as if broadcast on a massive set of speaker and she’d found it impossible to ignore.

He’d walked over and locked the door, flipping the sign to closed before coming back and taking her by the hand and leading her in to the back room.  She’d found it impossible to stop herself from taking each step, even though she had wanted to.

Each command he’d given to her she’d followed.  Change in to this outfit, put on these ears and shoes, walk over there, sit down and spread your legs.

And so here she was, sitting down in front of some kind of photography back drop, wearing a ridiculous outfit, watching the pretty patterns on the sun glasses as she waited for what was next.

The pattern changed just as a recording played and filled the room, and her head, with words.

“You are a sex kitten.  You are eager to be played with.  You want nothing more than for your body to bring men pleasure.  Having an owner brings you happiness.  You are a sex kitten…”

The words repeated time and time again as the sunk deeper and deeper in to her, soon her lips mouthed along with the words and then she spoke them in time with the recording.

The sun glasses were pulled from her face as she looked up in to her owners face and smiled, “Master!”

He smiled back and a shiver of pleasure ran through her body, “Hello there, tell me what you are?”

“Sex kitten!  I’m a sex kitten!  Please Master, play with your sex kitten!”

He reached down and placed his palm on the side of her face and his thumb on her lips.  She wrapped her lips around it eagerly and sucked in it.  She stroked it in and out of her mouth, just like she hoped she would be doing with his cock soon.

“Very good.” he said and pulled he hand away, she tried to follow it up but he gently pushed her back.  She pouted as she sat there, waiting for whatever he wanted to do next.

“Alright, lets get started then.” he said as he slipped the sun glass back on to her, the lenses no longer displaying the pattern but instead transparent.

“Look right at the camera and lets start with scene one.”

Something in her mind clicked a smile formed on her lips, “Hi, my name is Diana and I want to be your sex kitten!  Won’t you come play with me?” she said as she pushed her breasts together and then tittled her head down and licked at the tops of them.

“Alright, very good, scene two.”

She returned her head upright as another click happened, “Fuck baby, I’m going to be your dirty little sex kitten!” she said as she pulled her left breast free of the dress and then smacked it hard with her right hand, “Come and show me how you treat a bad kitty like me!”

“Good, scene three.”

Click, “Oh god, oh god baby!  Dede needs to cum so badly, pleas let Dede cum!” she cried out as one hand massaged her breast and the other rubbed her pussy through the material of her dress.

“Perfect, that should get you started on the site, now let’s do hard core sample one.”

Her hands reached up and pulled both of her breasts from her dress as she leaned forward a bit.  She watched her owner walk over and remove his house coat, exposing his rigged dick.

Her pussy moistened as he mouth fell open and she turned her head as he step up beside her.  She wrapped her lips around it and sucked it in, pleasure flowing through her body with each stroke as he fucked her mouth.

When he pulled back and sprayed his cum all over her face and tits, her own orgasm crashed over her and she cried out in pleasure.

He walked over and turned off the camera that had recorded everything, “Alright, get cleaned up and changed back in to your street clothes.  Meet me at the counter.”

She rushed over to the bathroom and followed his instructions until she was once more at the counter.

“Now then, here’s my number, put it in your phone and make sure to answer it any time I call, no matter what your doing.”

“Yes Master!”

“Good, now I’m going to send you back to your old life, but remember you belong to me now.  When I tell you to go somewhere or do something, you will do it without question.  I might call and tell you to go to an address and give someone a blowjob, or fuck your tits, or pound your pussy.  Whatever it is you’re going to do it eagerly and immediately.  Understand?”

“Yes Master, I belong to you.  I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Good, now get out of here, I have to open the store again.”

Diana trotted out of the store, the sun glasses still on her face and a smile across her lips.  She hoped her Master would call on her soon, she was eager to be his perfect little sex kitten again real soon.