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You see, while I can alter pretty much everything about someone, I can’t read their minds.  And so I find out about people’s intentions the same way you do, when they reveal them through their actions.

Malinda had seemed like a perfect PA, right up until I’d caught her embezzling money from me.

It hadn’t been a lot, a few hundred thousand dollars and she’d claimed it was just a mistake.

Perhaps I’d grown too trusting, but I’d decided to give her a second chance.

Though I couldn’t let it go completely, after all even if it was just a mistake, that meant she had *made* a mistake and that would have to have consequences.

As such, I’d made a few changes to her.  Her new preference of tight “clubware” and enhanced body made for a much more entertaining time around the office.

This particular photo of Malika, was taken as we headed to view an investment opportunity.  The marina was on the market and I do love water front real estate.

Unfortunately I had underestimated Malika and when I’d made the changes to her she’d still held on to a bit of her old self and realised exactly what I was capable of.

She’d taken me to the end of the dock, where a particularly large boat was and jabbed a needle in my ass, before I could do anything I was out like a lite.