Lauren typed away in the chat window with another sucker she’d been leading on for weeks.  They were such easy marks, desperate horny old men looking for some eager young girl to tell them how sexy they were and how they’d do anything they wanted.

This one was more interesting than most at least, his fantasy was all about changing her in to his own personal bimbo, which she had to admit was kind of fun to think about, but she was quite happy being smart thank you very much.

“Like totally babe, I’m so horny right now! *giggle*” she sent over the chat.

She’d been role playing with him for a while and he’d already bought several of her “wish list” items from Amazon.  She figured she had a few more weeks to lead him on until he cut her off, but until then, he was putty in her hands.

A video chat message popped up and she declined, “Oh come on baby, I want to see you.” he messaged her.

“Like, I’m totally not presentable honey!” she messaged back, which was only half a lie.

She was siting there in her usual baggy pyjamas, her dark hair pulled back in to a pony tail and her makeup long removed from the day at work.

It wasn’t that she was ugly or anything, but she certainly wasn’t what she had lead him on to believe.

“Gtg baby, chat soon!” she sent him and logged out for the night and turned in.

Lauren looked at the video chat request, it was the third time this week and she was getting annoyed at his persistence, but she moved her mouse to decline it only to watch the accept button flash before her mouse got anywhere near it.

The video chat window popped up, showing a black screen from his side and a smaller video of her in the bottom right corner.  She started to panic and moved her pointer over to close the window but before she did a message popped up in the chat window, “Don’t close the chat, everything is just fine.  You want to video chat.”

A wave of calmness came over her and she relax, it was ok, she did want to video chat with him after all.

“Oh baby, we’ve got so much work to do on you tonight.  Lets start with those tits.” the next message came across and she suddenly felt the large implants he’d bought for her push her sweet shirt out and tighten around her.

“And that’s no way for my bimbo to be dressed.” came the next message and she looked down at her tight red and white top and barely covered her tits.

What was happening?  Wasn’t she a b cup a moment ago?  And she was wearing a sweet suit too wasn’t she?

“Awe, is my bimbo confused?  Come on and look at the camera so I can see the that pretty empty bimbo expression on your face.”

She looked up at the camera and saw her own surprised expression in the chat window, her wide eyes, high eyebrows and pouty lips looks strange for some reason to her.

“And finally that plain brown hair just won’t do for my bimbo.” the message said as her hair suddenly exploded from it’s confines and cascaded down her shoulders, strands changing from the deep brown that she had always been to a bright platinum blonde colour.

“Oh my god!  My hair!” she cried out and grabbed a strand, holding it front of her face as it quickly turned colour right before her eyes.

“That’s right Lolo, your my platinum blonde bimbo now aren’t you?”

“Like, Lolo doesn’t understand what’s happening?!?” she said as she felt a pink fog roll in to her mind.

“Don’t you worry your pretty empty little head about it Lolo, just stay focused on the camera.”

“*giggle* Like, Lolo likes the camera!”

“That’s right, you love the camera, now show me how much you love to perform for it.”

Lolo giggled and grabbed one of the large pink dildos that sat beside her computer, then she leaned back in to her chair and smiled at the camera before sliding it between her tits and moaning.

“Lolo loves big hard cocks between her titties!” she said as she pulled it out and licked it from base to tip before sliding it between her lips.

As she did so she pulled each of her tits out from her bra one at a time with her free hand as she worked the dildo down her throat with the other.

She held it there with suction alone as her fingers tweaked her nipples and then reached down and hiked up her skirt, exposing her bare pussy to the camera.

She reached up and pulled the dildo from her mouth and push it between her tits, then grabbed two more dildos, pushing one in to her pussy and placing the other back between her lips as she worked both of them in and out.

She squirmed in the chair as he pussy juices ran down on to it, her orgasm building as she saw each message come across the screen.

“Good bimbo’s love to have their titties fucked.”

“Good bimbo’s love to suck cock all the way down their throats.”

“Good bimbo’s love to have their pussies stuffed full of cock.”

“Lolo is my good little bimbo slut.”

She read the last one and came hard, arching her back and sending the dildo lodged between her tits flying in to the computer screen.

When she recovered, she giggled and read the final message on the chat, it was his address.

She stood up and pushed her tits back in to her top, pulling her skirt back down over her pussy, before walking out of the room and down to the car.  

He lived in a whole other state, she had a long drive ahead of her and she needed to get started if she was going to be a good bimbo and suck his cock before the day was over.